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Why should I choose to outsource Node.JS development

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    June 8, 2022
Why should I choose to outsource Node.JS development

JavaScript is one of the most popular languages in the world. It garners the reputation of providing the best solutions for client-side programming and front-end frameworks such as Angular or React use JavaScript to give developers the ease to develop high-end, and highly responsive web applications and other solutions. Even though you have many technology assortments available today, one technology still stands out – Node.JS. It is a JavaScript framework that offers server-side programming. Angular or React, or any other front-end framework is good for hassle-free front-end development but none of these JavaScript technologies can be used for backend solutions. 

Using JavaScript for front-end and backend provides ample benefits for you as a business. It helps you make the entire web application using one language, you can hire resources that are well-versed with one of the most common programming languages i.e., JavaScript, and the innate capabilities of JavaScript frameworks helps you build a high-performing web application that is easy to maintain. 

Node.JS development 

Node.JS development helps you in developing JavaScript solutions. It is popularly used in enterprise-level projects and you would be surprised to know that 49.9% of developers around the world choose Node.JS for building high-end web applications. This says a lot about how much the development community loves and trusts Node.JS. It is a wholesome development tool and can solve your many problems when it comes to developing server-side applications. In this blog, we would be learning what exactly Node.JS can do for your applications and how it benefits your project and why you must outsource node js development

What is Node.JS? 

It is a very popular opinion that Node.JS is a framework or a library. Honestly speaking, it is neither of the two. It is an open-source run-time environment that supports the client-side as well as the server-side programming. Now this gives rise to another myth that node.js is a back-end development framework, but that too is not the case. 

The versatility of the technology is that it is a cross-platform runtime environment that is widely used to develop real-time applications; widely used to build video streaming applications and large-scale web applications. 

Important Features of Node.JS

Node.JS is open source and supports client-side and server-side coding using JavaScript. Using Node.JS you can develop real-time web applications. The event-driven I/O model makes it more feasible for developers to make scalable web applications. Node Package Manager (npm) also reduces the project complexity when you are developing large scale web applications. 

These are a few of many reasons why developers are so hooked on using Node.JS. To know more about the features of Node.JS in detail continue reading or you can skip to the part where we share node js benefits

  • Asynchronous and Event-driven: 

Node.JS APIs are all synchronous, i.e. non-blocking in nature. This means the server that is built on Node.JS does not have to wait for data to come from the APIs. After accessing an API, it jumps to the next one. In order to check on the progress and responses from the previous API, Node.JS uses Events which is a notification mechanism. This makes it very speedy. 

  • Single-threaded: 

Node.JS development uses single-threaded architecture. It includes event looping which makes the technology highly scalable. The major difference between other technologies and Node.JS is that Node.JS is able to create limited threads to the process requisitions and the event mechanism comes into play to reply in a non-blocking manner. This helps node.js handle a considerably large number of requests as compared to other server-side technologies. 

  • Scalability: 

Scalability is the need of modern-day businesses concerning technologies. Most web applications are built on technologies that offer them scalability. Since Node.JS can handle concurrent requests efficiently it has a cluster module that manages load balancing for all CPU cores that are active. 

NodeJs uses child processes to partition the applications horizontally. This allows organizations to provide different app versions to the users based on their needs. Also, this allows you to make quicker customizations to the applications. Developers can easily scale the application horizontally as well as vertically by using Node.JS. 

  • Quick execution of the code:

We all are familiar with Google Chrome and how quickly it executes our queries. You would be surprised to know it uses NodeJS which has the V8 JavaScript Runtime Motor to achieve the speed. Furthermore, Hub helps provide a wrapper to the JavaScript motor, making it faster. 

  • Cross-platform compatibility: 

NodeJS can be used for various operating systems. This includes Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, and mobile devices. It can also be paired with appropriate packages to generate self-sufficient and more efficient applications. 

  • Uses JavaScript: 

One of the biggest benefits of using Node.JS is it uses JavaScript. JavaScript is highly popular in the developer community and most developers and designers are familiar with it. You will find it very easy to work with Node.JS and thus it is easier for you to find good resources and expect a desirable outcome. 

  • Faster data streaming: 

NodeJS is popularly used for video streaming applications because of these reasons. If you use any other technology, most of them transmit data in multiple streams which takes relatively more time than nodeJS. Since NodeJS processes data at a very fast rate because it uploads files simultaneously it saves a lot of time and video streaming and data streaming become much more speedy. For your users, this means no buffering. 

  • Single programming language: 

Unlike any other framework, developers rely on Node.js to build the front-end and back-end of the applications. It makes it easier for them as they don’t have to write code in any other programming language and the overall development time is reduced greatly. This gives you a major advantage when it comes to developing applications that are performance-driven and also need to be launched in a small span irrespective of the size. 

  • Node Package Manager 

Node Package Manager or npm is an exclusive feature of Node.JS which helps it stand apart. It allows developers to install and reuse small packages that are also known as modules to speed up the development process. 

Though many technologies provide code reusability, a dedicated npm tool saves more time for developers as it helps them to avoid writing code for smaller features. They can simply download and integrate the required package and develop the functionality in the application faster. Also, npm comes built-in for every Node.JS installation. No third party software is required

These were some of the outstanding features of Node.JS. For more information about node.js, and to know how you can use it for your project, opt out to node development outsourcing and take our services. Our technology experts would be of great assistance to you to help you reach the best decision with respect to technology for your project. 

How does outsourcing Node.JS development help your business? 

