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BFSI is an extremely complex niche, and only a few possess the understanding and capability to deliver banking and financial services beyond excellence. Softude's in-depth understanding of this domain and dedicated team, with extensive knowledge of banking operations, payment systems, risk management, and financial analytics, enabled us to provide tailored solutions meeting the unique and complex needs of the industry.

Clients trust us to augment their fintech systems with new technologies without disrupting the core functionalities. Dealing with complexities like large code bases, we seamlessly integrate with payment gateways, banking APIs, digital identity verification systems, and compliance protocols. 

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Digital banking

Digital Bank Solutions and Services

Reimagine banking experiences with our state-of-the-art digital banking and financial solutions. From intuitive mobile banking apps to feature-rich credit union platforms, we design and develop tailored solutions that resonate with consumers of the digital age.

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Loan Origination Systems

Go digital with our loan origination solution development services. We accelerate lending operations and cut the paperwork burden eliminating all the chances of errors enabling banking and financial institutions to process high volumes of loan applications with ease.

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System Integration

Effortlessly integrate multiple in-house and third-party systems with our seamless integration services. Achieve operational harmony, data consistency, and enhanced productivity across your banking and financial ecosystem.

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Compliance Monitoring Tools

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements with our compliance monitoring tools. Our intelligent solutions help manage compliance risks proactively, ensuring adherence to industry standards and guidelines.

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Omnichannel Integration

We empower fintech businesses to deliver consistent and personalized experiences to customers, regardless of the platform they use. Our advanced integration solutions and services seamlessly connect and synchronize banking systems across various channels, such as web, mobile, social, and in-person interactions.

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KYC Integration

Simplify and expedite your customer onboarding process with our KYC Integration services. We integrate robust Know Your Customer (KYC) verification processes into your fintech platform, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements while minimizing friction for your users.

Account origination  system

Account Origination Systems

Accelerate customer acquisition with our account origination solutions tailored to the banking and financial industry. From opening new accounts to loan applications, our seamless and automated processes enhance efficiency, reduce manual work, and enhance user experience.

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Payment Processing Solutions

In the dynamic world of BFSI, payment processing solutions play a crucial role in driving financial inclusion and fostering seamless cross-border transactions. Our solutions with functionalities like transaction authorization, fraud, and risk management, and third-party integration with financial systems and software enable the smooth flow of funds across multiple channels.

BFSI Entities We Serve

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    Retail, Commercial, and Investment Banks
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    Credit Unions and Cooperatives
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    Insurance Companies
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    FinTech Startups
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    Mortgage Lenders and Brokers
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    Payment Service Providers
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    Financial Data and Analytics Companies
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    Non-Banking Financial Companies
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    FinTech Solution Providers
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Rapid Platform Deployment

Deployed OXP platform in the second fastest time for a leading FinTech solution provider

Banking and Financial Services
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Loan Origination Portal

70% Faster Vehicle Financing Process with a Seamless Loan Origination Portal

Web Development
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Digitalization of a Bank

Digitalization of a Leading Home Loan Provider Resulted Into Faster Loan Processing and Superior Customer Experience

Web Development

Why choose Softude

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Enterprise-Grade Solutions

We specialize in creating bespoke enterprise-grade solutions that align flawlessly with long-term business goals while catering to unique and complex requirements to thrive in the digital domain.


Flawless Integration

With our expertise in navigating intricate banking APIs, payment gateways, and third-party applications, we weave a cohesive digital fabric for the banking and financial ecosystem.


Data Security

Our cybersecurity experts ensure that banking systems and fintech applications have extra layers to avoid cybersecurity breaches safeguarding the data integrity and privacy of users.

What our clients say

Let us not brag it all by ourselves. Take a look at what our clients say about us.

Thanks to the Softude and ASAPP Platform Development and Support teams for a  successful full production updates this past weekend! This release was the first fully  delivered by our new development partner, Softude, who together with the ASAPP team,  planned, built, tested, and deployed this version. The release was also successfully  delivered in under 8 hours, marking the second and fastest time that all Client-Partners  have received a full version update in the same instance.

Mike Wang

JR Pierman

President & CEO at ASAPP Financial Technology Inc.

Happy with Softude services, especially thanks to the team who have been prompt  in addressing any issues/clarifications. We are in fact in talks to allocate more work  to Softude in the coming months due to previous good work.

Pablo Bertuzzi


Head of Digital & IT at Volvo Financial Services

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