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What is the Need for Web Applications?

Web applications are integral to the growth of any business in the modern era. A web application or app is a computer program that is stored on some remote server while being delivered through the internet through web browser interface. Web apps can be designed for a wide range of business use cases and can be utilized by anyone - right from an individual to an organization.

Web applications have become increasingly important for communicating with customers, collaborating with teams, and providing data and information to the management anytime, anywhere. Businesses can think of rapidly embracing major shifts in the field of online services by designing web applications that serve the purpose. For top-notch custom web development to support your business growth, experts web developers at Softude can help.

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Different Web App
Development Services

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Custom Web App

No single size fits all. That is why we help businesses with custom applications that make digital adoption easier for their teams. Softude specializes in creating advanced web apps - right from frontend interfaces to backend functionalities and integrations, that best serve your needs. You can obtain custom solutions irrespective of the industry niche or complexity.

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Our expert web app developers are adept at blending compatibility, convenience, and efficiency for front-end development in technologies like ReactJS, NodeJS, Angular JS, and Mean Stack. We also help in building feature-rich web functionalities, integration and usability experiences. We optimize both for cross-browser and cross-platform versatility.

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We design mobile-optimized, reliable, and cross-platform shopping cart solutions, e-commerce portals, and websites to ensure error-free order management for business organizations of all sizes. We implement a scalable architecture and top-notch cloud solutions to help you expand your business online seamlessly.


Web Portal

We help in the creation of web portals for customers, vendors, employees, eLearning, patients, community etc. to enable self-service and cover specific needs in engaging with the audience. Our web-portals use advanced technologies such as AI, Chatbots, Voice, Video and are designed to deliver the best-ever performance to support business growth, cost efficiency and productivity.

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Web App Development and Maintenance

We create web apps with robust and scalable architecture, ease of navigation, action-oriented design, and visual cues for users. We also provide content management systems, UI/UX design services, APIs and integration with third party applications. Our apps work excellently -irrespective of the screen resolution or size.

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Web App UX and
UI Design

We are committed to catering to the specific needs of your target audience in your operational niche. Our UI and UX experts create expressive web interfaces, powerful product properties, and resourceful integration channels addressing your web idea. Our responsive web app ensures rich digital experiences.

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Web App
Quality Assurance

We make use of advanced QMS or Quality Management System approach for confirming that the performance of the web apps remains sustainable, consistent, fast, and secure. We also have relevant certifications to deliver top-class quality standards.

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Web App

To automate as well as streamline the process workflows, we ensure seamless integrations of the web app with best-fitting CMS, legacy applications, ERP, CRM, PLM by implementing custom APIs. Our integration specialists make use of CI/CD pipeline for ensuring smooth deployment of the web app.

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Web App

To ensure that the web application is in sync with your user expectations while it best delivers to your business needs, we continuously optimize as well as finetune the web application experience. We also help in introducing new functionalities for seamless optimization.

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Why Should You Use Web App

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Sharing Important Updates

Business apps function as one-stop news resources for companies. Through relevant notifications, your business can keep the audience well-informed about the happenings such as new store or product launches, new offers, discount, new packages, freebies etc. These updates can help in keeping the momentum around business active and live.

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Giving Better Control to Users

24x7 access to data and information brings the power of evidence-based decision making and control. Applications help businesses in working outside the cubicles with the right information in hand anytime, anywhere. In an office environment, with data and information being at the center of operations, all stakeholders will have greater degree of agility for actions.

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Providing Data Analytics to e-Commerce Owners

E-commerce stores can make use of advanced data analytics and relevant information to offer tailored product range to end users. It also helps them in designing user-based promotional campaigns. Businesses can be assured of personalized message delivery and improved customer-centric advertising.

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Providing Businesses Dedicated Tools

The world is expected to embrace digital innovations. This is because the need for contactless services has reached an all-time high. Online methods of doing business affect both B2C and B2B work ecosystems. The entire set of transactions -starting from shifting the products to delivering them is now done online.

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From 2 Weeks to 8 Hours Accelerated Platform Deployment

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70% Faster Vehicle Financing Process with a Seamless Loan Automation Portal

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