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Software support services are as effective ways to keep the IT applications and infrastructure cost-effective, relevant, and scalable to the ever-evolving business needs. Software support and maintenance is crucial to businesses as it allows them to manage, upkeep, and augment their software infrastructures and product applications to deliver the best as per their current needs and preferences.

With our dedicated software support and management services offered in multiple engagement models, you get access to top-quality software performance and upgradation support to deliver improved reliability and constant evolution of the IT infrastructure. We also help with keeping the overall IT costs under control. Softude is a reliable provider of management, remote monitoring, and transformation services for cloud and on-premise infrastructures while also helping desk services.

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Application support

This includes helpdesk support, on-call support, code maintenance, and minor enhancements for all custom-built applications. For ease of maintenance, we also provide enterprises with centralized support for all applications in use by them, regardless of whether developed by us or them internally or a third-party provider.

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Operations support

At Softude, our infrastructure team aims at continuously helping clients minimize downtime and gain valuable time that is frequently lost due to unstable infrastructures. Our infrastructure performance services such as server monitoring, DevOps, Cloud management help clients in accessing a full spectrum of IT infrastructure to keep the overall system reliable with service level guarantees.

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Transformation support

Our highly experienced and qualified business applications team can help you in identifying, assessing, and bridging the gaps within the Business Applications stack. Application stack management includes evaluation of applications as per current business needs, industry and technology trends and roadmap consulting on modernization, digital transformation, cloud migration, devops enablement, cyber security assessment.

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We have immense pride in partnering with leading industry giants and a team of qualified mobile app developers to help businesses achieve goals. We satisfy our clients with the best results for mobile app development projects.

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Engaging software support and management services are highly cost-effective than hiring full-time staff. The resources required for maintaining software can be abundant. For small as well as medium-scale businesses, it is useful to outsource software support and management services to a reliable provider like Softude. We can help you with your overall budget when it comes to handling software support and management services.

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Maximum uptime

If you wish to keep the IT systems of your business up and running all the time, you can ensure managed software maintenance services from our professionals. Disasters and emergencies are bound to happen. Your company should be prepared for all types of scenarios. When you outsource IT services to our experts, we make sure that your organization has a detailed BDR or Business Disaster Recovery plan in case of any downtime.

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Security and data protection

When you work with other businesses and client data, it is imperative for them to trust you. When they know that you have a secure IT system at work, they will continue doing business seamlessly. With managed software support services, you can be confident that your data remains secured. Compliance and regulations keep changing from time to time. With our managed software support, you can be assured of the same.

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Minimal risks

For organizations implementing changes, the risks are available at any given stage. With comprehensive software support and management services, the chances of major disruptions to the business or its services are significantly reduced. The formalized processes, policies, and roles -all tend to work together while providing strong communication to stakeholders and customers throughout the IT management process.

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IoT and Mobile Application

An IoT and Mobile Solution Cuts Support Costs by 75% for a Power Transmission and Distribution Company

IoT and Mobility
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14 workflows in B2B sourcing process digitally transformed in just 15 days.

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