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How to Fetch More Followers On Your Twitter Account?

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    April 22, 2015
How to Fetch More Followers On Your Twitter Account?

Facebook and twitter bother are very effective platforms. Twitter is the second most popular social media website after Facebook, it has a user base of 310,000,000. It is the most preferred social media platform for brands to communicate and they are in a constant war as far as a number of followers are concerned. Big brands do opt for Twitter but they aren’t as flexible as the Facebook ads. There is another factor that makes twitter ads unfavorable is that the minimum budget required is way to high that small brands can’t even twitter ads as an option.

But if we talk about social media marketing twitter does allow methods to increase the number of followers which we have listed below:

1. Content that is not only good but great

Twitter is a medium which allows you to express in not more than 140 characters and the difficult part is that you have to provide not only good content but great if you are aiming high engagement. Just ask yourself the question before tweeting that would you if in place of your audience would retweet or share such content. If you are convincing enough then go ahead and if not then rework. People respect great content and will ultimately follow you.

2. Engage

To look more real and less like a puppet you also need to comment and engage with other tweets. Though don’t comment just for the sake of commenting, pick tweets that involve your target audience or is related to them. If your comment does make sense then definitely you will be successful in turning some eyeballs. There are different types of social media which can engae audience.

3. Don’t hesitate in asking for retweets

How to retweet on twitter - There is no harm is asking retweets from your target audience. You can reward them instead like giving them a discount after a certain number of retweet. In the past, some brands have adopted such practices and the results were great.

4. Endorse a Celebrity

Here celebrity doesn’t mean a Tom Cruise or Tiger Woods but you can also endorse a celebrity at a local level. If the person tweets or retweets about your brand then getting a great improvement in social engagement will definitely happen. You can also endorse an expert of your industry who has enough number of followers.

5. Retweet if you found something really good

There are lots of other pros of social media. It is great if you retweet a great content, it will benefit both you and the person who had tweeted. The audience will also see as an account who shares great content and not only about your brand.

These are social media strategies. These steps have been tried, adjusted and then analyzed properly. They have worked so far with almost all the cases we have studied but there might be exceptions. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and tweet!

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