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12 Reasons Why Kentico Might Be A Viable Solution For Your Web Project

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    August 5, 2022
12 Reasons Why Kentico Might Be A Viable Solution For Your Web Project

Choosing any random new web platform was neither an easy task. Especially when you are in the process of determining the web technology for your business use, you must know about the advantages of the Kentico platform. But the question arises of what Kentico is and whether it is relevant enough in this discussion or not.

It consists of an improved MVC development model that leaves ajar diverse ways of innovation for a focused and faster team. But if one does not know how to leverage these MVC improvements, you are definitely at the right spot.

The two-way conflict between marketer and developer

In an ideal situation, when a business organization wants to achieve a particular business goal, they need the help of different personalities in order to reach their destination. But it is not as simple as that. Especially when the organization deals with web development, it will experience the involvement of two groups, including the marketers and the developers. Both would be the best solution for the business organization on the basis of their actions. Sometimes it can help the business to achieve some impressive results.

But the focus happens to be quite different due to the intense determination. Because of this reason, these two teams can block their ways to progression very easily. Even though the problem can be unintentional, it can harm the business in various ways.

The business might want to stay in a destruction-free zone in such a situation. It can also help to implement the MVC speedily. At the same time, the company can start displaying its SEO output while ranking high in the search engine result.

As a marketer, the business receives the advantages of analyzed data. They also offer various website-related adjustments that can help in the optimization of the company’s website. Due to this reason, the focus and time get all the attention other than the implementation of search engine optimization. Your one-stop destination will be with the Kentico developers if you want to focus on every aspect.

Everyone would love to choose the best CMS for their website. With the different varieties of CMS, it gets a bit tough to select anyone. A person has to go through various factors before selecting the one CMS. These factors include compatibility, features, usability, marketing tools, and even mixed reviews from the public portal. In such a scenario choosing Kentico CMS happens to make all the difference.

These are the reasons why one should choose Kentico CMS Development Company & opt for Kentico for their web project.

Is quite secure

Security happens to be the topmost concern of any and every organization. In order to ensure and enhance security, the business organization is looking forward to Kentico. The dedicated developer for Kentico offers a unique security model. With this model, one could configure the granular access permissions to the user for various applications and projects in one administration interface.

In addition to that, their extended security system includes the services of regular server auditing. Due to this reason, Kentico happens to be one of the most secure content management systems in the world.

It is an all-in-one digital marketing tool

From the advantage of email marketing to search engine optimization, it helps to offer the business organization an end-to-end tool for promoting and marketing the needs of the business. The features are quite easy for any client to use. It, however, provides an in-depth analysis of marketing campaigns. Kentico’s tools for marketing include lead scoring, marketing automation, integrated campaign management, and many more.

Kentico is simple to use and user friendly at the same time

Any organization can hire a certified Kentico as you do not have to learn HTML or other programming languages. It becomes easier to understand and manage every time when you do not have to depend upon any software engineer who would help you to run your website.

Integrated email marketing

The Kentico platform helps with the two types of email output. It helps the business organization to get a direct line with their customer’s inboxes. It results in ownership of the marketing team in order to:

• Create email campaigns

• Create new letters

• Send marketing emails

• Write marketing mail

• Monitor and track the marketing emails

• Manage recipients

Especially for email campaigns, the system allows the different marketers to target more than one with marketing emails. Hence, every marketing email happens to be an impact on the previous email communication with the organization by enabling the option of sending different emails to a segmented recipient. One could do this on any pre-destined templates. There is nothing to worry about as it helps to work with the concept of branding.

The system, however, makes it easy for every marketer and business organization. They can simply indulge in sending regular newsletters while using the three different templates. The marketers take up the ability to load content from the specific web page to facilitate the marketers with their option of automatically sending the newsletters that one has set according to the schedule.

Different new features and improvements make it rich and popular

It offers good support for different domains like ASP.NET MVC. At the same time, it is capable enough to integrate with different components, especially in any dynamic environment. Some of these components include:

• MVC widgets

• Smart forms

• MVC page builder

• MVC content personalization

• E-Commerce business API

• MVC form builder

Manages seamless content workflow

Content creators can easily create content and publish them with the help of handy Kentico tools. The employers can access the edit while managing the contents from different mobile devices at any point in time. They can also do it from the comfort of their house. From creation to publishing and even revising into the archives of Kentico, the user has the allowance to track and approve the content at every stage of development. They are also able to manage the content with full authority. The administrator has the full right to customize the process of approval. At the same time, they can nominate different editors for specific projects.

Mobile friendly

In this era, not a single person refrained from a smartphone. The majority of traffic to the website comes from mobile devices. Hence, the business organization should be flexible enough to allow users to surf the website even on mobile devices. In this particular scenario, the concept of Kentico comes in. The inbuilt design capabilities of Kentico help to create a dynamic website experience that the user of any mobile device can enjoy. Hence whether you are a proud owner of a tablet or a mobile phone, it would not be difficult to access the websites. It would be responsive to the device while providing the customers with an excellent experience.

Inbuilt A / B testing

It is a preconceived notion that more than two become the reason for crowds. So if you do not have to indulge in the integration of any third-party tool, then your destination would be Kentico. It comes with A/B testing functionality. Due to this reason, you do not need any developers to deploy extra codes from other platforms. It indicates a clean and quick route to receive a faster goal. With Kentico, the marketing team can simply own the functionality of A/B testing.

