How Payroll Management System Boosted 60% Efficiency

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Our client has the next-generation collaboration platform for remote and flexible teams. It turns remote working into an engaging social experience, with flexible, customizable tools, integrated information management, and real-time collaboration - all in one platform. They wanted a solution that can replace the manual process and create an application that can organize all the tasks and calculate employee payments automatically.


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A Need for Change 

Our client is having a tough time with their manual payroll system. Filling out forms and doing calculations takes up a lot of time. Making a mistake can cause headaches for both employers and employees. Managing taxes and adding new staff is complicated, and tracking business data is difficult. They need a simpler solution to save time, prevent errors, and satisfy their team.

Softude’s Role

Softude has designed a payroll application to assist them in managing their employee salaries more efficiently. With features like accurate payroll processing, automatic calculation of salaries including deductions for holidays, loans, and insurance, as well as adjustments for overtime, the system streamlines the payment process. Updating employee information is made simple, saving time. The application includes a payroll verification step before processing, ensuring accuracy. It also integrates a leave and attendance module and allows for the management of loans and advance payments. Additionally, the system generates deduction reports promptly after each payroll run.


Boost in efficiency


Reduction in Errors


Increase in data accuracy

Benefits in a Nutshell


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Since implementing the payroll application developed by Softude, we've experienced a significant improvement in efficiency and data accuracy within our organization. The automated features have streamlined the process, minimizing the risk of errors.

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