How We Built a Local Advertising Platform with 1000+ Monthly Visitors

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Our client is passionate about empowering local businesses with the technology and resources they need to succeed. These resources help them connect with their customers, showcase their services, promote special offers, and also compete with their competitors.



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In this digital age, our client noticed that local businesses still rely on paper-based advertising methods to offer discounts, deals, and coupons to attract customers. Even with great offers, they lose against big chain stores because their ads don't reach a large audience. This approach reduced their sales and customer base.

Softude’s role

We've built a platform that helps shoppers and local businesses connect. Our website and app let shoppers find great deals from nearby businesses, all for free. This helps businesses attract customers without spending money on advertising, and it helps shoppers make smart choices. Businesses can also quickly respond to competitors' deals to stay competitive.


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We couldn't have done it without Softude! Their tech team has been amazing throughout this whole project. They're always up for a challenge and always come up with clever ways to solve problems.

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