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Chatbot Business Use Analysis

By understanding the needs of a company, our solution can help grow and solve everyday problems. We pinpoint the areas of pain and identify opportunities that will help you most.


Chatbot Data Requirements

We establish what information needs to be collected by the chatbot through a set of exercises that replicate real-time scenarios to give the best solution.


NLP Modeling

Our research helps us develop a Natural Language Processing model by finding the most appropriate intents and responses that can handle queries quickly and precisely.


Chatbot Project Management

Softude experts are experienced professionals with years of experience handling the complex chatbot delivery requirements to start-ups and large enterprises.


Chatbot Integration

Recognizing the importance of centralizing data, we can link chatbots with backend systems, third-party mediums, and CRMs.


Chatbot Enhancement

By analyzing customer feedback, we can create opportunities for more optimization to improve service delivery.

Use cases for
WhatsApp Chatbot

Chatbots are powered by a specified set of rules created to be able to communicate with a human over chats. Here are a few use cases of the WhatsApp chatbot:

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    Lead Generation
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    Instant Customer Service
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    Loyalty Programs
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    Payment-Related Questions
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    Alerts and Notifications
Top businesses and brands

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Advantages of WhatsApp Chatbot
business API

Verified business profile

WhatsApp Business API enables enterprises to create a trustworthy profile, complete with the green badge which confirms the brand’s authenticity.

Use your number

Choose a number to use the WhatsApp Business Solution- either mobile, landline, or toll-free.

Easy API integration

Integrate our REST API in existing applications (CRM Contact center, CRM chat, etc.) or use our Chat Messaging Console.

Secure chat

WhatsApp ensures secure end-to-end transmission of messages. This means that all communication with users is secure and private.

Media rich messaging

Harness WhatsApp’s capabilities to transfer or receive multimedia files to customers, like videos, images, documents, locations, contact cards, etc.

High delivery rates

Businesses can monitor if their customer has read and received messages using this API, known as the WhatsApp Business API. 12x more effective than email to re-market.

Hire Chatbot developers from Softude

Our experts provide exceptional development services that are perfectly compatible with your needs. We will evaluate your business needs to provide the best technology solution for your company and help you accelerate your business growth. Get more information about our expert services.

Top businesses and brands

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WhatsApp Business API for a leading Non-Banking Finance Company

Whatsapp Chatbot
home services-01-1

Whatsapp Business API

97% Faster Customer Response Time with Whatsapp Business API For a Leading Laundry Chain

Whatsapp Chatbot

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