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5 Free AI Tools to Use for Automation Testing in 2024

We all know the struggle: manually hunting for bugs and writing test cases – a time-consuming process that slow down the entire release cycle of software.  But what if there was a way to automate the mundane and free up your time for more strategic testing? AI automating testing tools are adding that speed and minimizing the cost. The best part? They are FREE!

5 Free AI Tools to Use for Automation Testing in 2024

Best AI-Powered Test Automation Tools for Writing Test Cases in Minutes 

1. Selenium

If you need an AI tool for testing open-source web projects, Selenium is the best. It is easy to learn and supports many programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, .NET, Python, Ruby, and Rust.

Although Selenese is its domain-specific language, it uses Selenium client API to work with other languages for script testing. Other testing like regression testing, functional testing, and performance testing can also be done through this tool.


  • Cost-effective as it is open-source.
  • Easy to work with third-party tools and plugins.
  • Supports cross-browser testing on popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.


  • Doesn’t support testing web applications on mobile devices.
  • No mechanism for handling errors.
  • Synchronization issues.
  • Lacks visual testing capabilities.

Selenium is the most popular tool among testers and developers. Its latest version Selenium 4.21 has just been released and it supports more versions for Chrome (v123, v124, and v125.)

2. Katalon Studio

An all-in-one AI automation testing tool for both fresher and beginner testers. Katalon Studio automatically develops test cases using prompt and pre-defined keywords. It even explains the code simply for enhancing testing.

From web, mobile, and API, to desktop applications, you can test everything with this free AI tool. The tool also offers integration with commonly used CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, and Azure DevOps.


  • Easy to use with record-and-playback functionalities.  
  • Supports testing of a wide range of applications.
  • Provides built-in reporting.


  • Advanced scripting and customization are hard.
  • Doesn’t support more languages other than Groovy.
  • Performance issues with large test suites.

Although Katalon Studio is free to use, the premium version with advanced testing capabilities comes at $175/month. There is an enterprise version too.  


ACCELQ is one of the fastest and best AI tools for automation testing if you hate writing codes for test cases. It is completely codeless and automatic. The testing tool runs on the cloud platform making it a secure option.

Powered by AI, ACCELQ supports automation testing of web, mobile, and desktop apps, and API. It has customizable workflows, supports agile methodologies for in-sprint automation, and offers reusable components.


  • User-friendly as writing test cases is as easy as drag-and-drop.
  • Automatically update test scripts when UI changes.
  • Supports multi-channel test automation.
  • Supports both cloud and on-premises execution.


  • Costly for a small team of testers.

ACCELQ offers a free trial for each web, mobile, and API version. To access the full features, contact their sales team.

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Writing test cases quickly for frequent updates and releases is tough., a Gen AI- tool, matches this speed and helps you write tests quickly even for complex apps. It even documents the code along with an explanation, making it easy to reuse the test practices.

You can even customize the JavaScript code, whether inside or outside the browser, from its Monaco editor. Test failed? Analyze what went wrong during the test and get suggestions from the Testim help assistant.


  • Easy to create automated tests without much coding knowledge.
  • Less maintenance as its AI-powered stabilizer removes all the flaky tests that unnecessarily consume resources.
  • Self-healing testing without losing accuracy and quality while the changes are made to the applications.  
  • Test apps on real and virtual devices for better efficiency.
  • Supports testing on hundreds of Android and iOS devices.


  • Not suitable for highly complex testing scenarios.

The free plan of supports only 1000 runs per month. The custom plan offers more test runs and features like security configurations and advanced TestOps.

5. Applitools

Applitools takes pride in being the most intelligent automation tool for visual testing. Global brands such as Adidas, Chanel, and Nasdaq use it.

It also claims 100x text coverage expansion, 4 times less maintenance of test cases, and 90% faster test creation.

Writing and authoring test cases in Applitools is as easy and simple as writing in plain English. You can validate and execute the test across multiple browsers and devices.

The tool gives you a dashboard to pinpoint any errors in the test code. Despite all the good features, Applitools is not untouched with some limitations.


  • More accuracy and fewer false positives.
  • Allows testing across multiple frameworks, browsers, devices, and viewports.
  • Executes tests faster than traditional methods by running tests parallel.
  • Run on cloud, SaaS, or a firewall.


  • More expensive than other AI testing tools.
  • Not good for testing apps with frequent changes.
  • Doesn’t offer enough support for manual testing.

Applitool offers a free trial with 500 test runs, and10 parallel tests. Its preflight version lets you explore all the features for free for 2 weeks.

Other than these, you can also try a few more AI tools for software testing such as:

  1. Mabl
  2. TestProject
  3. Lambda Test
  4. Functionize
  5. ParaSoft


Testing your software and apps faster means you have enough time to make changes and release software faster than others do. These free AI-based automation testing tools not only speed up the process but also extend your capabilities to test efficiently.  

From Selenium's open-source flexibility to Applitools' visual testing prowess, each tool caters to specific needs. Remember, there's no one-size-fit. Each comes with some limitations. 


What is an AI automation tool?

It is a software program with AI capabilities to automatically generate test cases more rapidly than the traditional way. Besides test case generation, it also prioritizes which test case needs to be performed first.

Which is the best AI for QA testing?

There's no single "best" AI for QA testing because different tools have different strengths and weaknesses. It depends on your specific needs. For example, Applitools is best for handling visual aspects of applications whereas Selenium is best for open-source apps.

Are there any disadvantages to using AI for software testing?

AI tools are great for testing software and applications, but they might give false positives or generate biased test cases. Because of this reason, it is costly for businesses who need AI tools for complex apps.

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