The testing functionality of Kentico happens to offer every marketer certain abilities. These abilities include:

• Testing the unlimited number of page variants

• Real-time monitoring of different tests

• Not being reliant on the external application for measuring the right amount of success

• Messages and final designs that help the business organization to go through and improve conversions

• Optimizing without having to check for the developers

As you want to test pages, it would be easy with Kentico. Marketers would be able to set up different variants while monetary, reporting, and events are deployed from the easy-to-use system.

One should not get it wrong. The developers are the much-needed aspects of any web project. But if the business organization wants to save money and reduce their time on a certain project, then Kentico should be their only destination.

Marketing automation

As far as any marketing automation tool is concerned, the application of Kentico offers a smart move. The site administrators can easily optimize and automate while giving them the analytical power to analyze campaigns. It nurtures the visitors’ experience through the paradigm of intelligence sales funnel. It also categorizes these visitors into warm and prospective leads.

As you start working with both the automated condition and manual-based triggers, you can shape up the journey of every user. The system helps to react and respond to the user activity while helping the organization create limitless personalization possibilities. This, in turn, leads different marketers into amazing new possibilities where they are able to connect with their key audiences.

For instance, you will find various visitors who have already indulged themselves in quite a range of videos on the making of web widgets or how to receive any custom widget built for their business organization’s site. The system would quickly identify this particular user as one of the warm leads. As this user showed an interest, it would trigger an increase in the user score.

The next step would be offering the user different marketing information. The system that uses Kentico would make the difference out here. As the system with Kentico would automatically send a time-sensitive and personalized offer to the user and help them indulge in the purchase of the product or service in the same, they would be taken down to the trajectory of automation. It is where you would be able to receive the after-care services and products along with purchasing accessories.

But if there is no purchase, the organization experiences a reduction in the user score. And they would be introduced as someone from a different funnel. And due to this, Kentico can help them nurture back into a warmer lead again.

Multivariate functionality

Complementing the personalization and testing features of A / B testing, it simply offers multivariate testing. The developers can use this particular form of testing to test different changes that occur on a page. In simpler words, the testing helps test a higher number of variables at one time.

As one starts to use this functionality, the web team helps to optimize the several web part zones and web part components. Some of it includes the widgets and formatting that occurs within the page and layout that helps to monitor the success easily. In this situation, one may not need the presence of any developer. Once the market gains the required training, they can perform the MVT testing whenever they feel the necessity.

Tight price

Kentico is undoubtedly the first-class CMS system that offers the user multiple benefits. Some of these benefits include:

• Extensibility, scalable, and with the option of customizations

• Easy to use and quick

• Makes proper updates on any locations

• Offers first-class security

• Quick to any market product

• It helps to integrate easily across the business platform

• Out of the box functionality

• Helps in ongoing product development with the help of a visible road map.

No headache of GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation law came into force on the 25th of May. The Kentico platform is already having the best compliance with this particular regulation. In order to achieve the compliances of Kentico, one can receive the following functionality for their business organization. These functionalities include:

• One can expect easy integration of the encryption Technology, including BitLocker and TDE. It helps in the physical encryption of the database of Kentico.

• At the same time, the organization accesses the functionality of the right to be forgotten.

• In order to support the website administrators, one must go through extensive documentation to deal with the compliances of general data protection regulation law.

The functionality of this particular regulation includes an integrated consent management tool. With the help of this tool, one can allow the creation of records along with proper updates and safe storage. In addition to that, One can also consider the archive of contents. The Kentico CMS solutions offer the user access from a single point for all its diverse data. It allows easy compliance. Particularly clients who request the deletion of their personal data can choose Kentico. With the help of the data protection application, one can indulge in the process of deletion of the relevant data with protocols that comply with the general data protection regulation law.

At the same time, the data protection application can help supply the relevant information in any machine-readable format. Due to this, one can expect the allowance of data between the systems for management, consolidation, and verification purposes. If your key consideration is the general data protection regulation law, you have to consider a technology that can comply with this regulation. And Kentico happens to be the only picture to be dreamt off in such a situation.

Other reasons

Apart from that, the Kentico includes built-in social connectivity. This feature enables the user to register with the most used social media account. All these can happen with just a single click. With the support of Facebook, Google, and other types of social media accounts, the user’s user data could be used by the intelligent customization engine of Kentico. In a way, it offers a personalized experience around the website.

Choosing a Kentico developer

Before you choose the developer of Kentico, you must determine the company’s legitimacy while looking at the portfolio. It would help you to verify the credentials of the developing company. At the same time, check whether the service provider offers a reliable delivery process. At the same time, if the business organization cannot indulge in extensive customization, it would be a thing to worry about. In the end, the customer service and budget constraints should not be there. The after-sales service would help the business organization deal with any small issues on the way.

Bottom line

As discussed earlier, the Kentico functionality helps enhance the experience and skill of web development. Instead of numerous attempts of performing specific activities in a given period, you can now automate them.

With the help of the automation function, one can maintain the synchronization between the different theoretical systems and the applications that the business organization indulges in. Due to the usage of MVC technology, one can expect optimization of the speed of websites. It can offer absolute control over any HTML that helps in the page load speed, search engine optimization, and the overall site’s engagement. One would surely experience an efficient website which the search engine would deduct. Due to this reason, your business can experience quick growth.

When you are stuck with an outdated site, it is time that you plan for an upgrade. According to your budget, you can also choose a full redesign. In this way, you do not have to get stuck to an unsupported site. Without any doubt, Kentico happens to be one of the best choices for business organizations. At the same time, Kentico unleashes endless flexibility with the best tools that help secure your platform. Due to this reason, your organization would attract more clients and customers.

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