How Marketing Automation Software Boost Leads and Sales for Small Businesses

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Our client is a software development agency. They offer a range of services, including software and mobile app development, dashboard and web portal development, and software integration. With two decades of experience, they have built a strong reputation for trust and customer satisfaction among a diverse clientele from both public and private sectors.


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Our client wanted to develop a marketing automation platform specifically designed for small businesses. These businesses often have limited budgets and resources, and doing all the marketing tasks themselves – such as running campaigns, finding leads, and managing social media marketing – doesn't yield the desired results. These tasks consume a lot of their time and prevent them from focusing on closing deals.

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Softude developed an easy-to-use marketing automation software to let small businesses effortlessly manage prospects, create personalized email marketing campaigns, and connect with their audience on social media. The software also gives a quick overview of their marketing efforts, all in one place.


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Softude's cost-effective marketing automation software allow us to offer powerful marketing tools to our clients without breaking their budgets. They see results, we stay competitive – it's a win-win.

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