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5 Free AI Tools for Coding in Any Language

Are you still writing codes line by line or fixing errors all by yourself? Not only does this slow down the app development but also keeps you lagging behind other developers. Use free AI tools for coding to create mobile or web apps relatively faster than conventional methods.

5 Free AI Tools for Coding in Any Language

5 Best AI Coding Tools Every Developer Must Use

1. Complete Code Faster with Tabnine

Tabnine coding assistant can do more than just code generation using AI. It can write code faster than you and even predict the next lines in your codebase. The tool is very helpful for those who want to save time on coding or beginners in open-source software development.

Well, tab nine can do many more things like:

  • Generating code using prompts.
  • Autofiling classes and variables.
  • Recommending bug fixes on your custom code.
  • Working with your favorite IDEs such as VS code, IntelliJ, AppCode, Android Studio, RubyMine, etc.
  • Creating documents for classes, API guides, and more to make things easier for others.
  • Writing tests or suggesting test cases for your project.

These tasks take a lot of your time. With tab nine, they are just a minute of work. If you are worried about the security of the code, don’t worry. This AI tool is SOC-2 compliant and keeps the code secure within your existing environment.

Price: The starter plan is free but if you want to explore more features of Tabnine, pay $12/month.

2. Make Your Code Secure with Snyk

If finding issues and vulnerabilities is your only responsibility in the software development process, Snyk is the best free AI tool for coding. It uses machine learning and different analysis techniques to find what’s wrong with the code.  

Not just human-written code, Snyk can find issues in AI-written code too. The tool scans code in seconds and gives suggestions to fix those errors as well. Even Gemini Code Assist, Google Cloud’s AI-powered assistant for developers, uses Snyk to generate secure code.

Price: It offers a free plan for individual developers and $25/month for the development teams. Whereas businesses can get the enterprise model at a custom rate.

3. Code with Confidence with Q Developer

Previously known as CodeWhisperer, Q Developer is one of the best AI-powered productivity tools by Amazon. The tool is an upgraded version with broad capabilities to help developers explore a wide set of use cases. Here is what Amazon Q Developer can do:

  • Gives real-time suggestions for code completion, debugging, test writing, and more.  
  • Understands your code in natural language.
  • Transforms your code in the latest language.
  • Highlights codes resembling publicly available code.
  • Scans code to find issues and bugs.
  • Automatically updates the code wherever necessary.

Price: Amazon’s AI coding assistant is free with some limitations like users cannot fine-tune the code, custom libraries, and APIs. The free version also allows five agent tasks and 25 queries monthly.

If you want to explore more capabilities of Q developer, get the premium version at $19/month.

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4. A Complete Toolkit for Developers – Codeium

Sodium is one of the best and free AI tools for developers who don’t want to switch to a new platform for coding suggestions. Add a free extension in Chrome browser or try in your favorite code editors, Codeium works the way you want.

It supports 40+ IDEs such as Visual Code, IntelliJ, Visual Studio, Deepnote, and Xcode. You can write code in Python, TypeScript, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Ruby, Java, React Native, and C++, using Codeium. It supports more than 70 programming languages.  

Wondering about its features?

  • Autocompletes code for faster code writing.
  • Assists in code generation, refractor code, code explanation, suggestions, bug fixing, and more.
  • Searches code within a large codebase as per your intent.
  • Helps in unit testing and data science-related tasks.
  • Builds math libraries.
  • Provides regex solutions. 

Price: Free for individual users and $12 per month for teams. It also has an enterprise version with advanced features which is available at a custom price.  

5. Check Code Quality with Codiga

Error-free code is a must to develop high-quality software products. However, checking errors and issues in real time is tricky. Codiga is a worthy coding assistant who can do this trickiest job without interfering with your code.

It tests your code quality and shows all the errors in report format. Codiga can analyze and review code written in any programming language such as PHP, C++, Java, Python, and more.    

Price: Zero fees for individual developers and the paid version starts at $14 per month.

Bonus Tool: GitHub Copilot

According to the Stack Overflow 2023 Survey, more than 50% of developers prefer this AI tool for writing code and boosting their productivity. One in 3 Fortune 500 companies rely on it and more than 50,000 businesses have already adopted it.

What does it do?

  • Automates boilerplate code.
  • Writes codes through natural language prompts.
  • Gives suggestions for code completion, tests, and more.
  • Keeps track of your work and provides project updates.
  • Fine-tune the custom models (coming soon.)

Github Copilot works well with VS Code, Neovim, Visual Studio, and JetBrains IDEs. It supports popular languages for mobile app development such as Python, Javascript, Swift, and C++. That’s not it! A mobile version of this AI coding tool is going to launch soon for both Android and iOS users.

Price: USD 10 per year for freelancers and individual developers. The business version is USD 19 per month whereas the enterprise version is available at USD 39 per month.


Whether you are a beginner or experienced, these AI tools for coding are your great assistants. They speed up the software development without compromising the quality and security of code. But before trying any of them, make sure they support the IDE and programming language you prefer. Also, check the security policy to ensure they generate original codes and do not duplicate the publicly available code.

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