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Large Language Model Development Services to Fit Your Business Needs

While generic LLMs excel in text and image generation, they may not suit every business. For applications like medical report generation, they need domain-specific knowledge and must comply with industry regulations.

Softude, a leading language model development company, can enhance existing large language models or build them from scratch. With our technical expertise and deep domain knowledge, we create AI solutions that work seamlessly for your business and customers.

Badges of Excellence

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Technologies and AI Models

AI Frameworks



Sckkit Learn


AI Languages







Large Language Models

GPT 3.5


Anthropic Claude


Other Tools





Data Processing and Visualization Tools



Apache Spark

Apache Storm

Apache Kafka



Power BI

Our Process for LLM Application Development

As a professional large language model development company, we understand the importance of using the right approach and process. Our LLM developers start by understanding our clients' businesses.


Data Collection and Preparation


Model Selection and Architecture Designing


LLM Training and Evaluation


Optimization and Fine-Tuning


Deployment and Integration


Monitoring and Maintenance

Our AI Solutions

Hear Why Our Clients Love Us

Softude has demonstrated excellent performance on our confidential and significant project. Their responsiveness and efficiency in delivering results have been noteworthy. They effectively addressed the challenges presented and made improvements to the implementation in an agile manner. They possesses strong architecture and programming skills, which have greatly contributed to the project's success. Despite the limited prior experience in our industry, they quickly grasped the business side of things. Overall, their performance has been commendable.
CEO of a Healthtech Company
I had the pleasure of collaborating with Softude on a complex AI project centered around ChatGPT, Python, and AWS server deployment, incorporating sensitive private documents. From the project's inception, they demonstrated remarkable proficiency by conceptualizing the project architecture, selecting appropriate technologies, and outlining the necessary resources for a seamless implementation.
Rasesh Amin
CEO, Jash

Reasons Why Our Client Trusts Us

Client focused


Our business philosophy and operations are centered around a client-first approach, ensuring your every need and expectation is always met. From day one, our team works closely with you to deliver services and solutions that prioritize your best interests.

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LLM Proficiency

Our team is well-versed in machine learning, natural language processing, frameworks, data processing, model training techniques, and LLM development tools that are essential for developing efficient solutions.

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Data Security

We have a strong and secure data policy to ensure LLM is implemented in your business in the most secure way. Our team goes beyond standard data security measures during model training and the development of large language models.

Proof of excellence

Proof of Excellence

Our contributions to AI have earned us numerous accolades. We are certified as a top AI and ML development company by Clutch and recognized by the National AI Portal of India.

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