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Top iPhone Application Development Trends To Watch Out

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    June 21, 2021
Top iPhone Application Development Trends To Watch Out

The arena of mobile application development is evolving rapidly in the immensely competitive sphere. To be on the top of the competition, custom mobile app development company are required to comply with the ever-increasing demands of the end customers while ensuring the creation of user-friendly and interactive mobile apps. This is wherein the role of a reliable mobile app development company comes into play.

As Apple devices continue gaining popularity all over the world, the development of high-end iOS platforms is in demand. As a business owner, if you wish to stand out amongst the market leaders in the modern app industry, you should hire iPhone app developers having ample expertise and in-depth industry-specific knowledge to deliver optimum results. In addition to this, the iPhone app development company you hire should also be well-versed with the latest iPhone or iOS app development trends for top-notch development.

The Impressive iOS App Market

For mobile app development, when you are selecting a particular platform, you should be interested in the user base as the primary criterion. The popularity of the mobile app you design in the user base will determine its overall success. Several new applications keep entering the mobile application development space now and then. Therefore, it becomes crucial for you to analyze your ROI before making any major investment.

You can consider engaging in a reliable iOS application development or React Native app development company for optimum results. This is because iOS app development requires precision and a deeper understanding of complicated theories for the best-ever mobile application development experience.

As you enter the iOS application development market, another important factor that you should consider is the user experience. The iOS applications and devices tend to behave differently in comparison to Android devices. The entire concept of user navigation tends to be different. A leading mobile application development company having in-depth knowledge and expertise in designing iOS apps should be considered for your project.

As per the latest study reports, it is estimated that the iOS industry is expected to reach around $693 billion by the end of 2021. With the help of the major improvements taking place in the respective Operating Systems, the progress is only expected to accelerate.

Top iPhone App Development Trends 2021

By knowing about some of the latest mobile app development trends of 2021, iOS app developers can analyze the future of iOS apps. Here are some:

#Improved Security Protocols

The concept of security protocols remains the core trend in the field of modern mobile application development. You must already know about the advanced security algorithms followed by Apple. The tech giant is renowned for its intense security layers along with uncompromising policies that do not easily allow intruders to breach into the Apple systems or devices. However, with the unprecedented rate of hacking attacks that keep advancing day after day, even the slightest mistake can create havoc.

Recently, in a statement by the company, it was reported that the tech giant aims at protecting the children of the world and their future from technologies that could be utilized for violating their security and privacy. Therefore, it helps in highlighting the need for fortifying loopholes in App devices while achieving the same.

Apple has come up with an industry-wide culture for catering to the unique needs of the customers for the creation of a safe environment. It is committed to moving towards improving overall security while preventing cyber-attacks and common data breaches.

As far as the feature of password ‘Autofill’ is concerned, Apple has deployed the concept of “ASWebAuthentication Session”. It helps in coordinating the relevant website data and the cookies for the process of signing in. With this feature, the iOS device is capable of using the authentication service frameworks for incorporating password manager applications.

#Swift Programming

The latest iOS app trend revolves around the concept of Swift Programming. It serves to be the official language used by Apple. It is also the fundamental programming language for the development of iOS applications. The programming language has helped several app developers to transform the ideas into a reality for app designing and development.

As per the reports of recent data, it is estimated that there are over 300,000 apps that are designed with the help of the Swift programming language. These apps are readily available on the Apple App Store. The reason behind the increasing popularity of the Swift programming language for iOS app development is its core attributes like efficiency, security, flexibility, and scalability.

In the latest update to the programming language, Apple has launched 5.0.1 as the stable version in 2019. Swift 5 is known to be available with a wide range of lucrative features for the ease of developers. Some of the add-ons to look out for in Swift 5 are:

  • Escaping raw strings
  • Testing integer multiples
  • Utilization of new Unicode scalar properties
  • Utilization of new character properties
  • Removal of subsequences and much more

#The Advent of the Apple HomeKit

The technology of Apple HomeKit serves to be quite an exceptional feature for the users due to the comprehensive range of benefits it offers to them. The Apple HomeKit feature allows its users to communicate well with each other. Additionally, it also allows them to control the connected devices & accessories in the home with the help of a single app.

Apple HomeKit helps in creating an action for helping the users control the respectively connected devices. This is because the users have the option to create a dedicated group for triggering the Siri voice command. For complimenting the same, organizations around the world are working towards the creation of smart home-centric products that can be easily integrated into the given range of devices.

The given innovative technology will be helping the developers in the creation of apps as well as products that can be easily connected to Apple HomeKit for ultimate convenience and ease of use. It will help in bringing about a revolutionary change in the field of home automation. Moreover, the concept of IoT or the Internet of Things will also be growing with these latest innovations. As such, Apple HomeKit tends to remain a major iOS trend in the field of mobile application development.

#Apple Pay Becoming More User-friendly

The term ‘user-friendly’ is the right keyword for mobile app development for both Android as well as iOS users. It is a primary concern that keeps inspiring app developers from all around the world to create top-notch innovation while also delivering utilities for the end-users.

In the modern iOS ecosystem, the concept of user-friendliness is going to hit the concept of Apple Pay in the coming years. What does user-friendliness actually imply for the users? Apple Pay is an interactive payment app that is centered towards making the concept of making financial transactions easier, safer, and seamless for the end-users.

To make payments easier, it implies that there should be the presence of a highly secure, more trustworthy, and an easier mode of payment for the end-users. As the latest stats, Apple Pay has significantly grown with as much as a 500 percent hike in the number of transactions taking place all around the world.

