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Enhance User Experience with These Effective E-Commerce Web Design Tips

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    February 9, 2016
Enhance User Experience with These Effective E-Commerce Web Design Tips

How to improve customer experience - The best way to reach your customers is to come up with a website and provide services online. Every business is shifting to the e-commerce domain to take advantage of the lucrative online marketplace. Building an e-commerce website isn’t difficult or expensive. You just need to know how to get the job done smartly.

The e-commerce sector has one of the highest competition in the market and businesses go the extra mile to attract and retain their customers. One of the factors which make a major impact on sales is the user experience offered by the website. This is not a physical retail store where you can impress customers with your pleasant nature and sweet smile. You have to make sure that the website is optimized to deliver the best user experience if you really wish to improve customer experience.

If you have not figured out how to pimp your website’s features for achieving the best user experience, for improving the customer experience, check out the tips below for some valuable insight.

The “Search” Should Be Clearly Visible

When users access a website, they are eager to get information about the things that they are searching for. Suppose a user wants to know about a specific beauty product and visits an e-commerce site that do not have the product displayed on the home page, then the first thing that the user would do is to search the product on the website. For this to happen, the search field should be clearly visible to the user. Failing to do this will result in lost opportunities and increased bounce rates, both of which are bad for your business.

Keep the Check-out Simple and Hassle-Free

This is one of the most important elements of a good e-commerce website. Customers prefer a simple check out process where one does not have to provide a lot of information. Around 23% of online consumers abandon their shopping cart in case they need to create an account for buying something. Don’t push your luck by compelling users to create an account before completing the check-out. You can always offer a guest checkout option for those who don’t want to open an account. Ask for only relevant information. You just have to process the payment for the order and not create a biography for the customer. Explore more ideas to improve customer experience.

Offer a Personalized Experience with Browser Cookies

Enable browser cookies to record the activities of visitors. This can help you to provide a personalized experience to the customer based on his or her preferences. The information will help you to display relevant or related products to the customer when he / she is active on the site.

Ensure that the Menu Bar is Functional

The entire purpose of a functional menu bar is to make navigation smoother. Create as many categories and subcategories as possible but make sure that the path is simple. You can also choose to create a simple menu and make the search field prominent to allow faster searching and easier navigation.

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Use High-Quality Visual Elements

Use high-quality visual elements to make the website vibrant and attractive. Not only do you have to focus on product images, but also on the logo, theme, color combination and layout of the website. It should be nothing short of brilliance. For product images, get HD images and make sure that you provide different perspectives so that the customer gets a proper understanding of the product and makes an informed decision.

Go Responsive

A responsive web design is a must in today’s highly competitive world. People access websites from their smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. The wide variety of devices means different screen sizes and orientations. A responsive design will ensure the website offers comfortable customer experience across all devices without having to create a separate website for each.

Integrate Live Chat

Customers always have queries related to the product that they are interested in buying. Despite providing all the relevant information on the page, there are still some queries which require the human touch. Integrate live chat on the website and make sure that an executive is present to answer the questions. This will dramatically increase the chances for successful sales.

Keep Testing and Improving

Improve customer experience strategy - you should not relax and take things for granted after optimizing your website for superior user experience. You need to be focused on measuring customer experience more. Keep analyzing the data and test the website to ensure that it performs well throughout. For outstanding web design & development service just opt out Softude - one of the best web development companies in USA & India.

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