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How much does it cost to outsource Node js development project to a company?

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    October 8, 2021
How much does it cost to outsource Node js development project to a company?

In the past few years, the community of modern-day developers has observed a significant rise in the context of Node.js development. The increasing scope of development and higher demand has prompted many minds to turn to this new web app development technique. With the immense success of high-end apps like PayPal, eBay, and Netflix, every industry vertical out there is now using top-class Node.js enterprise application development solutions. 

Are you eager to know about the total cost of outsourcing enterprise mobility solutions to some Node.js development companies? We will help you unravel the total costs of developing an interactive web application when you outsource node js development project to some custom software development company.

An Insight into Node.js Development

There is no denying the importance of technology in our day-to-day lives. Therefore, for top-notch web app development, selecting the right technology stack with the right software requirements is imperative. The modern technology space is filled with a myriad of programming languages, coding strategies, UI/UX tools, and so more. With experienced Node.js developers, you can achieve the desired results for your app development specifications.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a popular cross-platform web development platform capable of supporting JavaScript. The platform delivers ample flexibility and efficacy in executing codes outside the scope of the browser. With Node.js development solutions, developers are capable of creating highly intuitive web pages. 

The runtime of the Node.js development technology is built on the V8 JavaScript engine of Chrome. It helps in the creation of fast server-side applications having cross-platform capabilities. The framework serves to be an efficient bridge between the back-end and front-end of the given application. It helps in automating repetitive tasks, effectively using libraries, and integrating reusable components. A Node.js developer is easily capable of developing websites with real-time capabilities.

Benefits of Node.js for Web Development

Did you know around 85 percent of businesses hire professional Node.js web development services for building robust web applications? You will be pleased to know that the top-performing back-end of leading online marketplaces including eBay and AliExpress has been developed with the help of Node.js web development solutions. 

Some top reasons for you to opt for professional website development services from a reliable team are:

#Ease of Learning

Node.js makes use of JavaScript as its core programming language. JavaScript is an extremely useful tool for front-end developers. It follows a proper learning curve while allowing the developers to become masters at Node.js back-end operations with greater ease. It also allows the developers to consider sharing the same language on both the server and client sides. 

It helps in getting rid of continuous switches from the front-end to back-end sides. Thus, helps in reducing the number of developers required for ensuring web application development while minimizing the entire cost of the project as well. 


Another major benefit of Node.js development is improved scalability. Applications that are built on Node.js have features such as the presence of a cluster module for helping in creating a balance for the load-over across multiple CPUs. 

In addition to this, the applications that are developed in the given JavaScript run-time scenario tend to be highly scalable. They can be scaled both vertically as well as horizontally. The scalability feature of Node.js makes it a highly preferred choice for developers. 

#Faster Application Development

Node.js web application development turns out to be a breeze due to its faster speed. Developing apps on the given platform is quick and easy. As such, this allows developers to come up with multi-user apps like games and chat, real-time syncing of data, and so more. 

#Cost-effective Development

As Node.js turns out to be an open-source platform, it is highly cost-effective compared to other servers based on JavaScript. It comes with a modular structure. Therefore, it becomes easier and faster to develop a high-end web application using Node.js.

#Robust and Functional Technology Stack

Node.js for back-end development provides you with immediate access to a comprehensive set of JavaScript capabilities and tools. 

It contributes to enhanced developer productivity as well as better efficiency. At the same time, you can anticipate exceptional performance and quickness throughout.

#Control Flow Features

Most developers observe the asynchronous nature of Node.js development as quite beneficial. In Node.js, as a function gets executed, the code will automatically send a callback. With Node.js, developers can now make use of frameworks for mapping functions and sorting through callbacks. Frameworks are capable of connecting similar functions automatically. 

#Use of V8 Engine

V8 Engine turns out to be one of the greatest tools out there. The Node.js team had recently re-adapted the tool for its environment. The role of the V8 engine is to transform specific JavaScript into a generalized machine-based code –based on C++. The engine is constantly updated. 

#Active Community

Node.js community remains quite active on Reddit, StackOverflow, and GitHub. Node.js developers can look forward to creating group chats for everyone to join. Members of the community are capable of assessing other people’s code, providing reusable fragments, recommending frameworks, and addressing any Node. js-related queries.

Things to Consider While Outsourcing to a Node.js Development Company

Several factors play a vital role in your decision to node development outsourcing services. Outsourcing services have modified the face of modern businesses. It has changed how businesses used to operate in the past. A reliable Node.js development company can help you handle all the core web development requirements.

