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Hire Dedicated and Experienced Kentico Web Application Developer Affordable Rate

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    March 31, 2022
Hire Dedicated and Experienced Kentico Web Application Developer Affordable Rate

Kentico CMS has managed to establish itself as one of the most sought-after enterprise-grade CMS solutions in the industry. Its overall popularity is accelerated by the fact that it is used as well as deployed on more than 28,000 websites that are built across 135 countries across the globe. The integration of an effective CMS or Content Management System becomes vital when websites aim at managing huge amounts of data requiring regular updates, modifications, and removals.

Kentico serves to be a holistic framework that is known for targeting enterprises and programmers -along with web-based technologies, e-commerce solutions, corporate networks, and digital agencies. 

An Insight into the History of Kentico

  • Kentico was started by Peter Palas in 2004. The Kentico development company managed to publish its first-ever CMS for ASP.Net 1.0 almost instantly. 
  • After the overall success of ASP.Net 1.0 version, Kentico came up with Kentico CMS 2.0. This allowed the end-users and developers to come up with personalized portals and websites with the help of a browser.
  • In 2008, Kentico received accreditation for being a Microsoft-certified member. It came up with its new office in the United States of America.
  • In 2012, Kentico had managed to serve more than 12,000 websites in more than 135 countries.
  • Kentico was regarded as the best CMS (Content Management System) at the Annual Development Professional awards of Pention Media in 2013.
  • Kentico moved ahead to release Kentico Cloud -its all-new cloud platform in 2016.
  • In November 2018, Kentico released version 12.0. It made the platform a highly stable and sophisticated content management system in the industry.
  • Kentico went ahead with renaming itself as Kentico Xperience by substituting Kentico CMS in 2020.

Reasons to Choose Kentico CMS for Your Project

Some of the core reasons of using Kentico CMS for your project development are:

A Safe Platform: Cybersecurity, in the modern era, serves to be one of the topmost priorities for any organization. To deliver improved security, Kentico features a proprietary advanced security architecture. The given architecture is responsible for allowing users to define granular access restrictions for individual apps and pages. All of these can be directly achieved from the administrative interface. The accelerated security features of Kentico -including frequent server audits, help in making it the most secure CMS platform available out there. 

Automated Marketing: The technology of Kentico is highly intelligent with respect to marketing automation. Website administrators in Kentico can look forward to automating, optimizing, and testing Kentico software. It helps in fostering visitors through dedicated sales funnels while classifying them as hot leads or potentials.  As both automatic as well as manual condition-based cues are utilized, Kentico helps in shaping the overall journeys of multiple users. The system is also capable of adapting and responding to a specific user action. It helps with unlimited opportunities for customizations for a number of marketers.

Integrated A/B Testing: With the capability of in-built A/B testing, there is no requirement for programmers to get involved in the deployment of additional codes from various types of platforms. It results in a faster and cleaner path toward launching tests. The A/B testing capability of Kentico allows marketers to ensure the following:

  • Experimentation with a wide number of page versions
  • No requirement of relying on third-party programs for determining the success
  • Determination of the specific designs and messaging that result in improved conversions
  • Monitoring tests in real-time
  • Streamlining the process with the help of an experienced e-commerce developer

Testing pages within Kentico is a straightforward process that is achieved with the help of reduced development assistance and expertise. Marketers can think of leveraging the simplified and easy-to-use system for creating multiple variations, launching, analyzing, and reporting on them.

Management of Integrated Campaigns: Kentico is a highly robust and feature-rich CMS. In addition to this, it is also known to feature a highly integrated campaign management solution. Due to this, it is possible to create, administer, and evaluate marketing initiatives -all from a single location. With Kentico , it is also possible to measure the overall traffic that is driven by advertising emails, display advertisements, social media campaigns, and so more. It also includes actions undertaken by individuals visiting the website due to the involvement of such efforts.

For instance, you can think of creating a dedicated campaign for measuring the number of people that will download a particular PDF from a specific page once you have provided access to a promotional email that highlights the product. Then, you can think of setting alerts whenever these users will become prospects for the sales team to reach out to.

