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What is the Future of iOS App Development – Trends

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    April 7, 2021
What is the Future of iOS App Development – Trends

Technology never fails to surprise you with its innovation reflexes. With time, rapid technological advancements have been leading to significant disruption in the mobile application development scenario and the growth of iOS and allied technologies have played a catalyst here. Things that begun with basic features and traits are now being taken to the next level of application and utility with revolutionary software and data engineering built on the top-end technologies of the era like AR, VR, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

Seeing how far it has come today, let us learn about the latest iOS app development trends for 2021.

Importance of iOS App Development

iOS serves to be a great platform for a number of businesses looking forward to building innovative, smooth, and secure mobile applications. In this post, we aim at sharing some of the latest iOS app development trends and the future of iOS development.

With more than 2.7 billion users of smartphones across the globe, mobile apps have become indispensable for modern businesses. As such, a reliable iPhone app development company should put in major efforts towards developing and delivering a mobile application for improved exposure to the business. Moreover, companies can also hire iPhone app developers to improve customer loyalty, boost overall sales, and leverage a viable marketing tool for improved results.

As far as the development of safer mobile applications is concerned, people naturally turn towards leading mobile app development services from a reliable iPhone app development company. Therefore, iOS is regarded as one of the most popular operating systems out there. As it is one of the most prominent mobile platforms out there in the market, iOS serves to be the industry leader with respect to mobile app innovation and development.

With more than 2 million iOS apps, it is imperative for app developers to know about the latest iOS app design as well as development trends for standing out in the highly competitive industry.

Reasons to Opt for iOS App Development

During the development of a mobile app, the primary motive of any business is improved revenue generation. If you are looking for a greater population of app users, then you can opt for Android app development. On the other hand, if you are looking for improved revenues, then you should seek reliable iOS app development services from a reputed mobile app development company.

With the advent of the latest iOS version, along with some innovative features like WWDC 2020 by Apple, the leading mobile app development giant is aimed at influencing the mobile app development industry significantly. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for iOS mobile app development:

  • Most Viable Operating System: As iOS development is being preferred by developers and specialists, iOS applications have more in-app purchases. Therefore, it helps in positively driving the business endeavors, while helping you earn more revenues.


  • Business-centric and Better Performance: Leading business owners and enterprises opt for iOS application development for better sales, improved productivity, and ultimate customer satisfaction. With unique functionalities and advanced features, iOS applications tend to be highly business-centric.


  • Improved Security: Security turns out to be one of the major concerns for any business enterprise. iOS app development helps in delivering a high level of security to modern businesses. Therefore, it eventually becomes a leading choice for any business out there –especially those that are concerned with improving the overall business security.


  • Top-Quality Applications: When top-quality application development is concerned, businesses mostly prefer iOS application development. This is because it helps in delivering unparalleled quality across all app niches.

Top iOS App Development Trends to Look Out for in 2021

As iOS app development has the capability of boosting the brand’s or product’s visibility, every business owner aims at leveraging its benefits. At the same time, the future of iOS app development appears brighter than ever before. Let us know about some of the upcoming iOS app development trends 2021:

#Transformations With the Help of AR & VR

AR & VR technologies have made their presence felt in the field of video and gaming. AR & VR development turns out to be one of the major IoT mobile application development trends for showcasing the power of innovation & reality experiences. A number of leading brands like Gap and others are already leveraging the benefits of AR & VR with respect to iOS application development to ensure improved sales.

In the coming years, it is estimated that features and ideas based on AR & VR technologies for iOS app development are going to be highly functional. iOS applications are going to rise significantly with the scope of the virtual world. Through the utilization of AR & VR technologies, experienced developers can look forward to designing & delivering real-time applications for enhancing user experience and trust.

The overall credit for AR & VR applications for iOS app development goes to Apple’s ARKit. It is responsible for developing AR-integrated standalone iOS apps that are quite popular. iOS applications like Houzz and Dance Reality can be regarded as instances of AR-VR applications in iOS app development.

