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One of the biggest challenges facing players in the healthcare industry today is ancient, outdated modes of operation, and the real and hidden costs involved in sustaining them.

At Softude, we are constantly thinking of inventive ways to help healthcare companies trapped in legacy systems make the jump to digital effortlessly, relieving them of any worry of lost business intelligence or downtime, while giving them a head-start in mobility-enabled, smart, advanced tech solutions.

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Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Enable digital storage of all patients’ information like medical history treatment, discharge summary, and doctors’ recommendations.   Our custom Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or EHR software solutions offer an excellent option to improve clinical productivity while boosting accuracy and protecting reimbursement. Our comprehensive EHR or EMR system development services come up with practical and robust solutions to eliminate redundancy in patient information collection. Our state-of-the-art EHR systems offer healthcare providers the ease of working efficiently and driving better financial performance, healthcare outcomes, and population health management records.

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Home Healthcare Management Solutions

We offer custom solutions for home healthcare providers, community-based organizations, and hospitals that provide patient care at home. We are committed to helping in-home medical and home healthcare providers maximize efficiency, improve compliance, and deliver optimized patient care. The solutions are integrated to provide a seamless experience starting with the receipt of the patient call, visit scheduling, home visits, billing, and payroll functionalities.

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Healthcare Supply Chain

Hospitals and health systems are scrambling to build a digital supply chain cost-effectively. Digitizing the supply chain eliminates labor-intensive, manual, and repetitive tasks. Softude has relevant expertise in developing top-class healthcare supply chain solutions. With us, you can easily improve supply resilience for lab supplies, medical supplies, consumables and implants, and pharmaceutical supplies.

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Advance Automation

Make your information systems smart to manage a massive volume of work in revenue cycle management, dynamic workflows, and overall healthcare delivery. Connect with our health-tech experts to develop or upgrade your existing healthcare solution by leveraging new-age technologies like RPA, AI, IoT, Low-code and Blockchain. Softude offers healthcare automation software solutions to a number of healthcare providers and organizations such that they are capable of achieving technical, operational, financial, and clinical goals.

Health and Wellness Apps

Since our inception, we have been delivering healthcare and wellness application development services for health tech startups, hospitals, gyms, clinics, and other healthcare organizations. We are capable of developing everything -right from fitness apps, hospital management solutions, EMR for seamless medical records, and all types of IT solutions for the health and wellness requirements of our clients.

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We ensure that our software solutions are compliant, interoperable, and programmed with seamless data encryption for both mobile and web systems. Our telemedicine solutions include HIPAA compliant, robust, videoconferencing and EHR integration capabilities to boost revenues and increase patient satisfaction.

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Custom Development

Experienced and scalable healthcare software development company, Softude is willing to develop efficient medical software of all complexities to help you gain expertise in the market while improving the quality of medical care and maximizing patient satisfaction. From prototyping to healthcare software development, deployment and maintenance, we provide you with a complete range of software engineering services.

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Hospital Information System

Leading healthcare and wellness developers at Softude facilitate the overall ease of access and retrieval of patient’s health history, doctors’ schedule, IPD, OPD, OT management, inventory, billing, laboratory tests schedules and reports, and pharmacy by ensuring secure, integrated and centralized digital storage. Our team of capable healthcare developers helps you in removing the massive paperwork and maximizing the capabilities by automation.

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Life Sciences and Healthcare

Successful product rollout for a startup offering a plug-in solution for Pharmacies to go online and mobile

Open Source
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Health and Wellness

IoT Empowering patients, their family and caregiver with medication management

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RPA Bots for a Physician

RPA Bots Helped a US-Based Physician to Focus On His Practice and Increased Consultations by 85%


Why choose Softude

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Structured approach

We follow a structural and organized approach to deliver the requirements as expected. Our team also overviews the process constantly to ensure quicker completion and timely delivery.


Domain expertise

Our technical team at Softude is known for its credibility in the market along with several years of experience in the field of healthcare software development and IT consulting services.


Seamless UI/UX design

We are a leading healthcare technology company solutions with an immense focus on the overall UI/UX design. We create responsive, easy-to-navigate, and user-friendly application services for the healthcare industry.

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