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Different Types Of Mobile Applications And It's Uses

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    December 19, 2019
Different Types Of Mobile Applications And It's Uses

The modern world is digital now and everything is shifting to mobile as it is much more convenient and easy to reach by using different types of mobile applications.

Smartphones now account for more than 70% of internet usage for the general population, and because of this fact, it has indeed changed how the business operates across all domains

• People like to stay connected and find things on the go

• Mobile applications play an incredible role in making it happen.

• If you are looking for a flight ticket, you would want to use an app to find it instantly instead of opening and navigating through a website

• Payment through mobile apps are much faster and convenient as compared to websites

• Mobile apps are of multiple types, some help with utilities, some are for shopping, some are for education, some for entertainment and other

Let’s understand different types of Mobile applications and how it can help your business

There are different apps & 28 categories of apps on Apple’s app store and 37 categories on Google Playstore, of which Games is again divided into more subcategories

Out of these many categories only 7 categories have managed to reach more than 3% of Smartphone users so let’s talk about them first. There are different mobile app development process for each type of app.

Mobile app developers around the world are spending hours and hours to develop and enhance the user experience for these mobile app users.


 The Obvious Winner with 22.23% user coverage on Apple and whooping 81% user activity on Android

Games have been an integral part of technology since ages when humans first came across the usage of stone, it was for playing and later when a boy got hurt while playing, they turned it into a weapon to hunt

Hide & Seek became Treasure hunt, puzzles became investigation and everything in life evolved from a game

How can you use Games for your organisation?

Gamification is the new trend in the direction of user engagement and user retention.

Organisation deploy techniques like royalty points and referral bonus and star ratings to keep the users engage. Through Gamification is an extremely effective technique, How about you make a game about your business.

Don’t be surprised or shocked, it’s not that difficult really.

Let’s say you run a restaurant, you can probably start a game about making dishes or maybe a food exchange game or something like FarmVille but for food

Sounds interesting?

If you can’t figure out what game to build, Our Mobile App Development experts can help

Education or Books & Reference:

 Educational Apps are those which help the users learn something with the usage of the app. Some of the examples of such apps are Byju’s, Udemy, PluralSight, Linkedin Learning etc

Educational apps are popular as they add value to user’s personal or professional lives through providing insights, facts, lessons on new skills or area or information

How can you use Educational Apps for your organisation?

Every industry has a lot of history, evolution, technical aspects and a market of providers

You can develop an app to make people aware of History, Evolution and technical aspects of your Industry.

You can also add courses to help people trying to make a career in your industry

This will not only get you more customers but also establish you as an authority in your industry for others to follow

If you can’t figure out what Education app to build, Our Mobile App Development Experts can help


 Business apps are those which help you complete some business operations. Some of the examples of this niche are MS Office, Google Doc, CamScanner, Uber Driver etc. Business apps are popular as they are the source of essential work getting done for the professional life of users. It’s what helps them earn their bread and butter. There are lots of types of mobile apps except business apps.

How can you use Business Apps for your organisation?

This Niche is very straight forward. The types of apps you can develop in Business domains are:

–> App for your Sellers, Resellers and Vendors to Manage Supply Chain

–> App for Company information like mobile Web

–> App for internal communication of your workforce

–> App for an internal directory

If you can’t figure out what Business app to build, Our Mobile App Development Experts can help

Lifestyle & Shopping:

Lifestyle apps meaning - people use these types of apps to make their life a slightly easier or resolve a specific problem. This is one of the most utilised and loved niches. Apps in this niche are like Tinder, Happn, cred, Amazon etc

If you are selling something people use every day, this is your domain

How can you use Lifestyle Apps for your organisation?

If you are into lifestyle domain you should plan an app today

If you are not in the lifestyle domain, you can start a social initiative or a cool factor to your organisation and produce merchandise for your customers and followers

For example, if you sell farming equipment, create a farmers community and create farming merchandise for the club members

Sound cool eh?

If you can’t figure out what Lifestyle app to build, Our enterprise mobile app development experts can help

Entertainment Or Music & Audio:

 The name says it all, Netflix, prime video, zee5, Disney, HBO, Spotify, Rhapsody all the entertainment fall under this popular domain

If you have content you can share with your audience, this domain is for you

How can you use Entertainment Apps for your organisation?

This is a very niche domain but you can try and build a content hub around your industry. For example, if you are an IT company you can partner with Web series and produce IT humour content and get eyeballs for your brand

If you can’t figure out what Entertainment app to build, Our mobile app development Experts can help

Utility & Tools

 Apps under this category help you complete a certain task like a business domain but on a smaller level. Examples of App under this category are Share it, Xender, Google translate, etc.

These apps are not targeted to help day to day task of businesses but more towards common people.

How can you use Utility Apps for your organisation?

You may wonder how can your organization is working in the field of textile manufacturing, How will you create a utility app.

You can, a simple app to convert sizes around the world can be a nice simple idea to start with. You just need to think around the domain a little with

If you can’t figure out what Utility app to build, Our Mobile App Development Experts can help

Ideas are endless and possibilities are amazing. Having an app can in many ways directly as well as indirectly contribute to your brand’s productivity, awareness and branding.

In some cases, it can directly boost up your sales and connect you to potential buyers. while in others it can always help you create brand awareness and establish authority in your domain

How Can Systematix Help?

Systematix is a CMMI 3 certified digital transformation company helping its customers across the globe in making their businesses easier, more productive and widely known to target audience

With a team of 250+ tech experts, We are changing the way App development is looked at. Our Design thinking approaches and CMMI Approved processes help design and develop mobile applications that deliver wow experience to end-users.

With a variety of applications across multiple technological stacks including React-Native, Xamarin, Android, Objective-C, Swift and other hybrid platforms, we are dedicated to delivering scalable and reliable app development solutions to our worldwide customers.

With multiple offices around the globe, we aim at making the relationship dependable and within reach at all times.

Explore our portfolio and services to know more about possibilities to integrate and work together towards our successful association. You can outsource mobile app development to Softude - mobile app development company in USA & India. We ensure to deliver you satisfying work.

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