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A SaaS Application for 100% Visibility of Cargo Shipments in Real-Time

A SaaS Application for 100% Visibility of Cargo Shipments in Real-Time

The air cargo industry, known for its fast-paced operations, plays a vital role in global trade and logistics. However, despite technological advancements, a significant portion of the air cargo supply chain still relies on traditional operations, resulting in challenges and gaps in the industry.

A forward-thinking company minimized this gap with a SaaS-based solution with the help of Softude.

Connecting the Dots in Air Cargo Space

Manually tracking cargo shipments, especially those involving multiple carriers, airports, and handling agents, is undoubtedly a complex and arduous task for both shippers and freight forwarders. As a result, shipments often get delayed and the poor digital connectivity between the various touch points in the supply chain also causes misplaced shipments. This delay or gap not only affects shippers who fail to deliver shipments in time but also cause poor capacity planning and loss of customer relationship for freight forwarders.

The Solution: A SaaS-Based Logistics Software

To address the industry's challenges, our client introduced a state-of-the-art SaaS-based logistics network platform. It is a web-based application that seamlessly bridges shippers and freight forwarders while facilitating the smooth transportation of goods or cargo. It also simplifies the process of requesting quotes, booking air freight, and tracking cargo in real time from loading to dispatching.

Softude’s expertise in ASP.Net core helped in making the application robust, lightweight, and high-performing to handle thousands of concurrent requests. It is also integrated with in-house applications of freight forwarders using third-party APIs, enabling seamless connection, operation, and data sharing between all the parties involved.

Key Features of the Solution

The application offers a range of features designed to enhance the experience of shippers and freight forwarders:

For Shippers

  • Quick and convenient cargo booking
  • Real-time information on spot rates and space availability with airlines
  • Comparison of spot quotes for better deals
  • Additional services like cargo insurance
  • Comprehensive tracking of cargo journey by airway bill number
  • Real-time analytics on the condition of deliverable items such as medicines and foods
  • Transaction history for reference and record-keeping

For Freight Forwarders

  • Smooth onboarding process for first-time freight forwarders
  • Invitation functionality for shippers
  • Customization of spot prices
  • Visibility control on spot price listings and real-time cargo airlines
  • Enable or disable add-on services
  • IoT configuration for airway bill numbers (various IoT device types)
  • Real-time analytics through the mapping of IoT devices and sensors with AWB numbers
  • Live tracking of cargo shipments by AWB number
  • Consolidated history of shipment status for improved monitoring and management

Solution Impact

The SaaS application is making a profound impact on the air cargo industry, revolutionizing its operations, and benefiting stakeholders:

  • Onboarding of over 500 freight forwarders within a few months
  • 20% growth in cargo bookings
  • 5000+ daily AWB track hits
  • Enhanced shippers' experience with instant quotations
  • Transparent spot pricing options
  • End-to-end visibility of cargo shipments
  • Strengthened customer relationships
  • Expansion of business operations to the US, UK, and European countries

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