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Go Beyond Generic with Custom Web App Development: Benefits and Cost Included

A generic website or off-the-shelf applications are not enough to capture attention or drive sales. Your business will grow, and so as your customers’ expectations. Therefore, you need something that balances both without hurting the user experience. Custom web app development is the winning approach in the current digital scenario. Every sector, from healthcare, and automotive to education, needs this approach for business growth.

Go Beyond Generic with Custom Web App Development: Benefits and Cost Included

What is Custom Web App Development?

It goes by the name- Custom Development. Everything, right from its UX, design layout, and features, to the screen will be as per your desire. A custom web app development company will develop everything from scratch to meet your business goals.  

Why Your Business Needs a Custom Web App Solution?

Off-the-shelf web app solutions seem a quick fix, but custom web app development is the need of the hour. Why? 

Today’s generation focuses more on the hyper-personalization and not on the regular. They are more attracted to businesses that make them feel connected and valued at every channel and understand their needs. We have a perfect example to make it easier to understand.

Imagine one of your customers is running out of budget but needs a cool outfit for an important occasion. Instead of showcasing the best outfits for a party, what if your e-commerce website shows her list of cool party outfits at low prices?

She would end up buying. This level of personalization keeps your customers happy and coming back to you. That’s not the only reason to invest in custom app development, there are many more.

5 Strong Benefits of Custom Web App Development

The possibilities with custom apps are truly endless. Here are a few ways your business can benefit from it:

1. Your Web App, Your Way

Off-the-shelf solutions don’t give you full control of the look and feel of your web app. They have pre-built templates and features that you can neither modify nor upgrade. Custom web app development gives you the freedom to create a unique identity for your brand.

2. Invest Once, Save Forever

The cost of custom app development is undoubtedly more. But it's only a one-time investment and you will get the returns forever. Plus, you do not have to pay for less useful features or monthly subscription costs.

3. Scale with Growth

Imagine you bought an off-the-shelf web app solution when your business had only 1000s of customers. Now, you have millions of users, but the web application cannot handle the load.

Scaling a ready-made web app would be difficult and expensive as you have to upgrade the plan. On the other hand, a custom web app lets you scale according to your timeline and preferences without spending an extra penny.

Not just upgrading, you can remove the resources or features no longer in use without disturbing the existing structure.

4. Do More in Less

Every business has certain repetitive tasks which unnecessarily eat up your staff’s time and resources. Ready-made web apps cannot automate every task unique to a specific industry. But a custom web app can!

Whether you want to make your team more productive, track the inventory, or automate customer onboarding; all can be automated. Automation reduces manual work so that your staff can do more work in less time.    

5. Get More Security 

Cyber threats are unavoidable. With an off-the-shelf application, your business and customers’ security are in the hands of third parties. In case of a cyber-attack or security issues, recovering quickly is not always possible.

A custom web app development keeps your business secure from both internal and external threats. How? You can choose a strong development platform, and languages, and have a team of cyber experts who can quickly act in case of a cyber-attack.

They can also add multiple safety features to make your web app extra secure and hard to hack. Furthermore, you have complete control over data storage and user access, ensuring the safety of sensitive information.

Take the Next Step: Evaluate Your App Development Needs

Don’t just drive straight into the development. Sit relax assess your specific needs and think of key goals you wish to achieve. Discuss everything with your stakeholders, do market research, or take expert advice from software consultants.

To get started, check this quick checklist:

  • What are your business goals? What specific problems are you trying to solve with a web app?
  • Who is your target audience? Do research to understand their expectations and customer journey. 
  • What features are essential for your app? Prioritize functionality based on your goals.
  • Do you have a budget in mind? Be realistic and communicate openly with potential developers.
  • Do you have the right team? Search for an experienced software development company that can serve your expectations within the set deadline and budget.
  • Do you need help from the start? If you have an initial idea or design in mind, look for development partners who can help with further steps.

Choosing the Right Custom App Development Company

The entire success of your web app depends on who you choose and how you choose. Here is a little help to reach that decision.

  • Check Experience: The first thing to check is their team experience and development approach. Check the level of technical skills their team has. Assess their knowledge on latest frameworks, tools, and technologies. 
  • Review Portfolio: Look for an expert with experience in a similar industry. Ask them what type of projects they have done, how they deal with the challenges and more. Their portfolio will help you assess whether they can do your project or not. 
  • Flexible Plans: Want to hire an entire team of developers or need a specific technology expert? Or you need to hire for the end-to-end project or specific module? Look for a company that offers different staffing plans to meet your objective.
  • Check Security Measures: Hire a partner who has a robust team of cyber security experts. They should have deep experience with security measures and follow strict protocols to ensure your web app development is in safe hands. Also, ask what type of maintenance support they offer.
  • Check Culture: Working with someone who sees your business success as their own is worthy. So, find a custom web app development company that values client, and their opinions, and is always open for communication.

These points will give you a clear overview and help you select the right development partner for your custom web application.

How Much Does Custom Web App Development Cost?

The last factor where many businesses like yours might get stuck is the actual cost of development. Small web apps range from $25,000-$75,000 whereas complex or enterprise levels cost up to $250,000 or more.

However, there is no rigid cost of custom app development. If your web app has fewer features and is designed for simple tasks, the development won’t be expensive. Other than features, type of integration, UI/UX, team size, database complexity, number of screens, and more decide the final cost.  

Invest in Custom Web App Development, Invest in the Future

Gone are the days when a website was enough to show the world that your business exist. Today, businesses that focus on addressing the specific issues of customers and invest in giving them the best experience are the winners.

Custom web app is that ladder of success in the fast-moving digital world. It lets you stand out among millions of businesses, engage your audience, and achieve your unique goals. By investing in a custom app, you're investing in the future of your business.

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