#Internet of Things (IoT)

In the modern era, our lives have become as smart as the devices that we use. The modern range of innovative devices is capable of taking inputs from smartphones while using the same to deliver personalized experiences. The technology of the Internet of Things or IoT has made it possible. Therefore, it is regarded as one of the major aspects of modern iOS app development.

The Internet of Things has become a major part of our day-to-day lives. It serves to be the main source of communication between your smartphones and you. Therefore, it helps in revolutionizing the world of modern technology. Modern businesses are getting drawn to the development of iOS apps for connecting to devices that are Internet-enabled while making use of the IoT technology.

As per a recent study report, it is estimated that around 35 billion IoT devices are going to be installed across the world by the time of 2021. Moreover, the global IoT market is going to reach the mark of $1.1 trillion by the time of 2026. Therefore, it is imperative for modern businesses to incorporate IoT in iOS app development. This is because it is going to make experiences easier for the end-users while leading to improved engagement with the apps.

#Improved App Security

Apple is highly renowned for its advanced security algorithms. It features improved security layers along with highly advanced security policies for stopping intruders from brute-forcing into iOS applications and Apple devices. Even with the most secure algorithm, Apple is constantly committed to enhancing the overall security of the app for delivering optimal experiences to the users.

iOS app developers can look forward to integrating ATS (App Transport Security) into applications for offering top-level security. This helps in increasing the privacy as well as data integrity of connections between web services and iOS apps.

#Wearable Apps

The wearable is the latest technology buzzword that we hear quite often nowadays. Wearable applications are designed for fitness bands, smartphones, trackers, and other advanced gadgets. These gadgets are quite popular for their capability of revealing vital data like heart rate, oxygen level, stress level, blood pressure, number of steps run every day, and so more.

Modern wearable devices are capable of delivering much more. For instance, Apple Watch 5 is capable of generating electro-cardiograms or even identifying some panic conditions like the measurement of the pulse. To top it all, recently Apple announced that it will be presenting Apple Watch 6 integration with the App Store by Apple. Therefore, the number of iOS applications developed for smartwatches by Apple will increase significantly while providing access to advanced features and capabilities.

Along with the common applications of fitness bands and smartwatches, significant attention is imparted to the concept of smart rings that will be delivering some advanced functionalities like a panic buttons, car locking, and so more.

Wearable applications are leading trends with respect to iOS application development –not just for devices to be used daily, but also for major sectors like healthcare –especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Manufacturers of wearable devices work in collaboration with wearable app developers for revealing the all-new potential for IoT to make lives simpler.

#Swift 6 Programming Language

In the year 2020, the world witnessed the advent of Swift 5 & Swift 5.1 in the application development domain to serve as the better version of the iOS application programming language. Some of the top reasons why businesses looked forward to investing in Swift 5 were:

  • Language and compiler updates
  • Stable binary & ABI compatibility
  • Module stability
  • Updates related to the package manager
  • Updated related to the standard library
  • SwiftSyntax updates

While the in-depth details of Swift 6 are still going to be revealed fully, there are some features that we can expect are improved tooling with Swift Language Server, Package Manager, and others at the center, quicker build, working on accurate diagnostics, memory ownership model, improved debugging support, and including concurrency support with iOS app programming language.

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#Cloud Integration

Cloud technologies are being increasingly used in the modern era. This is not just because they offer improved flexibility, but also because they help in delivering improved collaboration across the globe. You can come across specialists all around the world working collaboratively on a single platform for the development of some high-end solution.

iOS app development agencies or companies are most likely to receive the benefits from the given feature. Experts with the given companies can help with the development of high-end solutions with respect to cloud integration.

Cloud-based iOS apps are known to run on the cloud directly. This is how the technology helps in enhancing the internal memory of several smart devices. As a result, it helps in increasing the overall productivity as well as collaboration with innovative mobile apps. Both app developers and users can look forward to reaping the benefits of cloud integration with iOS app development. The users can look forward to accessing the apps seamlessly without the need for their installation.