Node.JS is a great tool to build large-scale and high-performance applications. But it is also one of the most complex tools. When technology offers you so many tools, it is very important to select a team that can utilize these different tools to build a customer-centric solution to meet your business needs. Most companies choose to outsource node.js development to an offshore node.js web development company because finding resources to work on-site is tedious, especially when you don’t have technical expertise. 

Factors such as cost-effectiveness and easier management are other reasons to outsource Nodejs development. Here are a few other factors to consider while choosing between an in-house development team and outsourcing: 

  • Reduction in development cost:

One of the biggest reasons to outsource is to consider the development cost. Outsourcing gives you a big cut down on the cost of the development and you can even engage the service provider for long-term services such as scaling the application or maintaining the application, etc. as compared to managing an in-house team, outsourcing nodejs development is very cost-effective.

Also, you don’t have to invest your time in searching for every resource you require to work on your project. The offshore developers have fixed development rates depending on the experience of the developers and the requirements. Also, many development companies provide you with different engagement models so as per your project requirements you can also choose and look for ways to cut down the development cost even further. 

  • Expertise 

JavaScript and Node.JS are very popular. Even if you decide to hire a company based in a different country you will find expert nodejs developers. Countries like India have one of the biggest developer pools where you would find resources that are knowledgeable, experienced and well-versed with the latest development tools.

The latest frameworks of Node.JS such as ExpressJS are widely used by developers all across the globe to develop dynamic web and mobile applications. Offshore development would not be as complicated as you are anticipating if you know what you must look for in a node.js web development company. 

  • Focus on core business objectives

Hiring an in-house node.js team would require you to recruit, manage and stay around all the time. If you are not from the technology domain, having an in-house development team would become a burden eventually and would stop you from focusing on the core objectives of your business. 

Rather you can focus yourself on the sales, marketing, workflow and other important things for your business and delegate the development part to someone expert and experienced. You can also utilise this time to focus on high-priority tasks and accelerate your business growth. 

How to choose the right Node.JS development team? 

Now that you know why businesses prefer outsourcing node.js development it is time to discuss the hiring process. In your process of hunting the best node js development company, you would find many companies that are not experienced or equipped enough to meet your needs. It is important to understand your project needs first, to relay the right information to the development team. Every development would have its own strengths and weaknesses and you must find the one that is absolutely right for you and your project. Here are a few factors to consider while choosing the right team that will help you bring your dream application to life. 

  • Know your project needs 

Before you start finding the right Nodejs development company you must know the needs of the project. Start by outlining your requirements and draft your objectives to make it easier to decide between various companies that can meet your goals or not. 

Once you would start reaching out to the Nodejs development companies you would be required to share your project details with them and in exchange, they would share your hundreds of proposals. To narrow down the list of potential candidates you are required to learn everything that your project needs. So, the first step is to know your project well. 

  • Pick a type of hiring 

Depending on your project needs you have two options to choose from, i.e., either go by hiring a node.js development company or hire freelancers. Going for companies is a more reliable option as they have a great assortment of experienced developers and also they can handle front-end and backend development both. A freelancer would only manage a part of your development project and thus your hunt would not unless you have skills hired that complete your project needs. 

But again, development companies would be less cost-effective. Freelancers are affordable and have a lower development rate. If the budget is a concern you would have to look for skilled candidates and it would be time-consuming but you would get your team ready at much less cost than you would pay for a company. 

  • Programming skills 

It all comes down to talent. While deciding between various development partners you must always go for a company or a freelancer that has good coding skills. This includes clean codes, less time to develop the application than it should require and if they have prior experience of working on a similar project to make sure they know what they are doing. 

While hiring a freelancer or a node js development company always look for their previous work. This would help you in identifying if the developer can achieve the project goals or not. This should be your criteria to segregate the right talent from the clutter. 

For what projects you should consider Node.JS development 

NodeJS is a versatile technology and you can be as creative as you want with the technology. Taking these features into account here are a few types of web applications for which you can go for nodejs development and ensure high-end application development. 

  • Single-page applications 

Single page applications are very popular nowadays. They are trending in every domain as they are more seamless and offer a great browsing experience and real-time experience. This makes your applications more engaging and you too can think about developing dynamic single-page applications. 

With nodejs you can develop single page applications easily. With features such as event looping, the application can receive the new data without having to reload the page. One of the examples of single page applications built on nodejs is Linkedin and you can check the efficiency of the application and amazing experience it offers. 

  • Streaming Applications 

As said earlier, streaming applications and nodejs are made for each other. Nodejs has a special stream API which makes the development easy. Using the API, the app will be more powerful to transmit the content and upload the content at the same time. This makes it easier to download a portion of the content, and at the same time download other components when required. This means no buffering. This could be the reason why giants such as Neftlix are hooked on Nodejs. Earlier streaming applications used different technologies for frontend and backend development but now using nodejs they can streamline the development process.  

  • Real-time applications 

Real time applications require web applications to perform a wide array of input-output operations. But these operations overload the server and cause a lot of bad experiences for the user. 

But when you use nodejs, you get an event-drive I/O model that ensures better handling of operations on the server side. Uber uses the technology for the same reason. In addition to an event API and the websockets, the application is able to provide real-time updates to a number of users accessing the application at the same time. 

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Node.js is a very powerful tool for web application development. It is a web development environment that can be used to develop different types of web and mobile applications that are high-performance and fast. You can use the technology to develop video-streaming apps and large enterprise applications and high-performance applications. Due to its capabilities, a number of applications use node.js such as Netflix, Uber, LinkedIn and more. 

If you have similar requirements with the application you are looking forward to developing you can choose to go for nodejs development. In case you need to understand node.js better, go for our node js web development company where our technology experts would help you learn if Nodejs is the right choice for your project.

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