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How to Choose the Best Node.js Development Company?

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    May 10, 2021
How to Choose the Best Node.js Development Company?

Developed on the Javascript Runtime, Node.js is an open-source framework that’s extensively used for building high-quality, flexible, and stable mobile apps. Despite being relatively new to the programming and app development industry, Node.js has gained an immense level of popularity in no time. There is no denying that Node.js is taking over the app development industry, especially for enterprise-level apps.

Node.js is especially known for its interactive, user-friendly, and intuitive interface that makes it quite easier for the developers to type the code and use an extensive range of features from the libraries to create a high-quality and flexible app that runs smoothly across all devices. The only issue people have reported with Node.js is its complex backend system. Still, the platform is embraced by many small and large-scale organizations for its massive range of features that are designed to cater to the varying requirements of the users. Some people claim that the language is so powerful that it outperforms Java. Many companies have been using Node.js for app development. Intel, Walmart, Twitter, and NSA are a few popular organizations that have been using this open-source framework for web designing applications.

Node.js App Development Services

Node.js was declared as one of the powerful and most famous open-source web designing and development frameworks of 2019, and it seems like it will not run out of trend anytime soon. Netflix and PayPal are the two most popular companies that have used Node.js for app development. Netflix allows users to stream a large number of web series, TV shows, and movies seamlessly on any device. Likewise, PayPal facilitates seamless transactions. Both apps perform well on Android, iOS, and all operating systems.

In this post, we will walk you through a few easy and effective tips for choosing the best Node.js development company. But, before we discuss that, let’s take a look at the reasons why Node.js has become a popular framework for Android, iOS, and cross-platform app development applications.

What Makes Node.js a Popular Mobile App Development Platform?

All you need to do is learn the basics of programming languages, especially JavaScript. That’s enough to get started with Node.js programming. That is how easy it is to learn and familiarize yourself with Node.js. The specialty of Node.js is that it enables developers to re-use the same code for the backend and frontend development requirements. Similarly, being a cross-platform app development framework, Node.js makes it possible for the coding team to use the same code for all devices. With Node.js, you can now develop an app for different devices using the same code. Not only does this speed up the development process, but it allows companies to build a large connection and get in touch with their target audience efficiently. Besides that, there is one language used on both client and server-side, which means you don’t have to switch the frontend and backend multiple times.

Another major reason why Node.js has become popular among app development companies is that it offers you a high level of scalability. In fact, Node.js is one of the few app development frameworks that allow you to develop scalable mobile applications. You can build a lightweight app that could be scaled up easily. You can make changes to the existing modules, add new features, and remove the current features easily.

Here are a few important factors you must take into consideration when choosing the Node.js development company for your app development project.

  1. Understand Your Requirements and Budget

You may already have the in-house frontend team that takes care of the app development features, but do you have any other requirements? Even for those who have an internal team that handles the front-end development, it is always a good idea to learn the basics of technology and app development to ensure seamless communication between the teams.

Another important factor to consider here is your budget. It might be a little overwhelming for you to set your budget right. As tempting and affordable as the fixed-price contract seems, it isn’t the best option for app development projects. When you decide on building a new mobile app, it’s natural for you to want to explore different aspects of the project. There is a chance you may want to integrate new functions into the app or you may not need the planned functions. Besides that, your customers may suggest certain changes during the application development procedure that you may want to incorporate into the app later. If you ever want to make changes to your app, you will require a flexible budget.

It is okay to discuss your budget with multiple companies and get a quote from different Node.js developers. This will give you a better idea of the total cost of the project and the amount you will pay at the end. Do not go for the cheapest option, as they are not always reliable. Estimate your budget for the project and consider the hourly project for better results.

  1. Check the Developers’ Portfolio

While experience matters, you don’t necessarily have to hire a Node.js development company that has 10+ years of experience in this area. As mentioned earlier, someone with a basic knowledge of Node.js and a few years of experience will help accomplish the project efficiently. Experience is the proof the Node.js development team has worked on similar projects and has completed them effectively.

You should rather focus on hiring a company that has relevant experience with the required qualifications, training, and certificates. Check out the latest case studies to get a better idea of the area they specialize in and the number of clients they have served so far. The ideal app developer for your mobile app is one who has worked in similar areas and has dealt with the challenges your internal team is experiencing with the front-end part. If they have experience in offering Node.js development services using the same technology and in the same niche, then that’s the app development company you are looking for.

