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The Automotive Industry has become obsolete. We are now operating in a mobility ecosystem: the next iteration of Automotive. Today’s megatrends are raising fundamental questions about the purpose of a vehicle advances in connected and autonomous technology, the shift from hardware to the software-defined vehicle, an emphasis on sustainability, and ever-changing customer expectations pose threats to traditional automakers and also present exciting new opportunities.

It’s time to embrace the ecosystem and collaborate beyond industry lines to find new ways of innovating and partnering for success in the digital era. With deep domain knowledge, portfolio of over 100+ solutions, Softude is one of the leading providers of software solutions and development services to the automotive sector. We serve to be your go-to solution if you wish to scale mobility faster.

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Making vehicles more intelligent

Cars evolved from simply a means of transportation to sophisticated, large-scale computers on wheels. The connected car is starting to make considerable headway, offering new possibilities for automakers, consumers, and other ecosystem partners. Softude can make this a reality with the maturity of technologies such as the Internet of Things, 5G, artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, telematics, and the cloud. Needless to say, connected cars play a central role in software-defined vehicles that make traveling “smarter” and “more efficient”.

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Optimize core processes, further develop business models

Our expertise will help you address the enterprises' agile IT operational needs and accelerate the business transformation process by implementing insights driven approach to decision making and help achieve improved Quality, Market Readiness, Collaborative Environment, Reduced Risk, and Modernization. Build the live dashboards and an integrated decision-making capability that delivers sustainable and profitable growth.

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Customer delight through Digitization

Today’s customers are looking for consistent, relevant, and connected experiences. To achieve this, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) need to become service-led, creating engaging and meaningful omnichannel experiences. Reimagine the customer journey by connecting data, content, technology, and channels with Softude.

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Automotive Solutions

Automotive DMS Software

Automotive DMS Software

Our automotive DMS or Dealer Management System offers the right tools required by auto dealers to run the business more effectively. We bring together the different parts of the dealership on a single interface. Our interactive DMS platforms allow business owners to control specific dealership operations efficiently.

Advanced Ticketing and Support Solution

In today's competitive automotive industry, maximizing vehicle uptime is crucial. To deliver exceptional service quality and enhance customer experience, reliable and efficient technical support is essential. Our advanced ticketing and support solution empowers you with a proactive escalation mechanism that provides seamless technical assistance across your dealer and distributor network.

Automotive ERP Solutions

Automotive ERP Solutions

We ensure the best-ever quality and responsibility by designing reliable ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning solutions for enterprises all around the world. We deliver the finest business management software solution allowing companies to integrate the entire data on business processes.

Automotive CRM Development

Automotive CRM Development

Customized CRM solutions from Softude are the right choices for your automotive business to drive attentive, personalized engagement for the clients as you search for new customers. At Softude, our specialists offer reliable automotive CRM development solutions -including CRM development, product lifecycle management, integration services, and so on.

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Automotive Software Development

Software development remains at the core of Softude. Since our inception, we have been successfully providing comprehensive end-to-end automotive software projects for advanced in-vehicle systems. Moreover, we have also been designing complex data-based platforms for autonomous driving ecosystem throughout.

Autoparts Inventory Management

Autoparts Inventory Management

At Softude, our professional automotive software designers and developers come up with the best-in-class inventory solutions to deliver in-depth customer insights in addition to real-world data. It helps in revealing how dealers interact as well as organize the vehicle inventory.

Workshop Management Software

Workshop Management Software

Workshop management software that we develop helps in converting your business into a profitable machine. We handle and optimize your entire workflow. Our workshop software solution is easy-to-use and interactive, offering a real-time and complete image of the workshop to improve the overall performance.

On demand Digital Solutions

On-demand Digital Solutions

Major trends are drastically changing the modern automotive ecosystem. Vehicle-based data is a game-changing asset for accelerating digital transformation for major industry players. Softude offers automotive digital solutions with ample domain expertise and utilization of new-age technologies to help companies join the first lane of ensuring maximum mobility.

Automotive segments we serve

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    OEMs - Commercial Vehicle, Passenger Cars, Construction and Farming Equipment
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    Auto Parts & Components Manufacturers
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    Suppliers (C&F, Distributors, Dealers)
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    Vehicle Service Network
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    Auto Insurance Companies
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Innovative Minds

We continue innovating high-end solutions to make our solution stand out in the market. Our team continues learning and growing while centralizing the technology aspect.


Domain knowledge

With our vast experience, we understand how the automotive business runs, various challenges in the domain and how those can be solved and the foresight on how the industry may evolve.


Rich Testing Experience

Our specialists exercise proven software testing practices for every automotive project while bringing out the best quality solution for our clients.

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