While it sounds quite seamless, still there are several considerations to make. As you will be hiring a Node.js web development team at a remote location, it is important to pay attention to the core aspects of your Node.js development project. 

When you are considering outsourcing your Node.js development project to a qualified team, here are some points to consider:

#The NDA

The entire security of confidential business data is the topmost concern you should not worry about when you are outsourcing software development services. Therefore, selecting a company that is willing to sign the NDA is a crucial aspect to consider.

You will be sharing your unique software development idea with the developers. Therefore, you should avoid taking any risk by asking for the NDA from the development team to assure the credibility of services.

#Level of Experience

As far as web development is concerned, there is no replacement for services. While new developers can bring up new and innovative concepts to the web development project, still it can turn out to be time-consuming.

When you are outsourcing the node js development services, you should look for a team that brings to your table ample experience. This is because, with experience, you can look forward to getting your project completed on time. Moreover, an experienced team is better capable of doing away with common challenges that might arise in the Node.js development process.

#The Total Cost

The cost of Node.js outsourcing services is an important factor to consider. You should note that outsourcing turns out to be an ideal solution when you wish to be free from the stress of managing an in-house team and its cost. 

While looking into the cost factor, it is imperative to compare the cost of the development of a Node.js web project from different providers. You can also compare the costs between in-house teams and outsourcing teams. Then, you can come to a final decision. For your business, the ultimate motive is to come up with a cost-effective web development decision. 

#Reputation of the Company

When it comes to software development, you should never make compromises on the given reputation of the company you are hiring. You can come across a myriad of outsourcing software development companies for your requirements. However, simply do not go after the price. 

You should look into the reputation of the company before opting for development services. This is because it assures you of top-class results in the long run. 

How will Outsourcing Help Your Business?

Even with its powerful set of advanced features, Node.js turns out to be a slightly complex platform –especially if you are a beginner or do not have prior technical knowledge. Ndoe.js web development requires ample expertise to make use of different tools & features that the platform has to offer. This is the reason why several companies or project managers choose outsourcing Node.js development solutions to reputed node js development companies.

Here are some more reasons to help you out:

  • Reduced Development Costs: Amongst all benefits, the process of outsourcing your Node.js development project to a reliable offshore team will help in reducing the total development costs significantly. This is the case even when you consider hiring an onshore development company to complete the project. 

In comparison to managing a full-time, in-house software development team, it turns out to be highly affordable to outsource node js development project. This is because you are expected to pay only according to the fixed development rates.

To further reducing the total development costs, you can hire an experienced team of Node.js developers. Most remote agencies feature reduced development rates while offering ample expertise like that of the in-house developers. Therefore, if you wish to save money without compromising on the quality of the product, outsourcing your Node.js web development project can help significantly.

  • Ample Expertise: A Node.js development team operating in some different countries is also aware of the latest development technologies and tools. In the modern era, every Node.js development company makes use of Express.js web development solutions for optimum results.
  • Emphasis on Core Business Goals: Node.js will not be the core objective of your company unless you happen to be a dedicated web development firm. Therefore, instead of taking up the stressful job of managing a dedicated in-house development team, it is regarded as highly practical to delegate the given task to someone having ample expertise and knowledge about the development process.

You can then consider utilizing your time efficiently as you focus on high-priority tasks for accelerating business growth. Outsourcing serves to be an effective way of taking off all the stress while allowing the experts to offer the desired functionality to your app idea for engaging the target audience.

Total Cost of Hiring an Offshore Node.js Developer

To Outsource node development company the cost of hiring an offshore Node.js development team or developer will depend completely on the engagement model, the experience level, and the particular web development company. 

For instance, the salary of an average Node.js developer in the USA is around $120K. Similarly, in other countries, the costs turn out to be:

  • United Kingdom: $100k
  • Germany: $90k
  • Australia: $90k
  • India: $45k

You should note that these are average or approximate prices on an annual basis for the app development project. 

In case you are in search of a developer who is capable of delivering services on an hourly basis, then you can expect the freelancers to charge around $22 per hour. In case you are in search of a more reliable and affordable option, then it is recommended to hire off-shore Node.js developers. You can be assured that there is no compromise on the overall quality and you will get access to a top-quality application in real-time. 

Factors Determining the Cost of Outsourcing Node.js Development Services

The cost of developing a feature-rich Node.js project under the supervision of a qualified offshore development team will depend on the following factors:

#Expertise of the Node.js Developer

The cost of availing of Node.js development services from an off-shore team will depend significantly on the qualification and expertise level of the respective developers. The applications and programs built with the help of Node.js tend to be different from the ones that are developed using other JavaScript-based frameworks. Node.js development requires an in-depth understanding of both front-end & backend operations along with executing strategic planning.

