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How Digitalization Is Helping Mid-size Companies

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    December 6, 2019
How Digitalization Is Helping Mid-size Companies

Digitization or Digitalization or Digital transformation is the process of conducting your business through digital platforms.

Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t necessarily mean starting an online business or is not limited to putting your business online.

One very simple example of digitilization would be your ability to read this article online from any part of the world, which in the absence of digital mediums would have been a complete nightmare.

If you look at all the popular businesses, the reason why they could grow beyond cities and countries to a worldwide audience is because of digitalization.

And Again, I do not mean just “getting business online” part but everything related to making your business digital.

For example, 20 years ago if you had to find the address of a vehicle, you had to file a complaint and then it would take the police department months to locate the address and that too if it is in the local zone.

If that vehicle is from another city or state, The chances of you getting that information were close to nothing.

What they did is put the data/information on a digital platform and made it available online to access.

A simpler example of this can be managing your ledger on an excel sheet or an accounting program on your computer or laptop.

Imagine looking for a receipt from 6 months ago to find the GST number of the merchant, putting that information on a digital platform, makes it easier to locate.

According to Gartner Global tech retail shopping will reach $218.5 billion by 2021 and Acc to Deloitte by 2010 India is expected to reach $50 billion in online shopping.

Digitalization has a variety of benefits for small and mid-size organisations, let’s understand them one by one:

Better Data Management

Data management -10 years ago if you had to find an invoice from 1 year ago, You would have to manage a documentation room full of files and would need to spend hours to find the invoice and it may as well be destroyed or hampered in the due time.

The management of documents and searching was a tedious process and involved a lot of time, manpower and efforts to complete a simple task.

Thanks for the digitalization options now you can store all your data in a centralised location that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and would take only a few seconds to get the information needed. Big data management is required for this.

How it affects organisations?

Your information management cost, manpower cost and time consumed which ultimately adds to resource cost can be reduced through implementing digital processes to manage data & information related to your organisation.

Enhanced Reach

what do you do when you want to order something, you can either wait for a holiday, travel to market, look for various options in multiple stores, negotiate and then purchase the item.

Now you can order practically anything and everything on a button click, Isn’t that something?

How it affects organisations?

As an organisation delivering products/ services you can reach out to a wider audience which otherwise wouldn’t be able to come to your door. When they can’t come to you, you can reach them.

  • You can start sharing your catalogue through mediums like Email, Whatsapp, Catalogue Website
  • You can sell items through your eCommerce store and app
  • You can sell through marketplaces options like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba etc
  • You can take orders through digital platforms like mobile app(eg Ola, uber)

Better Communication

In the absence of digitalization, you would either send a letter or make a phone call to your prospects and customers, remember or records the conversation and make notes of it, send the same for confirmation.

The process was long, tedious and full of possible human errors.

Now with options like Email, VOIP, CRM, MIS you can rush to the fast lane and get things done in no time.

How it affects organisations?

With digital options to communicate you save a lot of time, the cost involved in the tedious conversation process
You minimise the human errors and the time involved in iterations whenever required.

You can record and convert the conversation to digital notes for future references of the conversation.

Easier Marketing

Digital platforms like Social Media, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Virtual campaigns you can reach a mass audience in lesser time and you can reach to them at once.

One viral campaign can put you on the map, which otherwise would take years of efforts and an ocean of manpower to make it happen.

How it affects organisations?

With your limited budget, you can try multiple marketing options

Because everything is digital it is easier to track the ROI on any campaigns which help you change your marketing strategy right on time without having to wait for the entire marketing campaign to finish

You can learn the real-time feedback of your target customers about any of your products/services and optimised the process accordingly

Effective Tracking

Having everything digital helps you track your inventory, resources, productivity, sales and much more at the convenience of using your computer screen.

Can’t figure out if the resource was really on leave on a particular day, just check the HRM for leave application and it’s approval status.

How it affects organisations?

With the implementation of organisational tools like CRM, MIS, HRM you can easily track what’s what of anything and everything operational in your organisation.


HRMS Software, if we talk what is HRMS - HRMS stands for Human Resource Management Software, It helps you keep track of all the activities and actions related to your workforce

You do not have to manually keep track of leaves or calculate the salary of each employee at the end of every month

With the implementation of a complete HRM system for your organisation, you can simplify the process of resource requisition, hiring shortlisting, documentation, appraisal, leaves management, attendance, salary generation, appraisal and much more


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management System, It helps you keep track of all the activities and information related to customers

Multiple salespeople work with multiple clients at any given time. it becomes practically impossible to keep track of every conversation they have with every client

With the Implementation of digitalization, you can manage leads status, follow-ups and future actions to be performed, which makes the process seamless
and more effective

It also helps you communicate and engage with your customers and prospects in a much more effective manner as the information helps to connect on a deeper level


What is management information system - MIS stands for Management Information System, also known as mini ERP, It helps you keep track of a variety of admin operations, activities, inventory, and expenses


Make your machines talk to you, With the digital transformation of your machine can transfer records and read to a centralised digital platform which can then be used to prepare a variety of reports on usage, product consumption and more

How it affects organisations?

When you have your machines utilisation data captured digitally, you can use different reports to monitor, analyse and optimise your resource utilisation and consumption

You can find out whether the Deep freezer you have been using 12 hours a day is justifying the margins you have on the products it preserves

How Can Systematix Help?

Systematix is a CMMI Level 3 appraised digital transformation company helping its customers across the globe in making their businesses easier, more productive and widely known to target audience

Incorporated in 2005, Systematix is a software products and services company with international offices across the USA, Singapore, Australia and development centres in India at Bangalore, Bhopal, Gurgaon and Indore. We believe in building applications that help businesses around the world lead the way forward. With 250+ resources across the spectrum of advanced technologies, we are geared to be a full-stack technology partner in your start-up and growth journey.

Rely on us for Enterprise applications, Mobility, eCommerce, CMS, ERP, CRM, POS, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Chatbots, Business Intelligence, Data Science application development delivered in compelling UI/UX. We have delivered 2500+ projects across Automotive, logistics, eCommerce, Finance & Banking, Healthcare, Retail, Printing, Agriculture and Education Industries.

Our vision is for a digitally rich world where businesses, customers, employees and all stakeholders leverage the power of disruptive technologies to tackle their most complex challenges. That’s what inspires us here at Systematix.
– Ajay Bhoraskar, Systematix CEO

Contact our experts to help your business utilize the benefits of digitalization. Stay tuned to our Blog and social media for more!!.

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