The ease that the users are no longer required to store the respective debit and credit details on the respective device is a major benefit. Near-field Communication or NFC technology that is embedded in iOS devices is capable of doing this work for the users.

#Increased Prominence of IoT-centric Apps

There is no denying the rising popularity and importance of the Internet of Things or IoT technology. The technology is becoming highly prominent for modern-day mobile app development around the globe. Internet of Things is an advanced technology that helps in facilitating the connection. Therefore, this is the main reason why technology has been gaining impetus.

To top it all, iOS developers around the world are already working on the development of apps that are capable of connecting easily to internet-enabled devices. The overall popularity of IoT is not new. It has been helping developers around the world in the creation of exceptional designs for the end-users by delivering improved connections in the apps.

The future of IoT is going to be significant. For the iOS app developers, it serves to be a component that is value-added and delivers assistance to make the entire experience of the users seamless. For instance, the Internet of Things in the field of pharmaceuticals can help the professionals in the development of temperature monitoring apps for detecting if the given temperature range for specific processes will not exceed the particular limits.

#Core Machine Learning

For modern-day iPhone app developers, Core Machine Learning serves to be an innovative tool. The given machine learning framework has been devised by Apple. It serves to be excellent for specific tasks related to Siri, Camera, or QuickType.

With its robust library, the integration of Core Machine Learning in mobile app development delivers unmatched communication capabilities to the respective iOS devices like iPhones. The cutting-edge technology has also turned out to be highly impressive for the purpose of face detection in leading Apple devices.

Core Machine Learning serves to be the primary principle for domain-centric functionalities. It helps in supporting the vision for advanced image analysis along with serving as the foundation for NLP or Natural Language Processing. When the given technology is implemented on devices, the functionality delivered by Core Machine Learning helps in optimizing the performance. Additionally, the privacy of user-centric data gets added to deliver more security.

#Advancements in Siri& AI

Artificial Intelligence and Siri are the much talked-about iPhone app development trends. Ever since the integration of Siri into Apple devices, the leading tech giant has been successful in gaining improved recognition throughout the world. The feature of personal assistant has been impressive and functional enough because of its advanced functionality and features. With Siri, the Artificial Intelligence quotient included a significant boost to the working of the personal assistant.

A recent study report claims that the probability of Siri giving the right answer is around 70 percent. Because of this reason, most industry experts claim that Siri is more advanced than Alexa by Amazon and Cortana by Microsoft.

The assistant based on Artificial Intelligence technology keeps on getting more advanced and better with every latest iOS versions. With the aid of the iPhone app developers, Apple has also introduced the revolutionary Siri Kit that helps with the integration of the latest Siri advancements and features.

#The ARKit and Augmented Reality in iOS

For iPhone app developers, the concept of AR or Augmented Reality is of utmost importance. For iOS developers, the entire focus has scaled up to the high-end ARKit with the release of the latest version of iOS 11. The innovative ARKit helps the app developers to come up with a virtual-based, 3D mobile application platform for the users. To top it all, Amazon has also recently coordinated with Apple to take the modern ARKit innovation to another scale for offering a one-of-a-kind experience to the end-users.

With Amazon’s help, the ARKit by Apple is going to serve as highly prominent for the users in the modern era. It serves to be an invitation for other businesses to include the functionalities of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) into the specific client servicing specifications for offering impressive services to the clients.

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The ability to view things in an advanced virtual ecosystem serves to be a new way for users to perceive modern businesses. Apple is already achieving this through the integration of ARKit in the app development strategy.

#Wearable Apps

“Wearables” have become the latest buzz in the modern technology landscape. Wearable apps have been designed for advanced devices like fitness bands, smartwatches, trackers, and various other gadgets. These apps have become increasingly popular due to their ability to reveal vital parameters of an individual –including heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, fitness levels, sleep patterns, number of steps taken, and much more.

However, the modern range of wearable apps holds the capability to advance even further. For instance, Apple Watch 5 is capable of making electro-cardiograms or identifying a panic condition by analyzing the pulse rate. To top it all, recently, Apple announced that Apple Watch 6 would be integrated with the feature-rich Apple App Store. Therefore, the number of iPhone apps or iOS apps that are developed for Apple smartwatches is only going to increase in the coming times. Moreover, they will continue delivering access to advanced abilities and features.

In addition to the already-existing common fitness bands and smartwatches, a significant amount of attention is being imparted to the technology of smart rings. These are going to receive some revolutionary features like a panic button or car locking.

Wearable applications are the latest trends in the field of iPhone app development –not just for daily use, but also for important spheres like healthcare –particularly during the ongoing pandemic. Manufacturers of wearable devices work in cooperation with the developers of wearable device apps for unraveling the all-new potential of technologies like the Internet of Things.

#Cloud Integration

The first-ever release of iCloud occurred in 2011. Since then, technology is an inevitable utility for Apple devices. As the number of iCloud users tends to be increasing every year, it is regarded as another major iOS mobile development trend.

iCloud is responsible for transferring data from your device to the cloud. Nowadays, an increasing number of applications on the iPhone make use of the iCloud feature to improve their respective performance. This allows the application to become more lightweight and ensure the safety of the critical information of the users.


Custom Mobile app development trends keep coming up every year. New technologies and updates are coming out every now & then that allow businesses in several industries to thrive. As a business owner, if you wish to ensure constant and stable results for your mobile app development project while gaining a competitive advantage in the given industry, you can adhere to the ongoing iPhone app development trends in 2021.

For the best outcomes, you should hire services from a reliable mobile application development company. The developers here are highly qualified and have several years of experience in the field of designing and developing feature-rich, interactive iOS mobile apps.

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