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How much does it cost to hire someone to build an e-commerce website?

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    April 26, 2021
How much does it cost to hire someone to build an e-commerce website?

If you want to build an e-commerce portal for your company, you must evaluate the expenses involved in building it. You cannot reach out to customers of various demographics or extend your customer base without a good e-commerce portal in the present scenario. Hence, it would be best to build an e-commerce website that does justice to your company’s products and services and your clients to get all the necessary information about your company.

The question also remains whether you should hire a professional e-commerce developer or try doing it yourself. It is always better to hire a professional as you will get an e-commerce portal that is well-designed and has all the necessary tools to ensure a perfect user experience. The interface will be designed so that the visitors to the portal will access all the web pages with ease and make purchases.

Thus, you should hire a professional e-commerce development company to create an e-commerce portal for your company. Some of the factors regarding the pricing of the e-commerce portal that you build are as follows:

  1. Hiring an E-commerce development company

The first cost that you must consider is the cost of hiring an E-commerce development company. This is vital based on the company you have hired; the portal’s cost development will differ. In most cases, the companies provide Software as a Service or SaaS. Hence, it is necessary to enter into a service level agreement or SLA with the company. In other words, the company will be responsible for the development and maintenance of the portal. An e-commerce portal has numerous aspects. It allows customers to make purchases and behaves like a website providing customers with information about the products and services offered by the firm. Hence, when you develop an e-commerce portal for your company, you will also have to consider it like a website that offers the visitor adequate information about your company and ensure that your visitor is directed to suitable web pages.

Similarly, you will have to ensure that the portal has more than one payment gateways so that your customers can make the payments with ease. Finally, there should be proper SEO protocols in place so that your company’s website is among the first few displayed in the web searches. Thus, when you are building an e-commerce portal, all of these have to be considered. The company that you have hired should offer all of these services at competitive rates. You can always do a market analysis of other e-commerce development companies’ services and accordingly select one that suits your budget and your requirements.

  1. Cost of E-commerce Application development

An essential aspect of developing an e-commerce platform is the development of the e-commerce application. Along with your e-commerce portal, you will have to consider E-commerce Application development primarily because people nowadays access most online platforms from mobile devices. The application that you develop should be accessible from all platforms, be it Android or iOS. This makes it easy for you to reach out to a broader audience base and create a loyal customer base. When you hire a firm to help you develop an e-commerce platform for your company, you must discuss developing a corresponding mobile application. This cannot be just a mobile website, as such websites often do not have the necessary features and offer the user experience as a mobile application.

Moreover, mobile applications should offer numerous payment processing gateways. These gateways make it easier for customers to opt for payment methods other than standard credit card or debit card payments. They can opt for e-wallets, which often come with multiple offers making these modes of payments attractive to customers. You need to evaluate the cost of developing an e-commerce app, as these can differ based on the number of payment gateways that you add. The payment modules have to be maintained, and you will have to ensure that these are working at par, which is why the SaaS is vital, as is the SLA. When you enter into these agreements with the company you hire to develop the application for you, you must check for the product categorization and payment gateways.

  1. Can you Hire Magento Developers?

Suppose you want to ensure that you get good service and cloud-hosted services can Hire Magento Developers. The objective of the service provider is to give an explicit knowledge of handling and to develop an e-commerce platform on a Magento-based platform. There are some factors that you must evaluate when you hire Magento experts to build your e-commerce platform, and these are as follows:

  • The Magento e-commerce platform has a steep learning curve, and the developers need to keep themselves updated about the platform. The developers you hire should have excellent knowledge of the platform. Since you will be paying for the development and the maintenance of the e-commerce portal to the developers, it is necessary to ensure that the developers have at least five to ten to fifteen years of knowledge of the platform. This will ensure that the money you invest in building the Magento platform’s e-commerce portal is worthwhile.


  • The developers should have a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the platform, from its extensions, tools, and applications. This means you also need to have a thorough knowledge of the platform’s nuances and intricacies when you host your e-commerce platform using Magento. Otherwise, you will not understand the various features of the platform and what exactly you are paying for. You need to ensure that you are paying for precisely the services that you require.


  • The platform does not offer any onsite learning modules. Hence, the developers you hire must have a thorough knowledge of the particular platform. Remember, you will be paying for their expertise and their support. The developers will be responsible for building the e-commerce platform, deploying and maintaining


  • Additionally, you will have to evaluate whether having a cloud-based platform makes it easy to handle your company’s website. If you are looking for a platform that offers SaaS, then Magento is not the platform for you. However, it is an excellent platform if you are looking for cloud-hosted services. When you enter into an SLA, it will be with the company you have hired to develop the e-commerce platform. Thus, it is essential to ensure that you check all aspects of the agreement and ensure that it wants you to need it as per your budget and the services offered.

When you hire Magento developers, you need to ensure that they have excellent knowledge regarding the particular platform. The primary reason for this is that the platform does not offer any onsite learning service. The developers should have excellent knowledge in handling the platform and developing the e-commerce platform that you need based on the platform’s existing features.

Being cloud-based, the company keeps adding to its existing features, which need to be incorporated into your e-commerce platform to ensure that your portal works at par. Additionally, you will have to pay more if you want to add customized extensions to the Magento e-commerce platform.

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However, this can prove to be a worthwhile investment as it can improve the user experience and improve the accessibility of your e-commerce portal. Thus, your developers should provide you with the support and service when using the Magento platform.

