Are you looking for Node.js development company to build real-time applications?

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    April 6, 2021
Are you looking for Node.js development company to build real-time applications?

In the modern era that we live in, the value of time is growing constantly. As such, the development of apps using node.js is also increasing with which users are able to interact in real-time is regulation for most modern developers. Whether it is a desktop app or a web app, a mobile app, or others, every app has at least one real-time feature to enhance the overall user experience. For example, some of the most common instances of real-time applications in mobile apps are real-time notifications and messaging.

To bring hi-tech mobile concepts to real life, there are multiple development options to choose from. While there are several options, choosing the best one amongst them can be quite challenging. Out of all these considerations, Node.js turns out to be a promising option for businesses looking for top-quality web application development. Let us know how with help from a reliable Node.js development company!

What is Node js ?

what is node js - Node.js is not a library or framework. On the other hand, it is a run-time environment based on the JavaScript engine of Chrome V8. Being an open-source project, the environment is famous for its mobile application backend.

In any real-time application, two essential factors to consider are –speed & scalability. Node.js is known to top the list when it comes to delivering event-driven features along with non-blocking I/O operations.

Applications like ad servers, social media, stock exchange software, and forums receive two-way connections from Node.js. This makes it an ideal choice for data-intensive, real-time applications. In addition to this, a real-time application is required to possess some of the must-have features, including:

  • Multiple user collaboration
  • Receiving notifications
  • Ensuring interactions

All the given features can be easily incorporated into the node application development process with the help of the Node.js framework. You can hire reliable services from a leading iPhone app development company.

Reasons to Use Node.js for Developing Real-Time Applications

Some of the top reasons to use Nodejs development services for the development of real-time building application are:

Speed: Real-time applications are expected to be fast, interactive, and highly responsive. As Node.js is based on JavaScript, the mobile application will be executing JavaScript faster while delivering results at lightning speed. Node.js real-time capability is able to handle several client requests with the help of an event loop. As such, there is no pressure on the overall real-time application development.

Reusability: When we talk about building a chat application using node.js - one of the major benefits of using Node.js for real-time application development is that developers receive access to the reusability of the code. As Node.js developers get stuck, they can acquire help from the NPM manager during the development of real-time chat applications. Node.js allows developers to share as well as utilize all types of Node.js components present in the given community. This delivers the assurance of easy & speedy Node js development.

I/O Bound Tasks: Developers of Node.js applications are capable of easily tracking all input and output activities. This is because the respective streams tend to be UNIX-based. The framework is capable of reading and decrypting all sorts of inputs while redirecting the same to the destination.

Effective Data Handling: Node.js is known to allow data transfer along with rendering between the servers and clients in an effortless manner. Node.js also offers the assurance that data remains accessible at all times. This helps the developers to better understand and handle real-time data.

Rich Ecosystem: NPM –the default Node.js package manager serves to be the marketplace for open-source tools based on JavaScript. This helps in playing a crucial role in the overall advancement of the given technology. With around 836,000 libraries that are present in the NPM registry, over 10,000 new versions get published on a weekly basis. As such, it can be said that the Node.js ecosystem is significantly rich.

With a wide range of tools and resources available out there, there is immense potential for the overall utilization of Node.js for real-time application development. Additionally, open-source software utilization is also growing in overall popularity as it enables the build web application for reducing the cost of development as well as time to market. You can achieve it with help from a professional mobile app development company.

Seamless JSON Support: While other advanced back-end technologies like Ruby on Rails and PHP can make use of the revolutionary JSON format for ensuring communication, Node.js is capable of doing the same without converting binary models. Node.js only makes use of JavaScript.

This serves to be quite useful when developers need to develop RESTful APIs for ensuring NoSQL database support –like MongoDB. The seamless delivery of communication with the major data transfer standards serves to be another effective benefit of the JavaScript ecosystem.

Scalable Technology: As Node.js serves to be a lightweight tool, its utilization for microservices architecture tends to be an ideal choice. The architectural style serves to be the best approach for the development of a single application like a small series of services. Each service runs its own process while communicating with other lightweight mechanisms –including HTTP resource API.

Node js web development- Node.js serves to be the ultimate technology choice during the development and deployment of solutions related to microservice ecosystems.

SEO Friendliness: In the modern digital world, SEO is a basic necessity. If you wish to incorporate the essence of SEO in your real-time application development project, then Node.js can be helpful. The feature of backend rendering by Node.js helps in increasing engagement while providing the website improved visibility.

Real-time applications made out of Node.js not only receive improved user experiences but also gain access to improved speed. At the same time, there is also the provision of improved performance –quite significant for ranking as per SEO features.

Proxy Server: Node.js also serves to be a great option wherein intermediary admins are required. To use Node.js in the form of a proxy server, a developer is required to add a specific 20-line code. As such, the application will become ideal for assisting streaming data from multiple sources.

Final words

While developing real-time applications like chat and gaming applications, Node.js offers abundant features and benefits. It serves to be perfect for programs requiring non-blocking driven servers along with event-based servers. Hire reliable Node.js development services from the experts.

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