Double Your Bookings with a Custom Appointment Scheduling App

Appointment booking apps have become the standard in various industries, offering a convenient and efficient way for businesses and customers to manage appointments. However, relying on apps that are tailored not for your industry can cost more than money. A custom appointment booking app development can save your business from unexpected troubles and also save you from spending on monthly subscriptions on such apps.

Double Your Bookings with a Custom Appointment Scheduling App

5 Reasons to Get a Custom Appointment Scheduling App

Reason 1: Make You Available When Your Competitors Are Not

Your customers don’t watch the time when booking an appointment. They book your services when they need it, whether it's morning 7 am or midnight. And it’s not always about business hours, they might be booking from a remote location with no internet access or using laptops to book the services. 

Being available when they need you the most can make you stand out from the competitors. Online booking apps may put restrictions that confine your customers within specific devices or internet facilities. 

With a custom appointment scheduling app, your business runs beyond the 9 to 5 treadmill or internet boundary. Moreover, it allows your customers to book from any device, keeping you 24x7x365 available for them. 

Reason 2: Let You Customize the Way You Want

Well, all online appointment booking apps and systems give customization features, not everything can be blended with your brand. Custom application not only lets you stand out among the competitors but also delivers specific features that they might be missing. This helps in adding a more personalized touch, attracting more customers, and creating a unique image of your brand in the market. 

Reason 3: Saves More Money with Every Booking

While generic booking apps might seem cost-effective at first, they often charge fees for SMS credit, and add more users, or bookings, impacting your bottom line. A custom online appointment scheduling app can help you save money in several ways:

  • Reduced subscription fees: Eliminate reliance on third-party booking platforms and their recurring fees.
  • Direct payments: Handle payments directly within the app, eliminating transaction fees charged by booking platforms.
  • Add more users/staff: A custom add lets you add or remove members who can access the application for booking management without the need to switch between multiple packages. 

Reason 4: A Perfect App for Your Business and Customers  

Generic booking apps are designed for a broad audience and lack industry-specific features and workflows. This can lead to a misaligned experience for your customers and hamper your operations.

A custom app caters specifically to your industry and customer base, providing industry-specific functionalities. You can integrate features relevant to your industry, like online forms for patient intake or video consultations for doctors.

Reason 5: Gives Complete Control Over User Security 

Using an online booking system or application means putting your business and customers’ safety in someone else’s hands. Instead, get in the driver's seat and fully control how to secure and what measures to use for securing their privacy and data.  

Hiring professionals for appointment booking app development allows you to implement not just one but multiple security features. When an issue arises, you can quickly act without waiting for the third-party support team to fix it. 

Don’t Settle for Less, get a Custom Appointment Booking App Now!

Every business is unique, and we believe they should not be settling with the limited options available out there or blending with the crowd. Softude helps businesses in delivering booking experiences beyond the boundaries of off-the-shelf applications. We develop a custom online appointment scheduling app and system for various industries.  

Check out how we have helped the healthcare industry improve patients’ booking experience with an online appointment scheduling app. 

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