  1. Read Customer Testimonials

Most buying decisions are based on the customers’ recommendations. People read reviews and go over the testimonials before making a purchase decision. Nobody wants to trust the words of the seller, so the only way for the audience to know about the quality of the product is by reading the product reviews published by customers. Knowing that reputable businesses have hired the mobile app development company will give you peace of mind. Website development servicesare no exception. You are supposed to sign a long-term deal with a web app development company, which is why it is important that you pick a company that offers long-term solutions.

The customer reviews will help you learn about the types of projects the company has managed and their expertise. Most importantly, it will give you a better idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the company and how they have managed to satisfy customers. In addition to reading the customer reviews published on the official website of the company, you must look for testimonials posted on their websites too. For example, Clutch is a perfect place for those who are looking for 100% authentic customer reviews. You can rest assured that these reviews are unbiased and written by the clients that have worked with the company.

  1. Consider Project Management and Communication Skills

These two are the soft skills that might not directly impact the quality of the app, but it determines how easy it is for your team to work with the Node.js development company. Besides, effective communication will lead to the timely completion of the project. Believe it or not, outsourcing your task to a third party is a little inconvenient than working with your in-house mobile app development team. The reason is quite simple – it is easier to keep tabs on your internal employees, guide them, and have the project completed efficiently.

With an external team of Node.js development company, it might get a little difficult for the company to communicate with the team regularly. It gets even more challenging when you have outsourced the task to an international app development team that works remotely. Due to the differences in time zones, it might take several weeks or months for the company to get the task done. This is one of the reasons why it’s absolutely important for you to hire the Node.js app developer that offers seamless communication (probably, round-the-clock support team). Here are a few other things you must consider when hiring the Node.js app development team:

  • Direct access to them: The most common reason for the lack of proper control over the app development project is the difficulty in communication. It’s quite natural for the off-shore app development team to delay responses because of the different time zones. You might have assigned the communication-related tasks to the project manager, but if a manager is the only person to discuss the requirements with the off-shore iPhone app development company, then it’s going to get a little difficult for you to handle communication effectively. You could streamline communication by using Slack and other Messenger apps that allow your whole internal team to stay connected with the developers and get replies quickly.


  • Clear and Precise Communication: Soft skills matter as much as the project itself. You can’t expect your mobile app to turn out to be successful when you are unable to communicate your ideas and features, you’d like to incorporate into the app with the developers. Experienced and qualified developers might not need detailed instructions on how to build an app from scratch, but they need details of the interface, features, testing, modules, and other aspects. You may have to organize regular virtual meetings so that you can discuss the progress of the project with the developers. Note that effective communication is not optional! It may not be linked to the app directly, but it affects the success of the project. So, choose an open source development company that’s willing to offer 24/7 communication and proper support.
  1. Test Their Skills

If you have a team of coders working at your company, then it will be easier for you to interview the Node.js developers and test their skills. Never hire any random company based on their words and promises. Once you are done researching their experience and going over the testimonials, conduct an interview and ask questions about app development projects.

The experience and skills of a person can be determined easily when you interview them in person or through virtual meeting apps. Note that the success of the project depends on your interaction with the Node.js development team. You must not only work as the outsourcing company but work with them as their technology partners. Guide them throughout the app development process, give feedback regularly, and offer suggestions.

  1. They Must Understand Your Business Niche

Another factor that’s important in determining the success of the project is how well the app development company understands your goals and niche. For a successful delivery, you must hire someone who is willing to learn about the types of products you offer, your long-term goals, business planning, budget, your audience, and so on. Pay close attention to the workshops, virtual business meetings, and case studies of the developers to learn about their business niche.

Gone are the days when web app development was all about coding. Today, any developer can type lengthy codes, but those who offer personalized solutions are ideal for small and large-scale companies. These developers will help you design a mobile app that not only runs seamlessly on all devices but resonates with your brand.

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Skills You Must Look for in the Node.js Development Company

Node.js is the fastest-growing open-source framework for all kinds of web app development projects. It might be one of the easiest frameworks to work with, but the platform comes with its sets of complexities.

