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Full Guide on Android App Development Cost: From Key Factors to Money-Saving Tips

Building an Android app is like buying a car. There's no one-size-fits-all cost of Android app development, and it depends on what kind of features and bells and whistles you want.

Full Guide on Android App Development Cost: From Key Factors to Money-Saving Tips

For instance, the price of creating an app like Uber Eats is anywhere from $30,000 to over $100,000. But if you need a mobile app for educational purposes, it may cost $220,000 or more. Application category is just one factor but there are many you might miss to include while evaluating the actual cost. We are discussing every factor to help you decide the final cost.

Our Detailed Cost Breakdown on Android App Development 

You might be already aware of these factors, but they change with time and current market demands. Therefore, reassessing them is important.

1. Size and complexity of your Android application

A simple app with static content and login features costs less than $15,000. On the other hand, the enterprise-level Android mobile app with bulky features needs a budget of more than $50K. 

This cost difference is because simple features are quick to develop with pre-built components and complex features such as real-time location tracking takes time. Here’s how much the app’s complexity and size makes the difference in budget.

2. Type of Platform

Are you thinking of your Android app as a one-time investment? If YES, then we suggest you rethink the platform type because it directly impacts the user experience, development speed, cost, and app’s performance. So, choose wisely between Native, cross-platform, and progressive web app development. For a quick decision, check out this comparison table.

3. Application category

Are you developing a food delivery app or an online shopping app? The application type also brings major changes in the cost of Android app development. For example, an on-demand app is more costly than an e-commerce app. Because there are different requirements for each app, from features to integration. They vary in so many senses that the overall cost of development is never the same for two applications belonging to different industries.

4. Location of App Developers

One of the important factors that affect the cost of developing an Android app is the location of your team. Developers in India charge less than $40 per hour whereas Android app developers in the USA charge $150 per hour.

5. Size of the Team

Apart from the team’s location, the size of your team also plays a crucial role in assessing the Android app development cost. You need developers, UI/UX designers, SCRUM masters, business analysts, QA engineers, and project managers to take care of your app project. Each one charges on an hourly basis with an average cost ranging between $20-$200.

6. Hiring Approach

If you are a startup with fewer or no developers in your team, outsourcing the full-stack Android app development team is the best idea. They charge on an hourly basis and take care of the entire development lifecycle, from ideation to deployment. But if you want to cut the cost and can manage everything else on your own, freelance developers are the best bet. The average cost of hiring them is within $10,000.

7. Additional Cost

Just like a vehicle needs regular maintenance, your Android mobile app needs too. The features may become outdated, the app might misalign with the recent app policies of the Play Store, or bugs may disrupt the normal functionality of the application. Anything can happen.

Moreover, consumer demands keep on changing and they need features relevant to the trend. And then there is a small submission fee to launch your mobile app on the Play Store. All these factors must be included when preparing a budget for Android app development.

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4 Secrets to Save Money on Android App Development

After knowing how much it costs to develop an Android app, you might be thinking of saving some money. Well, there’s not one but four ways to cut the cost without compromising with your goals.

1. Document Everything

Don’t just keep things in your head, write them down. Ask your development team to properly plan and document the requirements, from market research, features, and budget estimates to technical requirements. It would help you assess what went well and what went wrong in case there’s a miscalculation.

2. Think of Key Features

Don’t add too many features just to attract an audience or compete with your competitors. This will make your app bulky and increase the Android app development cost. List down only the features necessary for your app’s success.

3. Get an MVP

If you are not sure whether the current features or design of your Android mobile app will give the desired results, create an MVP. It is the first copy of your application with all the necessary functionalities. Test it in real-world scenarios and evaluate how effective your mobile app would be. It also saves money on actual development costs and time.

4. Choose Your Partner Wisely

Hiring an Android app development company? Make sure they understand your challenges and goals. Ask if they have previously developed a similar app or do they have the right expertise or team.

Your choice will severely impact the final design of the application and your budget. So, make a wise decision.

Ready to Start Your Android App Project? 

Developing an amazing Android app takes more than just a good concept. It involves time, effort, and expertise. But don't worry, you don't have to navigate this process alone!

Partnering with a reliable Android app development company can save you time and money, while also accelerating the development process. They have experienced professionals who stay updated on the latest tools and frameworks. And their expertise ensures your app is always the first-choice of customers even in the ever-evolving mobile landscape. 

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