Multi-variate Functionality: Multi-variate testing can be regarded as the feature that helps in complementing customization and A/B testing in Kentico CMS. The given type of evaluation is used for analyzing multiple modifications to a specific page at the same time. Therefore, it offers access to a wider range of parameters. 

The web development team can consider making use of the given feature for optimizing multiple web elements and components inside a page. These elements might include widgets, styling, and structures. The team can also think of monitoring the overall progress of the subsequent tests. All of these can be achieved seamlessly without any assistance or interaction from the higher teams. Once the development team becomes educated on the same, it can ensure on-demand MVT testing.

One-click Registration: Kentico comes forth with built-in social connectivity. It ensures that users are capable of registering with the most frequently utilized social media accounts with the help of a single click. Offering support for Facebook, Google, and other types of accounts, the user data that is acquired can be eventually made use of by the intelligent customization engine of Kentico. The engine uses the same for delivering a highly personalized experience across the website.

Integrated Email Marketing: You can make use of the specialized email marketing tool available with Kentico. It can be used for designing, organizing, and sending out powerful and interesting marketing emails. You are also capable of:

  • Creating newsletters
  • Creating a dedicated email marketing strategy
  • Creating promotional emails
  • Monitoring and tracking marketing emails
  • Controlling beneficiaries
  • Sending promotional emails

For dedicated email campaigns, the software or platform helps marketers in segmenting and retargeting every marketing email that helps in measuring the overall effectiveness of the preceding message. Kentico also allows marketers by enabling them to send over customized emails to their respective audiences with the help of brand-consistent templates. 

In addition to this, the solutions by Kentico will permit the marketers to easily deliver routine newsletters with the help of established themes. There is also the option of loading information from a particular web page. Moreover, marketing automation also allows the automated distribution of newsletters on a specific timetable.

Management of Content Workflows: In 2021, as everyone has access to a smartphone, a majority of website traffic is known to originate out of mobile devices. The website is known to function seamlessly on mobile devices. Kentico CMS is known to feature built-in design specifications. It allows you to ensure a responsive web design experience across multiple devices. Due to this, whether you are on the desktop or mobile, the website is capable of adapting to the device, loading quickly, and delivering an unparalleled customer experience. 

With the help of the convenient tools of Kentico, a content producer can look forward to quickly developing and publishing top-quality materials. Employers are capable of viewing, modifying, and controlling material from any given location and at any time with the help of a mobile device. 

Features that Experienced Kentico Website Application Developers Use

When you hire Kentico website application developers, you can expect the application to include some core functionalities and features. Here are some to look out for:

Simple and Functional CMS Interface: With the help of customizable widgets, the Website Builder is capable of empowering non-technical users to handle the overall content seamlessly. The presence of a drag-and-drop interface delivers marketers access to versatile and strong tools for effectively experimenting with alternative layouts and styles. The simplified editing encourages content writers and entrepreneurs to come up with a seamless consumer experience efficiently. 

Personalization: Kentico makes it easier to come up with a fully personalized experience. With the assistance of experienced developers, you can look forward to customizing the content offered by widgets depending on the information obtained through Kentico. Simplified customization and management allow the creation of new widget versions based on multiple criteria including location, identity, and device information.

Easy Development of Forms: The drag-and-drop form builder by Kentico helps marketers in simply designing, constructing, and publishing web forms. Smart forms help in the establishment of progressive forms for collecting data from customers across different stages of the entire journey. 

The given approach is successful in the collection of additional data and maintenance of compact forms. By making use of the given capability, marketers can look forward to increasing the overall agility while developing important lead-generating tools required for accelerating the growth of the organization. 

Support for Multiple Users: It is a requirement for every small-scale and large-scale organization. It is regarded as the ability to deliver access to the backend to more than a single individual. The access is acceptable. At the same time, distinct permissions tend to be critical. Kentico is capable of supporting an increasing number of users with multiple access rights while keeping them organized with important information like authorization level, day of creation, and emails.

Lead Evaluation: The ability to incorporate lead scoring is a crucial aspect of CMS solutions. This is because it is capable of expanding into more marketing sectors. While analyzing the credibility of leads, the Kentico module allows you to gather and apply distinct sets of rules. These rules are based on specific demographics and the ones that are based on behavioral data. 

