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Why Choose Softude for Magento Development?

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    April 6, 2022
Why Choose Softude for Magento Development?

Magento is a well-known and commonly used platform for designing online stores and web applications. The Magento eCommerce platform powers a large number of online enterprises in the current economy. Along with providing inventory control, customer management, and easy store productivity tools, Magento includes a wide range of additional essential eCommerce solutions.

When you decide to hire Magento developer, it’s not a choice to be taken lightly. Before you begin implementing your Magento shop, you should have a clear vision of what it will accomplish for your business. Moreover, you should seek a reputable Magento 2 development company that keeps its commitments.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Magento Developer?

You’ll probably require bespoke functionality that isn’t accessible in any Magento extensions to keep up with the rising needs of your company. The following are some of the advantages of working with a Magento developer:

  • As opposed to devoting hours and hours to the development of your website, you may focus on growing your business.
  • When you hire Magento developers, you’ll be able to keep up with changes to the Magento platform as they occur.
  • Improve your site’s speed, reduce loading times, and increase the efficiency of your online business by hiring a professional Magento developer.

Why Do E-commerce Developers Prefer Magento 2?

#1 Scalability & Improved Performance

It is well-known that Magento 2 offers better performance than Magento 1. Adding to this, the new platform also has an enhanced indexer that improves the pace of queries. The indexer is recognized for continually updating data on customers, catalogs, stores, and pricing in order to improve the overall performance of the eCommerce shop.

The essential integration of Varnish Cache into Magento 2 allows it to make use of these advantages. You may offer full-page caching for your eCommerce site with this popular HTTP booster technology.  As a result, online pages load much more quickly. If your website takes more than three seconds to load, you’ll see a 50% rise in your bounce rate. Thus, faster loading times are one of the main advantages of Magento 2.

#2 Customer Persuasion

There are several cross-sells and upsells available in Magento 2 to improve the shopping experience for customers. This results in an overall increase in the potential value of the related order. You may hire Magento 2 developer and ask them to integrate cross-selling and upselling capabilities, as well as discounts, free coupons, and gifts into your store.

Moreover, with this additional functionality, you can quickly add promotions to the appropriate checkout pages. You’ll be able to increase your Magento store’s revenue while decreasing the number of abandoned shopping carts.

#3 A Strong Platform

Want to build a huge eCommerce portal with more than 500,000 products on it? It’s a breeze with Magento 2! You can count on Magento 2 to handle any and all of your eCommerce store’s needs. This includes the capacity to process a huge number of orders simultaneously, manage a big inventory, and provide access to numerous payment channels.

#4 Mobile-friendly

A mobile-friendly eCommerce site is becoming increasingly important as more people purchase online using their mobile devices. E-commerce store owners are also obliged to guarantee that their online storefronts are accessible to mobile consumers, given that roughly 62% of smartphone users make online purchases using their devices.

The mobile platform has been taken into consideration when developing Magento. Known for providing a mobile-friendly checkout experience, it is also a popular choice for businesses and consumers alike. With this platform, you’ll be able to create and implement websites that can be seen across a wide range of devices and screen resolutions.

The whole Magento 2 admin panel may be accessed via a touch screen. This makes it easier to run your online eCommerce shop smoothly and efficiently. E-commerce store catalogs become more navigable regardless of the display resolution or device being utilized. 

#5 Enhanced SEO Features

Research shows that organic search traffic is the most important source of traffic for any website. Having a website that is properly optimized is essential for this reason. There is a wide range of advanced SEO tools available in Magento 2 for eCommerce stores in this context.

When it comes to Magento 2, one of its most notable aspects is that it was built with SEO in mind. E-commerce businesses may create SEO-friendly websites, and URL architectures, and assure meta-implementation across the website with this.

#6 Security Options That Can Be Modified

It is possible to configure many levels of advanced security permissions while using Magento 2. Magento 2 provides a wide range of security features for developers, including Google reCAPTCHA, PCI Data Security, and a supplementary password request. This provides you with an additional layer of protection from site assaults and other intruders.

It’s possible to add an extra layer of security to the Magento shop using features like two-factor authentication. Intruders can be prevented from accessing the admin area by selecting a custom path. Securing all of your web pages using SSL is another option you have at hand. This gives your consumers a sense of security when they buy at your eCommerce site. 

