Maximum Equipment Utilization with a Fleet Management Software

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Known as one of the biggest suppliers of earth-moving equipment and machinery in Australia, our client caters to the mining and construction industry. From compact track loaders for precision work to large-capacity dump trucks for efficient material transport, their diverse fleet of over 150 vehicles/equipment are rented for various tasks such as excavation, grading, and site preparation.


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From managing bookings, tracking the availability of equipment and vehicles, planning and supervising for efficient fleet operations, everything used to be maintained on excel spreadsheets and local systems. Fleet managers used to constantly engage with drivers over phone calls to know the current location of vehicle, fuel consumption usage, delivery schedules, and job status. As a result, customers often don’t get the right heavy equipment when they need the most. With the business growth, delays in delivery and booking errors became common in their business operations. 

Softude’s Role

Softude developed a heavy equipment fleet management software to track fleet activity, its booking status, work allocation details, performance, maintenance needs, and fuel consumption usage in real-time. It also gives information on drivers’ activity such as their arrival and departure time, and idle time throughout the trip. With digital dockets and automated reports on key performance metrics of the fleet, fleet managers don’t have to waste time on keeping manual records.


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Benefits in a Nutshell


Investing in fleet management software was the best decision we made. Our entire business relies on it and the software helped us utilize our resources more efficiently and deliver a better service to our customers.

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