  1. Hiring the best web development company

When you think of hiring the best web development company, you have to evaluate the expenses and the services offered by the firm. A web development firm will not just build an e-commerce platform. It will be responsible for its maintenance and ensure that the portal functions at par. Some of the services and the expenses you can expect when you hire the best web development company are as follows:

  • Feature-rich portals: Most e-commerce portals are feature-rich portals, meaning you will have graphics, videos, and information about the products and services available on the platform. This means the website has to be customized to make it exactly as per your requirements.

Now building such a website can prove to be quite expensive. Statistics show that such a customized website can cost anywhere between $100 and $500. But if you want to make it unique and stand out amongst your competitors, the price can go as high as $30,000. The objective is when you build a feature-rich portal, you must discuss with the web development company that you have hired the customizations that you can add to your budget. You will have to discuss the options you have regarding adding extensions, payment gateways, and other additional features to add to the portal.

  • Scalability: When you create an e-commerce portal, scalability is essential. You do not want to develop a portal to expand and build up as your company expands. You need to discuss with the web development company that you have hired regarding the options of scalability. Usually, scalability does not increase your budget significantly. Scalability can be adding more products to the existing platform or even adding more payment gateways.

As your company expands and you create a loyal customer base, it is vital to ensure that your customers can get the products and services they require from the portal. Thus, by adding the feature of scalability to the portal, you will make it easy for your company to expand in the future.

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  • User interface and user experience: When you build an e-commerce portal, you prioritize UI and UX. This is where your web development company plays a crucial role, and this is the area that is the most expensive. The building of a stunning UI can cost anywhere between $740 and $5000. However, you don’t need to opt for a UI and UX that is stunning.

You can opt for a less attractive UI, but that does not mean it will lessen the e-commerce portal’s importance to any extent. Instead, you can discuss with the web development company experts that you have hired regarding a suitable interface that will do justice to your company’s products and services and ensure that your clients are also satisfied. This can help reduce the cost of developing and maintaining your e-commerce portal extensively.

  • Content Management System or CMS: This is an essential feature of any good e-commerce portal and allows you to create, edit, and manage your e-commerce portal. Without proper CMS protocols in place, you will have to keep redoing the entire content every time there is a change in the process.

When you update the portal, you will have to redo the entire portal and change the entire content. When you build your e-commerce portal, the building of the CMS will depend on the web development company you have hired, and they will tell you the cost of building and maintaining it.

The CMS is also connected to the structured data responsible for displaying the rich snippets shown in the SERPs. Thus, you will need to ensure that there are proper CMS protocols to ensure that your e-commerce portal functions at par and you can update the content. Indirectly, this is important to attract more web traffic to your e-commerce portal as well.

Thus, the cost of hiring the best web development company also depends on the services that you are looking for. In most cases, the services will not be about developing the portal; it will also be about maintaining it. You will have to make sure that your company’s e-commerce portal is designed in such a manner that it works as one of the best websites and attracts more web traffic. This can help promote your company’s products and services as your e-commerce platform is also an important marketing tool.

  1. What are website development services?

When you think of website development services, these can be of different types. It is not just about developing a company’s website but also about deploying it and ensuring that it functions as par. According to executives and associates of premier website development companies, most E  commerce companies in USA offer comprehensive services when it comes to website development services. It also means building a customized website that does justice to the company’s products and services. Say, for instance, you are the business manager of a retail company and want to expand your services. One of the best ways to do so would be to build an e-commerce portal.

Now an e-commerce portal too works like a website, but here the customer can evaluate your firm’s products, make a choice, and purchase these directly from the platform. Thus, your website or e-commerce platform must offer payment gateways to make the entire process complete. Thus, when you think of website services, you must know that these are designed to be customized based on the customers’ requirements. The next thing that these companies will offer is the maintenance of the website or the e-commerce portal. Hence, when you think of the cost of the website development services, it should be inclusive of all of these, i.e., developing the website and its maintenance.

  1. Hiring Open-Source Development Company

If you want to reduce the cost of building an e-commerce portal, one way of doing so would be to use an Open-Source Development Company. Developers using open-source platforms can reduce the cost of building an e-commerce platform significantly as these tools are available without proprietary expenses. These platforms offer quicker ownerships and easier integrations. You can easily integrate these platforms with an existing ecosystem, which can significantly reduce your cost of building an e-commerce portal or application. For example, if you already have a website for your company with the help of an open-source development platform, you can upgrade the website to an e-commerce platform at a lower cost.

Similarly, there are numerous open-source platforms where building an e-commerce platform can be made more accessible because of the open-source tools’ easy availability. You can also maintain your portal and transform your business by connoting the applications to the portal at a fraction of the cost of building a separate portal. Creating customized designs and customer-centric portals can become more straightforward and lower in cost with these open-source tools.

When you create an e-commerce platform to transform your business online or to support your online commerce idea, you are looking forward to expanding your business and reaching a broader customer base. Hence, you will have to prioritize the UI and UX of the portal. The primary thing you need to discuss with the web development company you have hired is the expenses you will incur in building a good UI so that the user experience is excellent. This will help you ensure that your customers are satisfied with the experience of visiting the portal and making purchases from it. If you can achieve this, you can quickly recover the investment you made in developing the portal. Thus, when you build an e-commerce portal for your firm, be sure to balance the investment against the returns.

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