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What is Robotic Process
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RPA Consulting Services

Softude as an RPA service provider, can identify processes that require automation. After that, we plan the roadmap for automation rollout and consultation for implementation, deployment, and training.


Automation Design

Our RPA developers can help in mapping manual processes. We can suggest methodologies to implement in the business plan.


RPA Implementation

We design and build software bots using AI, ML, and numerous modern services to automate. We can also help establish the RPA Center of Excellence (CoE) to expand the RPA project.


Automation Support

Our RPA support team can help with managing bot failure and disaster recovery, risk management, and opportunities discovery.


Robotic Desktop Automation

Desktop automation tools include bots that can interact with websites, log in to applications, retrieve data from Excel documents, transfer files, produce reports, etc.


RPA Support & Maintenance

RPA support Maintenance and support help reduce downtime and provide regular support and contract-based maintenance for RPA activities and infrastructure.

Robotic Process Automation tools we use

We use a variety of open-source tools ready for enterprise to help reap the benefits of RPA. We also take advantage of technologies such as ML and AI with RPA tools from various RPA suppliers to develop more intelligent bots to help in making better-informed choices.

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Top businesses and brands

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We use a variety of open-source tools and platforms for enterprises to reap the benefits of RPA.

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Benefits of RPA software

Improved accuracy

One of the most significant advantages of robots is the reduction of human errors and reducing manual tasks. If they are programmed correctly and backed by accurate data, they can ensure top-quality accuracy, precision, and consistency of business data.

Increased efficiency

We provide a range of solutions to help businesses enhance their efficiency. These include Intelligent data processing (IDP) solutions, optical character recognition (OCR), automated reporting solutions, and customer support solutions to automate interactions between advisors from the company and customers.

Managed compliance

Our RPA software company can help find the most appropriate solution to various compliance issues, such as laws against money laundering, reporting and investigation of fraud, and monitoring demands. We devise efficient strategies to reduce the amount of manual work associated with data aggregation processing and structuring.

Customer support

With increasing customer demand and constantly changing behaviour patterns, businesses must be ready to serve customers better. Robotic process automation and solutions will help in reducing the time required to process customer requests and increase employee efficiency. Additionally, RPA allows for avoiding mistakes and searching for various information more quickly.

Ensure full compliance

Access audit logs for every transaction easily, increase transparency and accountability in business operations and ensure compliance.

Increase your ROI

Achieve more in a shorter time frame, increase productivity, and reduce operating costs to focus on maximizing profits.

Hire dedicated RPA

We offer 360-degree RPA consulting services that include integrating, developing, and implementing leading Robotic Process Automation solutions. Our solutions are designed to help you achieve your business goals. They also add value by enhancing customer service, compliance, risk management, and automation. To discuss best practices and strategies for digital process automation, please contact our RPA specialists.

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RPA-Powered Digital Transformation

98% Operational Efficiency Achieved With RPA-Powered Digital Transformation

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Robotic Process Automation

10 Minutes to Perform a 240 Minute Task with 100% Accuracy Through Digital Workforce


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