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Data Visualisation

Quick reports allow us to make informed decisions. Our business reports and data visualization offer current, accurate information that is visually appealing and simple to understand.


Segmentation And Profiling

An understanding of customers is crucial to making more efficient marketing decisions. Segmentation and profiling help can help understand clients better by recognizing their traits, behavior, and characteristics.


Predictive Models

Knowing what the client is likely to do next will help determine the best time and place to advertise. We can help you connect with clients by understanding the requirements and recommending the most appropriate next step.


Attribution Modelling

Knowing how important each touchpoint with a customer is, it is easy to allocate the marketing budget efficiently. The Attribution Model helps to assess the significance of each customer contact point.


Machine Learning

Being able to respond to customers precisely will result in an overall more enjoyable experience. We use the most sophisticated machine learning platforms to create models and then automate them to enable interaction with customers in real-time.


Market Sizing And Sensing

Understanding the market can better understand what should be done next. We use macroeconomic data and customer data to determine the market size for business growth and success.

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We help businesses benefit from their data using self-trained software solutions that adapt to changing conditions and have functionalities that compete and act as a base to gain insights from analysis continuously.

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Top businesses and brands

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We help businesses benefit from their data using self-trained software solutions that adapt to changing conditions and have functionalities that compete and act as a base to gain insights from analysis continuously.

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Benefits of Data Science
consulting services

Increase sales

Use data science patterns to improve selling in retail, online, and other fields to offer customers more user-friendly products and services and great customer support. Specific algorithms and patterns can help consumers choose the products they wish to offer.

Improved efficiency

Data science applications can speed up data processing and manage it better. Imagine that massive data sets can be processed in just a few hours with a single algorithm, while the same process would take up to two weeks. Machine learning algorithms provide rapid, accurate, and reliable data analysis, decreasing the cost of operations and dramatically increasing efficiency.

Control risk

Data Science consultation can help in implementing precise business forecasting. Using algorithms for predictive analysis, businesses will be able to predict consumer preferences and market demand better. Being aware of the market conditions and consumer preferences, you will be able to concentrate on creating more specific advertising campaigns and services.

Transform business

Data science can bring value to the business, enhance decision-making, quickly recognize opportunities and risks, and improve efficiency. Our experts can help discover how to use data science with business in an effective way. They create digital transformation strategies based on the challenges businesses face.

Complex data

Data Science is a powerful tool that allows to combine data from different sources to understand market and business better. Depending on the tools used for data collection, businesses can combine data from “physical” and “virtual” sources.


Many businesses struggle to find and retain skilled workers, no matter their industry. NLP automates aspects of the recruitment process, helping organizations find better candidates faster.

Hire dedicated Data Science consultants

Softude offers top-notch data science consulting and data analysis services. Our services help companies better understand customers, competitors, products/services, and markets. Softude’s data science services provide companies with context insights to make better decisions, predict future events, and drive business value.

Top businesses and brands

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Data Science for a Pizza Chain

A Leading Pizza Chain Gets Analytic Insights for Evidence-Based Decisions on New Outlets Opening With The Help of Data Science

Data Science
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4x Revenue Growth for Retail Chain

Data Science Drives 4x Revenue Growth for a Retail Chain

Power BI
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Custom Power BI Dashboard

360-Degree Visibility of The 50+ High School KPIs in a Single Click, Anytime, Anywhere

Data Science

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