#Advent of iBeacon

This iOS app development trend is going to impress one and all. The given trend has been brought forth by Apple for boosting the overall sales –especially for the modern retail industry. For instance, let us assume that you are out on a shopping spree with friends while passing by a store offering discounts that were not aware of. While you might miss the same, your friend observes it. As your friend reminds you instantly of the given discount or sale, you can try the sale for yourself.

However, what will be the case when you are shopping alone? In this case, the concept of iBeacon by Apple can help. iBeacon serves to be a wireless transmitter that helps in sending signals with the help of Bluetooth technology. As such, for the retail stores, when any potential customer would pass by your store, the Bluetooth technology will send over a unique signal to the device of the prospective customer. The signal will display information about the respective store offers as well as promotions.

As such, iBeacon is going to serve as a revolutionary concept for modern-day retailers.

#Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

In the modern era, most businesses (particularly the ones involved in the e-commerce sector) are leveraging revolutionary AI & ML technologies to the respective iOS applications. Based on the unique preferences of the end-users, AI & ML technologies help in analyzing the buying behaviors and preferences of the end-users. As such, these technologies offer access to content as per the expectations of the users to enhance the overall user experience while leading to increased sales.

The incorporation of these leading technologies in iOS apps can help in improving business productivity by as much as 40 percent. With the help of iOS app development, AI and ML are going to contribute to advanced search suggestions along with enhanced deep learning, smarter Siri, and improved speech recognition.

#Mobile Wallets

E-commerce is known to play a significant role in the modern economy. As per a study report, it is estimated that user penetration in the field of e-commerce is going to be 50.8 percent by the end of 2021 while going to be 63.1 percent by 2025. As individuals do not opt for conventional payments while using smartphones and other smart devices more often for ensuring financial operations, iOS app developers are committed to making the respective processes secure and comfortable.

One of the most successful examples turns out to be Apple Pay. It helps the end-users in managing the respective payments more effectively and with minimal time. By the time of 2021, mobile wallets are going to receive proper attention as there is a large number of applications until now that do not offer support for mobile wallets.


Customers in the modern era need all-around support throughout. Moreover, they expect instant replies to the respective queries from brands and service providers out there. Customer support is going to serve as an excellent way of making the customers feel important. Chatbots can offer seamless experiences in the given niche.

By using chatbots for customer interaction and engagement, businesses can expect going forward in competition to solve queries as they arise. This would help both the customers as well as the companies. The presence of reliable 24/7 support services helps in providing the customers proper information while enhancing the user experience.

#Enterprise Development

It turns out to be one of the primary aspects for most businesses out there. Enterprises tend to prefer iOS development as it serves to be beneficial for highly scalable enterprise development. Relevant enterprise development helps in delivering optimal user experiences along with improved security and higher productivity. It turns out to be one of the most demanding iOS app development trends in 2021.

#Advent of Big Data

Big data is known to play a major role in enhancing the accuracy of iOS app development services. Organizations involved in the field of Big Data Analytics are committed to offering collaborative information after analyzing the buying habits as well as preferences of the end buyers. This helps businesses to come up with innovative ideas for developing business apps that are customer-centric. Some of the topmost benefits that Big Data has to offer include setting up the new market trend, improved sales conversions, getting relevant data insights, and so more.


The domain of mobile app development is constantly innovating while being quite difficult to compete on the existing market. If you wish to gain the attention of the customers, it is imperative to come up with a user-friendly, collaborative, and technologically advanced mobile app for complying with the latest trends. It is worth-specifying that the trend that you make use of does not leave its relevance and authority. The users always want to be assured that all operations that are executed through mobile apps are safe and well-protected and serve their purpose in the easiest way possible. Keep that in mind going with the finest perspective of iOS app development in the wake of the latest trends and you will be rolling it right!

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