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Inefficient warehouse and inventory management, delays in shipments, high order intensity ratio, and high operational and logistics costs are a few of the major challenges faced by the transportation and logistics industry. Softude is committed to helping businesses in overcoming these challenges through our bespoke logistics software solutions.

As a leading logistics software development company, we develop solutions for your every need whether it's route planning, carrier selection, shipment tracking, freight cost calculation, or streamlining complex workflows and integrations. We make it easy with our advanced digital solutions with features like IoT enabled real-time tracking, automated alerts, data analytics, and advanced functionalities to tackle uncertainties and enhance decision-making. Make your last-mile deliveries hassle-free with Softude and improve your customer satisfaction at every step.

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transportation and logistics

Custom Transportation and Logistics Software

Revolutionize logistics operations with bespoke transportation and logistics software streamlining freight management, optimizing route planning, carrier selection, shipment tracking, and ensuring on-time deliveries for unparalleled success in the transportation and logistics industry.

order management

Order Management Solutions

Seamlessly track and manage orders in real-time, right from inception to delivery with our advanced order management solutions designed to maximize efficiency and deliver superior customer experience.

Fleet management software

Fleet Management Software

Keep  your fleet operations in check through intuitive fleet management with built-in features for enhancing route planning, vehicle maintenance, real-time tracking, and data-driven insights.


Warehouse Management Solutions

Elevate warehouse efficiency with our advanced AI-enabled warehouse management software and applications designed to help you efficiently manage inventory management and get full control of warehouse operations.

supply chain solution

Supply Chain Management Solutions

Empower your logistics operations with IoT and AI-enabled smart supply chain solutions. Anticipate challenges, optimize resources, and achieve efficient, data-driven processes for superior outcomes to stay ahead in the industry.

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Customs and Compliance Software

We ensure that all our custom transportation and logistics software are fully compliant with the industry-standard rules and regulations to ensure your business doesn’t encounter any risk and penalty.

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Cybersecurity and Data Protection

As a responsible logistics software development company, we understand how important the business data is. Therefore, we follow strict cybersecurity and data protection measures to safeguard your sensitive business information including customer data.

telematics integration

Telematics Integration

Get real-time insights on vehicle location, speed, driver behavior, fuel consumption, engine diagnostics, and more with our intelligent telematics software solutions and enhance operational efficiency while ensuring safety.

Top businesses and brands

Transportation and Logistics Segments That We Serve

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    Warehouse Management 
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    Fleet Management 
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    Shipping and Maritime
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    Freight Forwarders
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    Courier and Express Delivery
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    Third-party logistics (3PL) Providers
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    Last-Mile Delivery 
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    Supply Chain Management 
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    E-commerce Logistics
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    Logistics Consulting

success stories

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360° Visibility on Cargo Shipments

A SaaS-based platform for end-to-end visibility on cargo status

Transportation and Logistics
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Order Management Solution

A CPG Company Achieved 75% Year-on-Year Growth with an Order Management and Tracking Solution

Mobile Application
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Workforce Tracking App

DTDC Successfully Manages Their Field Force Through Our Workforce Tracking Application

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Why Choose Softude?

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Agility and Flexibility

We are adaptable to the dynamic nature of the logistics industry to meet the unexpected developments during the project.


Data Security

We understand the value of data thus follows all the strict policies and measures to protect our client and their users’ sensitive data at any cost.


Quality Development

Delivering excellent logistics software solutions is not only our specialty but also the priority to ensure our solutions give the right deliverables.

What our clients say

Let us not brag it all by ourselves. Take a look at what our clients say about us.

We were facing the most important product launch in the year, and we needed a technology and solution provider who could stand by our side and make our ideas come true as a real-life application. Our objective was to get timely and quality output, while at the same time being flexible and working together with our internal team. We had previous smaller experiences with Systematix and were impressed on how they treat the project as if it was their own. Their quick response and focused approach made us decide to select them. Of course, difficulties arose during the project, but we coped up with them successfully together. The final result is having great acceptance and success in the market, and we plan on developing new features together.


Jordi Camps

CTO at UVE Solutions

Saving a lot of my time is one of the key achievements of the project. I really liked the way Systematix worked on this application and made my working hours more productive and life easy. Together, we have developed many features like reward point for helper, clicking and uploading items pictures, auto price calculation, helper experience sharing and letting VanMile know extra expenses made during transporting items, are some of the excitements of the app. I strongly recommend Systeamtix for their work. I appreciate their objective of getting ROI to client from the work they do. I wish them good luck and keep on working with them.

Mide Wang

Mike Vang

CTO at Vanmile

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