#7 Integration of the Marketplace

Integrating well-known online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon is possible with Magento 2. E-commerce merchants may make use of this opportunity to develop an omnichannel experience, allowing their products and services to be seen by more people. As a result, they are able to take advantage of the convenience that the Magento 2 platform provides.

#8 Various Options for Intelligence Search

Using Magento 2’s advanced search features, you can look forward to an even better consumer experience. Various search parameters and filters make it easy to narrow down your results. With the assistance of auto-suggested phrases, eCommerce retailers may tailor their search terms to their specific needs.

When customers visit an eCommerce store, they are known to conduct a search for the item they are searching for. Therefore, it is imperative that eCommerce site owners guarantee that their search feature is both speedy and relevant for their customers.

#9 Limitless Possibilities for Personalization

Every business out there has something special to offer customers. Customizing your website is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition. It is possible for eCommerce site owners to ensure that multiple themes and extensions may be easily installed on the innovative Magento 2 platform. It enables them to ensure that the entire website is custom-eCommerce developed to meet the unique requirements of users.

It turns out that Magento is quite adaptable and adjustable. You may quickly develop a one-step checkout procedure with the help of this platform. As a result, the number of following checkout pages is cut in half, and clients enjoy a more expedited checkout experience. Furthermore, it contributes to lowering the overall percentage of customers that abandon their carts throughout the checkout process.

Things To Consider Before Hiring A Magento Development Company


Before hiring any Magento development business, be sure to look into and verify their prior work history and expertise. Take a look at their prior projects, their technical abilities, their professional capabilities, and their capacity to effectively implement a Magento project. The complications, problems, and technical difficulties that arise throughout the course of the development process are best handled by a professional firm.


Make sure the Magento development business you’re considering or have already chosen has a strong portfolio. One may get a good sense of how the company’s developers operate by looking at their portfolio. It’s also important to look at the company’s previous clients’ testimonials to see if they’ve had success with their work or not.


Before making a hiring decision, you should thoroughly investigate the organization to see if it has access to highly skilled professionals. Choose a Magento Development Company that can guarantee the proper handling of your Magento project. Certified Magento developers with relevant expertise should be employed by the organization. They should be able to deal with the most recent versions of Magento and use the most latest tools.


If you want to have a successful eCommerce Magento store, you need put quality first. Look for CMMi-certified or ISO 9001-certified businesses. It’s because they’ll be able to provide you with high-quality Magento solutions, guaranteeing you stability and security, as well as efficient procedures.


The organization should have a way to communicate with you.  It is essential that the person in charge of your Magento store’s development can communicate clearly with you, understand your needs, and respond to your recommendations for improvements or modifications.

After-Deployment Assistance

After publishing your digital Magento store, you need post-deployment assistance to make sure it works properly. Customers will not be happy if they have to face any technical or functional issues. Any Magento site’s performance may be improved with the help of post-deployment assistance.

Why Work with Systematix for Magento Development in 2022?

Systematix aids businesses of all sizes with their eCommerce development requirements, ensuring that their eStores are attractive enough to provide their consumers with the smoothest and most satisfying buying experience possible. In order to build an eCommerce store, we supply the necessary Magento development services, including all functional requirements.

#1 Custom Magento Development Solutions

We understand the potential of Magento customization and how to effectively use it for your company. We have the resources and expertise to handle large-scale projects that need the deployment of bespoke features. Also, we have a lot of expertise in providing adaptive services to small firms that require modification to fulfill their objectives.

We provide a wide range of Magento development and eCommerce services. From the initial design and development of a Magento platform through its optimization and deployment, our Magento experts provide the necessary eCommerce development services.

Further, we make sure that our developers produce the most efficient websites possible. Thus, our Magento development team enhances the user experience on your website, boosts revenue per consumer, raises profit margins, promotes consumer loyalty, streamlines cart operations, and makes CTAs more effective. We have the ability to increase your Magento sales through corporate strategy alongside our development services.

#2 Magento Development Solutions

We provide Magento development services to clients throughout the world so that they may get the results they need without any effort.

