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Take the Road to Profitability with a Fleet Management Software and Slash Operational Cost

If you manage a fleet of vehicles, it doesn’t matter whether you have 100 or 1000 vehicles. Frequent vehicle repairs, rising fuel costs, inefficient route planning, and many more factors can quickly eat away at your profits. Putting your fleet business at a loss.

Take the Road to Profitability with a Fleet Management Software and Slash Operational Cost

Fleet management software can put an end to all those never-ending struggles of both small and large businesses. It saves time, and money, and optimizes the entire fleet operation. Here’s how.  

Control Your Fleet and Expense with Fleet Management Software

By Making Your Fleet Fuel Efficient

Let's face it, gas prices are not going to shrink. But you can reduce fuel costs with fleet management software. It monitors fuel levels in real time to avoid panic refuelling at peak prices.

The software also tells if the vehicle is consuming more fuel than normal and pinpoints issues that might be causing it. These valuable insights on fuel consumption turn your fuel-thirsty vehicles into lean, mean, green machines.

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By Keeping Your Fleet Fit and Firing

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), vehicle issues are the main reason behind most road accidents. Therefore, vehicle diagnostics is important. However, keeping tabs on every vehicle in the fleet is something impossible to do in real-time. Unexpected breakdowns and the high cost of fleet maintenance thus become unavoidable.

Save your fleet from uncertainty with preventive maintenance scheduling. Using integrated telematics and GPS , the software gives real-time information on speed, location, fluid level, engine temperature, tire wear, and more. Your maintenance team will get automated alerts so that any issue is fixed before a total breakdown occurs.

By Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets

Undoubtedly, vehicles are the most important assets, people behind the wheels are important too. Vehicle fleet management software lets you monitor drivers’ activity remotely. Identify the risky drivers and give them training on driving safely on roads, reducing the risk of accidents. Besides saving lives, it also helps in lowering the money you spend on driver’s insurance.  

By Making Every Mile Counts

Long route means more fuel consumption, more chances of wear and tear, delays in delivery, and high labor costs. All these increase operational costs of fleet. Therefore, it is important to find short and efficient routes when your vehicles are out for delivery.

A fleet management software combines real-world data and machine learning algorithms to find the best possible routes. It considers how many stops are in between the source and destination, vehicle capacity traffic conditions, and many more. The software also picks routes based on the delivery requirements like time windows so that every order is on track.

By Never Losing an Opportunity

You might get 1000s of orders but what’s the point if you cannot properly allocate the resources? A fleet asset management software tells the exact location of your vehicles, time of reaching the destination, and their availability for the next order. With these insights in real-time, you can efficiently assign upcoming orders and balance the workload among available vehicles.

Fleet Management Software: A Must-Have Asset of Your Business

The success of your fleet business depends on how effectively you are managing different aspects of it. Fleet management software lets you handle everything from day-to-day operations to long-term cost of ownership. That’s an important asset that not only increases the value of your fleet and reduces operational costs but also ensures strategic utilization of your vehicle to drive more business.

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