Whether you need to build a simple app or a complex cross-platform mobile application that comes equipped with a set of unique features, it’s important that you pay attention to the skills the developers possess before making any decision. Here are the top skills you must look for in Node.js developers.

  • Runtime Environment

One thing that sets Node.js apart from other apps is the fact that this framework comes with its separate platform and features. Note that Node.js must not be confused with a framework that’s part of Java. It’s rather an independent platform that offers a unique set of tools and a vast library to streamline the app development process.

Now, the app development team you are planning to hire for the Node.js project must be well-familiar with each and every aspect of the platform. They must know about the runtime environment so that they can fix the technical glitches and other minor errors that might occur during the app development process.

  • A Better Understanding of JavaScript

Without the basic knowledge of JavaScript, you can’t build an app on Node.js. The company must have worked in a similar environment and they must have experience in using JavaScript for effective and smooth programming. It is equally important for the developers to have a better understanding of the entire Node.js model.

  • Frontend Technology

CSS, JavaScript, and HTML are the three main factors that make the frontend system. The main role of the development team is to come up with the essential tools that streamline the interaction with the browser. The front-end developers are in charge of managing the software workflow and testing parts.

They test the software app to ensure that it runs smoothly across different platforms and it is free of bugs and glitches. You must check the frontend development skills of the Node.js development company before hiring them. They must be qualified as front-end developers. Look for developers that have knowledge and experience in working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Not only the frontend technology knowledge, but the software app development company you hire must be well-familiar with the backend app development procedures.

  • Parallel Programming

Contrary to what people believe, Node.js is not as simple as it seems. It is rather a complex model that needs experienced and trained IT professionals. The parallel programming model saves you a significant amount of time waiting for processing the requests.

Parallel programming promotes an efficient work environment, as it gives you an opportunity to execute a plethora of tasks simultaneously, thus making the project quite productive and efficient for the business. The Node.js developers that are not familiar with this programming model might struggle with writing competent code.

  • js Framework

Node.js framework comes with many features that make it easier for the developers to design a premium mobile app with ease. Before you hire the iPhone app developers, discuss their Node.js framework skills to learn more about their expertise in this area. The knowledge of Koa.JS and Tota.JS is a must. The skills in Node.js can get better when the client works with the server and client-side framework. Your best bet is the organization that has experience in working with the ecosystem of the Node.js framework.

  • Database Management

You can’t build a high-quality Node.js mobile app without the knowledge of database management. Not only do the developers need the skills for developing multiple database schemes that ensure seamless business procedures, but the company must know how to combine different databases into one centralized system.

  • Data Protection Feature

In this digital age, data hacking has become one of the most common problems businesses face. If you fail to secure your data with encryption and authentication technology, chances are your rivals and hackers will use this as an opportunity to leak your confidential details. Data protection isn’t only a necessity for website owners, but it is equally important for app developers to implement the best security practices to ensure that the data of the business is safe.

This is extremely important when you are designing a mobile app. The web app development company you hire must employ modern data protection techniques to maximize the protection of sensitive and confidential data.

  • Good Knowledge of API

The Node.js development company you hire must have extensive knowledge of APIs, and they must be familiar with the ways they could use the APIs in project management. The more you know about the use of API in app development, the better the app you can design with it. Besides that, it makes it easier for you to develop customized mobile apps.

  • User Authorization and Verification

User authorization and verification are the two important security tools that guarantee the safety of your web app. If you are designing an app that requires users to create an account, you must hire a Node.js developer team that specializes in launching the verification and authorization features. Security of the app must be your utmost priority.

  • Fixing Errors

The app development company might have to fix multiple errors that are likely to occur during the testing process. These errors could vary from small technical issues to complex problems that need advanced skills and in-depth knowledge of the framework. The Node.js developers must know how to retry, continue, crash, and perform other necessary functions as required.

Do not just hire the web app development company based on their skills and experience in app development, instead consider their experience in solving technical issues and developing an error-free app. They must know how to handle the troubleshooting issues efficiently.

To Conclude

Node.js has become a go-to framework for front-end developers. The technology will make it easier for you to develop functional apps, games, customized software systems, and more. It makes it possible for users to develop web applications that function seamlessly in a real-time environment. So, why wait? If you have been looking for the top Node.js development companies, keep the above points in mind and get your mobile app developed in the easiest and fastest possible way.

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