Magento Customization Services

Custom-built websites for digital-first companies are the specialty of our Magento developers, who enhance Magento’s basic functionality with industry-specific features and functionality. We have a team of Magento developers working to meet the demands of various businesses.

eCommerce Platforms for Magento

We deliver Magento eCommerce products that are fast, customer-centric, fully scalable, feature-rich, and built to be absolutely safe and give the desired outcomes.

Magento Technical Assistance & Upkeep

Even if you’re a local business or an enterprise, we’ve got you covered with our world-class, round-the-clock support and maintenance services for Magento deployments of all sizes.

Development of Magento Extensions

When you come to us with specific business requirements in mind, we try to address them with our Magento extension development solutions. We guarantee that we’ll use a variety of methods to achieve your primary goal.

Magento Performance Optimization

As part of the design process, we consider how fast your online store will load for your target audience. You may put your trust in us to keep you stress-free while we optimize your Magento store’s performance. Customers will have a better purchasing experience if you improve Magento’s performance. Sales are only one element of the equation when it comes to gauging an online store’s success.

Theme Development & Implementation

We adhere to the brand’s vision and fulfill your Magento theme layout and integration expectations in order to justify the development. Our Magento experts are up to the task of designing, developing, customizing, integrating, and converting various Magento themes and templates. Custom themes will help your website achieve the desired visual and tactile appearance.

#3 Magento Integration Solutions

With the ability to combine Magento with so many different systems, applications, and 3rd-party services, our team stands apart from the competition. With a Magento eCommerce platform installed, you’ll be able to get an advantage over your customers’ shopping habits, as well as ensure that your customers’ personal information is safe and secure during the checkout process.

Magento Business Intelligence

If you’re a Magento store owner, our cloud-based data management tools help you get the most out of your sales data.

Magento IoT Solutions

Our Magento-based IoT solutions enable shopping via smart devices, simplify inventory management, provide seamless payment gateways, enhance push alerts, and customize the shopping experience.

Magento AR Solutions

It facilitates buyers in seeing the goods from various angles, allowing them to perceive your products as more enticing and wonderful. A realistic representation of the goods helps consumers make an informed selection.

Magento AI Solutions

With the help of Magento AI solutions, consumers may have a better online shopping experience, discover new products through creative search and suggestions, be retargeted to maximize conversion, and have their personalization levels improved across a variety of devices.

Magento Chatbot Solutions

Our Magento chatbots enable you to connect with your customers in real-time by bridging the gap between business and customer communication. With a chatbot, it’s easier than ever to acquire new leads and improve your relationships with existing clients.

#4 Operational And Technical Support for Magento Ecommerce

Our Magento eCommerce experts provide clients with a full range of experiences, including an in-depth understanding of the Magento eCommerce platform, a focus on delivering results, and more.

Integration of a PIM

Our PIM integration solution contributes to the creation of a more consistent customer experience across several channels. Increased conversion rates and reduced expenses are just two of the many benefits of using a Content Management System (CMS).

E-commerce businesses rely heavily on PIM integration since it is the best location to collect, maintain and enrich product information. Product cataloging and classification, product management, price comparisons, and traceability are some of the services we provide.

Inventory Control

We assist brands in determining what products and quantities to order and when thanks to our improved inventory management services. The system also monitors inventory from the time it is purchased until the time it is sold.

POS Software

Hardware and software are combined in a Point of Sale (POS) system to make running a retail business easier. Improved inventory management, faster payments, better customer service, constant updates, and more are all a result of it.

Logistics Management

We provide a wide range of logistic management services that improve profitability, reduce operating costs, enhance customer satisfaction, and more.

Management of the Warehouse

By allowing you to move items through your warehouse at a faster rate, warehouse management systems help you improve the fulfillment process at every level.

Payment Methods and Tools

Customers like the ease, security, simplicity, speed, and dependability of digital payment solutions, which encourages them to return time and time again.

Managed Documentation

Systematix provides clients with document management services that help them keep track of and organize their papers throughout the company. It reduces the amount of paper used for organizing, receiving, storing, and tracking documents.

To Sum It Up

Magento development necessitates a high level of technical competence on the part of the developers. Mistakes or negligence might lead to the collapse of the store in this highly competitive digital market. With the help of Systematix’s experts, our clients get the results they anticipate. Keeping up with the latest knowledge and techniques is also a priority for us so that we don’t lag behind our clients.

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