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Top 5 Reasons to Integrate AI in Mobile Apps

Top 5 Reasons to Integrate AI in Mobile Apps

The most important asset of your business is- CUSTOMERS. Grabbing their attention is hard without leveraging AI in mobile apps. In the mobile-first world, AI is giving businesses the power to dive deeper into the customers’ minds and implement features that could enhance their experiences. In this blog, we will tell 5 more compelling reasons why businesses need to adopt or integrate AI in your mobile application at firsthand.

Reason 1: To Offer Hyper-Personalization

“Hey, John!“ Is that how you greet your customers to make them feel you know them? Simply addressing someone by their name does not reflect you truly know and care for them. Your customers expect more than that.

And there’s a solid reason to make real connections with your customers. According to a study done by Sprout Special on 1,000 consumers, 56% of them are likely to spend on the brand they feel connected with. So, the more you know them, the better you can connect and offer to them.

Artificial intelligence is the way to enter into the minds of customers. It goes beyond traditional personalization by understanding their needs, emotions, and moods. This learning of your customers helps you create emotionally engaging experiences through mobile apps, fostering stronger customer connections and loyalty.

Example: Netflix

Take the example of Netflix which is known for its highly personalized recommendation system. It uses AI algorithms to analyze user behavior, such as viewing history and preferences, to suggest movies and TV shows. As a result, users see content tailored to their interests on the platform. This personalization has led to increased user engagement and retention.

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Reason 2: To Offer Steel Strength to Your Mobile App

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Apps are an integral part of your customer’s life. If they are compromised, then the relationship between you and your customers will be compromised too. Here’s a real-life example: In 2018, Air Canada had to shut down their mobile application for all users after they detected unusual log-in behavior. Around 1.7 million customers were affected as they could not use the application and 20,000 customers were the direct victim of the data breach. Loss of their personal information and customer trust made Air Canada put multifold efforts to regain their lost reputation.

Therefore, merely doing thorough mobile app testing before launching in the market is not enough to ensure your customers’ security. They need to be protected even after that because fraud and cyberattacks can happen anytime. Leveraging AI in mobile apps will help you add an extra security layer.

It lets you identify whenever suspicious login, any abnormal user behavior, or unauthorized access attempts happen on the mobile application. Biometrics, voice recognition, and facial recognition add the steel strength to AI mobile apps ensuring that nobody except the authorized user can access the application.

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Reason 3: To Multifold Your Revenue

Let’s admit it! Your first and foremost goal of launching a mobile app in the targeted market is to increase revenue. With hundreds of applications getting launched each day globally, do you think it's easy to stay on top?

In the past year, the AI app sector crossed $2 billion, and this figure will cross $35 billion in the next three years. It directly indicates that there is a huge potential in AI mobile app development and your competitors would not be leaving even a single chance to grab it.

Need a proof? Facetune, an AI mobile app for editing photos and videos, earned in-

app revenue of around $100 million in just one year as per a study. It indicates that you not only need a good mobile app development strategy but also require the power of Artificial Intelligence to shine in the targeted market.

Reason 4: To Make Your App Accessible to Everyone

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Customers with disabilities often struggle when using mobile apps as they lack features that let them operate without any external help. Your application can cater to this category of customers using voice-recognition technology. It helps them interact with applications and their surroundings using voice commands. They can even access calls, read or send messages, and navigate the application easily through their voice.  

There’s more to it! Voice-activated AI mobile apps are applicable in almost every industry. Whether you want to cater healthcare, banking, or education industry; incorporating voice technology will attract more customers. Just imagine the convenience your customers would have if they could access application features hands-free.  

Reason 5: To Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience

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Only the irresistible and attractive features of your mobile application are not enough to retain your customers. Exceptional customer service matters too. You must be able to help them when they need you the most. AI chatbot integration in the application is your reliable customer service agent who won’t leave your customers in problems even for a second.

They can understand customer queries no matter what language they speak or write. Natural language processing, a sub-part of AI, helps it comprehend and answer in the same language as your customers.

Take Your Mobile Apps to the Next Level with AI

In a world where innovation and differentiation are paramount, integrating AI into your mobile apps is not a luxury but a necessity. The global market of AI is expanding at an exponential growth rate with expected market size of $1.84 trillion by 2030. There is no doubt why AI is making a huge shift in almost every sector. Its impressive capabilities are undoubtedly the reason.

However, AI mobile app development is not an easy task. It requires specialization in AI frameworks, a good understanding of machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, NLP, and more. There are other factors to consider well as like ethical AI to make sure the app follows all the regulations and is not biased.

Softude is an expert in delivering meaningful and innovative AI solutions from AI mobile apps, chatbots, to voice bots. They are making a positive difference in various sectors such as government, healthcare, banking and finance, education, and legal services. Moreover, we develop AI solutions fully compliant with the industry-standards. 

If you want to get an AI-powered mobile app or a PoC, feel free to discuss your specific requirements. We will be more than happy to help you. 

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