The integration helps in ensuring a seamless form of transition -right from sales to marketing. It also offers valuable insights into the behavior of the target audience and the overall consumer experience. 

Detailed Templates: You can ask experienced Kentico web developers to enhance the web experience by including detailed templates in the respective web design. At the first glance, the first look of templates in Kentico appears quite distinct from other platforms. For instance, it is quite distinct from the visual design of Squarespace. However, once you get over the culture difference and its learning curve, you will start observing improved control over the web designs at a detailed level.

Task Scheduling: If you are aware of coding, then you can execute this functionality. Otherwise, getting assistance from experienced Kentico developers can help you out. Rather than performing specific tasks on manual periodic schedules, you can think of automating Kentico for performing scheduled tasks regularly. The given functionality helps in maintaining synchronization between different apps and theoretical systems that you are implementing. 

With the assistance of an experienced Kentico web application developer, you can also ensure a wide range of activities. These activities can include sending email reminders, generation of day-to-day summary reports, and effective data synchronization.

Effective Website Design: Kentico is known to utilize MVC technology. It helps in the optimization of website speed. When developers ensure absolute control over the HTML, it helps with page load speed, SEO, and entire site management. A more efficient and quicker website can be easily detected by search engines. It will help in moving your site to the SERPs. 

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Things to Consider While Hiring Kentico Web Application Developers

Some of the points to consider while hiring experienced Kentico web application developers are:

Verify the Credentials: As Kentico is based on the .Net foundation, it offers a higher degree of customization as well as scalability. An experienced team of offshore service providers believes that the team of experts is easily capable of managing a project. You can determine the legitimacy of the team of developers by going through their portfolios. 

Moreover, you can obtain important confidence by going through the comments of the consumers. If a business offers claims to work upon different Kentico projects, it is recommended to verify the scope of the projects. 

Reliable Delivery Process: The Kentico developers you choose should be capable of easily explaining the entire delivery process. They should also explain why they had developed the application in the first place and how it will be helping your project or business. A reliable Kentico development team that remains committed to delivering you top-quality services can effectively recite the method. They will be well-informed about the entire set of jobs and how they tend to be ideal choices while collaborating with you.

Extensive Customization: The one feature that Kentico developers and businesses prefer the most about the Kentico framework is its extensive abilities and adaptabilities. To a greater extent, it is about the ingenuity and efficiency of the developers to come up with the most feasible solutions for delivering long-lasting benefits. 

Irrespective of how well-equipped the Kentico platform might be, it will produce great results when you hire a Kentico developer who understands how to fit into the business objectives and expectations of the clients.

Customer Service and Budget: It is recommended to negotiate the overall cost when it comes to hiring the best Kentico development team. You should discuss the same in advance to avoid any misunderstandings. You should specify the quote for a price while agreeing on the timeframe of the overall design of the website.

Moreover, it is also important to analyze the after-sales Kentico development services the developers will be offering. This helps in ensuring that all difficulties that arise after Kentico is developed are handled properly. Make sure that you have access to everything in advance. This will offer the guarantee that there are no ambiguities about the expectations of every party. 

Future of Kentico

In 2021, Kentico came forth with Xperience 13. It serves to be an award-winning digital solution for combining e-commerce, online marketing, and CMS into a single platform. The upgraded, renamed, and complete version of Kentico is available with the advanced EMS and CMS functionalities. It is available as an on-premise or a cloud-based solution.

Kentico Xperience 13 is amongst one of the first DXPs for adopting ASP.Net Core MVC. It also helps in enabling digital automation and increased sustainability. The all-new edition has abundant improvements that offer claims towards increasing the overall effectiveness and efficiency of Kentico developers and marketing professionals while decreasing the overall complexity. Some of its worth-noticing features are:

  • Best automation
  • Future-proof framework
  • Integration of voice assistance
  • Single window solution


Kentico CMS helps in offering unmatched flexibility, the best range of features, and a reliable platform for helping your business grow and get the most out of the CMS platform. With the help of the right Kentico CMS Development team, you can handle multiple websites, social media, and e-commerce -all from a single location without the risk of doing away with continuity. Moreover, you can look forward to receiving abundant assistance from the right team of Kentico developers. Softude - the best Kentico web development company, can provide you high quality services.

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