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Introducing Octane

The future of business support is here,  driven by AI

  • Generate Leads
  • Get Accurate Business Insights
  • And many more
Top businesses and brands

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What Octane has to offer you


Your Personalized Business Bot. All the information you need right at your fingertips!

Business Benefits

  • Offer customer support with real-time assistance.
  • Handle multiple internal and external queries simultaneously.
  • Reduce human dependency, respond faster.
  • Gain valuable insights across all areas of your business functions.
  • Safeguard your information with role-based login security.
  • Get personalized recommendations and suggestions from your customer data.

Step into the future with your very own DocBot, revolutionizing the way you get business insights!

Top businesses and brands
Top businesses and brands

Gist It

Get the GIST and intelligent insights in a flash. From lengthy docs to recordings and links, it answers your questions, just like a person would do!

Business Benefits

  • Decipher complex language and technical jargon in meaningful insights in seconds!
  • No time to watch full recordings? Gist It has got you covered. Supports audio and video files.
  • Have files in a different language? No problem.  
    Gist It is multilingual and can scan & respond in any language you prefer.
  • Concerned about data security? Rest assured. Your data is exclusively stored on your server, well protected from any unauthorized access or breaches.
  • The Unique Selling Proposition (USP):  
    Gist It stands out as the market's hero product, thanks to its incredible answering capabilities.

No more long-winded reading sessions, engage in intelligent conversations with your files and links!

Quick Memo

An advanced AI-powered tool that instantly generates meeting minutes, simplifies notetaking and enhances productivity.

Business Benefits

  • Effortlessly produce precise meeting minutes encompassing essential points and discussions.
  • Efficiently capture and document vital information and knowledge exchange during training sessions.
  • Receive concise and comprehensible executive briefing summaries instantly.
  • Enhance project coordination by capturing and recording pivotal decisions and milestones throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Supercharge your decision-making with concise and actionable information!

Top businesses and brands
Top businesses and brands


The voice-controlled genius that customizes your business experience, from seamless operations to invaluable insights!

Business Benefits

  • Tired of typing with GPTs? Say no more! Just speak your command, in any language, yes, any language!
  • Streamline your workflow with automated tasks like data entry, report generation, and documentation etc.
  • Deliver exceptional and personalized customer support
  • Access real-time information from internal databases, external sources, and the internet
  • Analyze market trends, your competitor data, and industry developments.
  • Enhance virtual collaboration within your team, making remote work seamless and productive.
  • Ensure the security of your confidential data with role-based login features.

While these advantages of Jarvis are broad in nature, this means that the possibilities are truly limitless.

We think you’ll love Octane,
but don’t take our word for it

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What our clients say

Let us not brag it all by ourselves. Take a look at what our clients say about us.

Saving lot of my time is one of the key achievements of the project I really liked the way Softude worked on this application...

Mike Wang

Mike Wang

CEO at Vanmile, US

We found Softude proactive in every aspect… meeting all deadline in 30 working days…...

Pablo Bertuzzi

Pablo Bertuzzi

CTO at LlamaCuba, US

We were facing the most important product launch in the year and we needed a technology and solution provider…...

Jordi Camps

Jordi Camps

CTO at UVE Solutions, Spain

Cost IT Right integration with ERP ensured accuracy in costing, insights and has substantially reduced human intervention from the......

Milind Pandey

Milind Pandey

Deputy Manager at VECV

Softude was the most professional, the most well-organized, and communicative firm that we were able to find during our evaluation......


 Joseph Publicover 

Director, Product Development

Working with Softude has been fantastic. Compared to my past experiences, this is the first time in a while that I feel genuinely comfortable collaborating with a vendor.......


Juan Pablo Olivera


“The team is highly skilled and very cooperative. Their language skills are excellent. They work outside of strict contract terms and their management is focused on delivering a great customer experience at any cost. We will definitely engage their services again.”


Richard Burgher


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