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Web Designing Trends & Tips

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    February 12, 2018
Web Designing Trends & Tips

E-Commerce has taken up since the beginning of this decade and today, it has become a rage. Everyone wants to take their business “online” and that is what has created a surge in website development. Something that was considered close to a luxury in the last decade, has now turned into a me-too and that is not just for the sake of blindly following but, because of the need of the day. The sales generated through E-Commerce worldwide was $1.9 trillion dollars at the end of 2016 and this is expected to turn 14 times i.e. 27 trillion in just 4 years.

There is a myriad of kinds of businesses that are coming online and are building websites and apps. To meet their technical requirements, there are new technologies ideas emerging and changing the design trends for E-Commerce websites. A website has to be highly responsive, captivating and easily navigable to give the user a seamless experience. Learn abot latest web design trends. Thus user experience plays a very important role in the evolution of new design trends in E-Commerce.

Here are few latest E-Commerce site design trends that are going to prevail in 2018.

1. Mobile E-Commerce

If we talk about an e commerce website, more precisely known as M-commerce, it is more than real today than 20 years back when the term was coined. The world is moving faster on smartphones than any other technological immigration ever taken place. Smartphones are becoming an indispensable swiss knife-like tool and that corroborates with the fact that more than 1.2 billion people across the globe access the internet daily on their smartphones. Mobile e commerce shot up by 250% in last 2 years and is estimated to grow by 17% CAGR from 2015-2020.

2. Less Loading Time

As mentioned above, M-Commerce is the future, (as there is a simultaneous surge in the penetration of smartphones and the evolution of the internet) and so a seamless experience is very important. The apps in 2018 would be more efficient in terms of loading time and thus would be quicker than ever.

3. Voice Search

The distant reality till a couple of years back— voice search has begun to be future’s reality. Google has already come on voice search and 2018 would see E-Commerce mobile apps integrating voice research feature in them. It is amazing to think about opening an app and just speaking whatever you wish to buy!

4. Hamburger Menus

Well they are not what you are thinking! Hamburger menu is the three line that you see in an app or on a website page, on the top right or top left corner. Tapping them gives the underlying menu list. Yes, that is what it is. It got its name because the 3 lines resemble a hamburger seen from the side. Hamburger menus have started to be widely used but 2018 would see a rage in this.

5. Grids

Just a few years back, we switched between the newly floated display option in our phone galleries; see in grid/see in the list. Well, since then quite many websites also started using grid display, Pinterest would be a classic example. 2018, would see a rise in display grid in E-Commerce websites for a simple reason that grids utilize the space in the best way.

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6. Videos

With the advent of YouTube, videos became a rage over the internet. Today video is one of the most widely used content formats on websites. According to a survey, 65% of the viewers watch more than 75% of a video which is more than text-based content and that shows the likability of video as content. According to HubSpot 80% of the web traffic would constitute videos and embedding videos on landing pages increases the conversion rate by 80%. Videos would a big bang in the coming years.

7. Guided Selling

The instore guided selling in a brick and mortar store got a term a few years back—product counselors. The fundamental was simple- advise your customers based on their preferences, budget, taste and other buying decision factors. The same concept of guided selling has been started online, although it is not very common as of now, the future would be all about guided selling. A visitor (potential customer) has to answer a few questions popping up, and the website or the app would recommend the products that match the requirements.

8. Asymmetrical Layouts

Another trend that picked last year is—asymmetrical and broken grid layouts. Asymmetry has been a sought-after thing in almost all arts, right from architecture to website designing. It is liked more than symmetry and the reason behind the craze for lack of equivalence could be our love for something unusual. Asymmetrical layouts on websites would get a thrust in 2018 and would be something E-Commerce website would love to have.

9. Animation

Gone would be the days when no website would have static images. As the browser technologies evolve, they could integrate more diversified multimedia on a webpage. An animation is one such media which is going to be buzzing in 2018.

There are some things that just need some attention rather than a whole new tool or a feature to be used. Here are some web designing tips that would be helpful to you in the year 2018.

1. Design of the website in sync with the Products

Your website should subtly tell the visitors that your website is meant to sell what it is selling. Elements like content, pictures, background, colors etc. are very important to be in sync with the product or service you are selling. For eg., if you are an apparel website, words like chic, sexy, awesome should be used with pictures on a lighter background.

2. Clustering Products

An E-commerce website has a substantial amount of products and there are a huge number of them which can be used along with another product. Taking an example of shoes, the closest product that is related to shoes are socks. What are the chances that if a pair of shoes shows up on a webpage, a recommendation of a pair of socks would be accepted by the customer? The chances are high.

3. Use of Responsive Themes

E-Commerce websites are getting heavier and getting loaded with newer features and to meet the requirements they have to more responsive. 2018 would see a higher usage of a responsive theme for E-commerce websites like Outlaw- WooCommerce WordPress theme, Porto- ultimate responsive Magento theme, iOne- drag and drop minimal responsive Shopify theme, Ultimo- Fluid responsive Magento theme etc. For outstanding web design & development services you cna contact Softude - one of the top web development companies in usa today!

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