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5 Signs It's Time to Get a Workflow Automation Software

Struggling to meet deadlines and keep your head above water? If so, your business might be in desperate need of a workflow automation software. But how do you know if your business is ready to embrace automation? Here are a few signs that point towards a resounding "yes."

5 Signs It's Time to Get a Workflow Automation Software

Why Do You Need a Workflow Automation Tool?

1. Repetitive Tasks Are Eating Up Time

Business processes are getting more complex each day, but technology is here to make things easier and faster. Still, many are trapped in the web of repetitive tasks. These time-consuming tasks add no real value to your business.

If your team is struggling with repetitive tasks that not only drain their energy but also divide their focus, take it as a sure sign. A workflow automation software helps them skip mundane work and take a leap in productivity.

2. Errors Are Becoming a Normal Thing

Complex tasks and processes bring errors especially when everything is done manually. A workflow automation software reduces errors and improves the accuracy of the tasks.

3. Missing Opportunities More Often

Opportunities are like time; they come and go. If you don’t grab them on time, your competitors will.

Imagine your sales representatives don’t get the leads on time or they are assigned multiple or wrong leads. These are the common problems in any sales department.

Automate the lead distribution through workflow automation and make sure every lead goes to the right salesperson.

4. There is No “Us”

Every business is divided into multiple departments with their procedures, task priorities, and deadlines. But they all are working to achieve common business goals. Lack of collaboration and communication between departments can slow down your growth.

Investing in a workflow automation software helps you bring them together and work as one rather than in siloes. They can easily share information necessary to perform their tasks. And also check the contribution of each department.

5.No Clear View of Progress

Are you flying blind when it comes to project progress? Without proper visibility into your workflows, it's difficult to know what’s wrong and where you are lagging. An automation tool gives you a clear picture of everything. It provides real-time dashboards and reports to track task completion, identify bottlenecks, and optimize your processes.

These are not just signs for investing in one more software but also, clearly indicate it’s time to bring a change. A workflow automation tool is capable of bringing efficiency into your business process.

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Let’s Get Started! Top 10 Tools for Workflow Automation

  1. Zapier
  2. Microsoft Power Automate
  3. IFTTT
  4. Pabbly Connect
  5. Integromat
  7. Workato
  8. Automation Anywhere
  9. UiPath
  10. Kissflow

These popular tools work for almost every type of business and good for automating simple and complex processes. However, check the features, security, and type of integration they offer before investing in one.


Automation is important to achieve efficiency at every level of your business. With a workflow automation tool by your side, you get that desired efficiency and also save cost of operations. It also makes your success measurable while boosting productivity of your workforce.

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