At the same time, the developer is also expected to minimize the occurrence of mistakes like blocking the event loop, invoking the callback action several times, not utilizing supervisor programs, and so more. Additionally, the developer should also possess dedicated skills and knowledge in the run-time environment of Node.js.

The expertise level of Node.js developers will have a direct impact on the total cost of developing a Node.js project. As per a study report, it is estimated that the average starting salary of the Node.js developer can be around $67k. Developers who have experience in the field for around 5-10 years can charge around $105k as the salary. On the other hand, developers who have been in the industry for a longer period can have a higher salary package of around $120k. As such, the total compensation for an experienced Node.js developer can range between $60k & $120k on an annual basis.

Therefore, the higher the skills and experience level of the developer, the higher the cost you can expect to pay for the given project.

#Features of Node.js Web Development

Every functionality or feature in a Node.js development project will come with additional costs. The more complicated the features turn out to be, the more in-depth coding it will require. The functionalities and features in a typical Node.js development project might include advanced payment methods, API integration, and so more. This would imply increased development hours, and eventually, higher costs of developing the project.

#Security Level

As a business owner, you should know that every Node.js development project turns out to be highly secure. However, if you wish to create a top-end, enterprise-grade Node.js application, and wish to include top-class security levels into the same, it can cost higher in comparison to standard Node.js development projects.

For instance, if your organization features thousands of employees and you wish to develop a strong and scalable ERP application solution, then you would require higher security levels. Therefore, you can expect the development costs to be higher.

#Support & Maintenance

There is no surprise when the web application might incur different sets of problems or errors from time to time. It could include downtime, technical errors, bugs, and so more. For delivering a higher level of user experience, it is imperative to ensure constant support & maintenance services from the development teams. 

When you have access to relevant support & maintenance solutions, it will help in resolving user queries. It also delivers the assurance that your web application is always performing optimally. The given aspects of your project’s support and maintenance will incur additional costs into the project. It will be included in the cost of the Node.js web development project.

#Third-party Services

Most web applications tend to work on a given set of third-party applications or services. This helps in developing the highly sought-after functionalities and features for delivering access to comprehensive user experiences. The total development costs will also include the costs of the respective third-party services.

Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring Offshore Node.js Developers

#Avoid Search for Regional Developers

Whether you are a startup organization or a seasoned firm, you tend to search for regional developers or teams in most cases. However, this could lead to specific technological restrictions for your project. It is recommended to expand the horizons while knowing more about the experience and knowledge spectrum of the developers out there.

To Outsource node js development services you can consider hiring experienced Node.js developers from reputed offshore development teams across the UK, the USA, Australia, and so more. Offshore Node.js programmers tend to be highly skilled while also delivering cost-effective services. You can trust developers from developing nations to ensure the best outcomes.

#Not Paying Attention to the Job Description

A job description that is well-drafted and presented help in eliminating the chances of hiring incapable developers. Moreover, it can also help in narrowing down the selection process. When you are the employer, you should be specific about responsibilities, allocation of duties, relevant skills, and experience levels. It will make the entire selection process quite straightforward. 

The candidates that tend to match the given job description will only be applying for the project. Therefore, you will have access to an experienced and reliable developer.

#Not Paying Attention to Personalized Interview Questions

When you curate personalized interview questions during the team’s selection process, it will help in eliminating the less qualified candidates. Moreover, the creation of a personalized questionnaire will also make you look into some specific technical queries on your end. 

#Not Paying Attention to Security Concerns

When you accept the Node.js developers having relevant expertise while ignoring the security aspects of the development project, it might result in a blunder. It is recommended to prefer hiring full-stack developers over those who are completely dedicated to back-end operations. You can come across Node.js developers who might be proficient in the given field but might lack a keen outlook on the operations of the software. 


In case you are eyeing Node.js for web application development, you should ensure in-depth understanding and detailed planning beforehand. You can become a part of the revolutionary programming language platform as you aim at boosting your online venture with the help of comprehensive Node.js development services. 

An experienced Node.js developer or a development team having effective testing qualities and a flexible time zone will help you in the creation of a feature-rich, flawless application. Be selective in the entire selection process. Moreover, it is also recommended to be precise about your specific requirements. When you are aware of the essential factors like the timeline, cost of the project, and your project objectives, you can end up designing an amazing Node.js application. 

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