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The Essential Guide to Software Development Services

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    January 19, 2022
The Essential Guide to Software Development Services

Software development services have long been a leading choice for many firms. Competent and reliable services not only help in saving time for a particular task or project, but it also allows companies to get access to professional services at highly cost-effective rates in comparison to in-house development. In the modern world, wherein everyone is expected to work remotely from home, custom software development company services are more appealing than ever.

In its essence, software development includes all the essential aspects of our day-to-day lives. Individuals, enterprises, startups, and businesses of all sizes and scales rely significantly on different types of software programs for performing multiple tasks on a regular basis. Software development is estimated to grow at an unprecedented rate in the coming time –even after the ongoing pandemic might have brought the world to a standstill. As per a report, it is estimated that the global spending of businesses in software development will be reaching $516 billion by the time of 2022. 

What is Software Development?

Software development is referred to as the set of computer-related activities committed to the process of developing, designing, deploying, and supporting software. The software itself is regarded as the specific set of programs or instructions that tell a computer device what to do. Usually, there are distinct types of software. These are:

  • System software: for providing core functions like disk management, operating systems, hardware management, utilities, and other operational requirements. 
  • Application software: for helping users perform specific tasks including data management software, office productivity packages, security programs, and media players. Applications are also web-based or mobile applications available online.
  • Programming software: for offering programmers access to tools like linkers, debuggers, text editors, compilers, and other tools for creating code. 
  • Embedded software: used for controlling devices and machines that cannot be typically regarded as computer systems –including cars, robots, telecommunications, networks, and so more. 

Software development services can be regarded as the complex set of processes for designing some software system or application for meeting a personal objective or business requirement. The process will feature different stages –right from planning to analysis, product design, development, testing, and support services. 

Understanding the Software Development Process

Software development is a complex task involving a series of processes or steps to ensure the completion of the software development project seamlessly. Each step in the software development process contributes to the overall success of the software development project. Therefore, it is important to focus on each and every stage with proper details. 

#Analysis and Planning

In the given stage, the software development team, end-users, and stakeholders mostly gather and discuss in detail for determining the exact requirements of the project. Based on the same, the software development team is expected to lay the overall design of the future software. The team is also expected to determine the programming languages that should be used for the development process. Some of the important factors to consider during this stage are:

  • Cost estimation –the total cost of the development project
  • Project scheduling –the manner in which the project will fit into the goals and other core objectives of the company
  • Resource allocation and availability –does the development company have access to the necessary resources, people, and tools for developing the software 
  • Alignment –how will the software project align with the large-scale goals and missions of the client

#Requirement Analysis

The next step is concerned with understanding the technical requirements of the project. Every single aspect of the project development process –right from whether you are designing an app or a website, website redesign, or addition of a new feature, should be capable of solving specific problems of the clients. 

As you would move from the planning stage to continue to the requirement analysis phase, it is important to come up with relevant questions, including:

  • How will the security or privacy of the software product be handled?
  • What is input or output data is required?
  • Who will be using the software and why?
  • What problem does the software solution solve?
  • Will there be a requirement for integration with APIs or other tools?

Once the development team will receive relevant answers to the questions, discussions can be initiated with the software development outsourcing team. The offshore software development company that you hire can start identifying specific technical requirements, testing conditions, and the technology stack. This is also the stage when you might start sprint planning (in case you are making use of the agile software development process) or breaking down larger tasks into highly actionable steps. 

#Designing & Prototyping

When you have the exact requirements of the project in place, you can start over with the designing part. It will determine how the software solution will look like and how the same will function. The overall flow and functionality of the software product should be given importance –right from the start. 

Based on the particular software development process that you choose, the given step might involve the creation of simpler wireframes for revealing how specific interactions will take place within the software product. Otherwise, you will be required to design more fully-fledged prototypes for testing the same with the users. Moreover, you can also decide on receiving customer feedback and doing a design sprint for quickly accessing a feature or some idea before the users. 

#Software Development and Implementation

The stage is also referred to as coding or programming. In the given stage, computer programmers are expected to write specific program codes with the help of the right programming language. After this, programmers also conduct in-depth trials for coming across potential errors and fixing the same until the codes become error-free. This is the portion wherein you would like to be in touch with the development team to the maximum possible extent for ensuring the overall pace of the project. 

#Software Testing

Once the software is coded properly, it is sent over to the testing team before the deployment stage. The testing team is responsible for providing relevant feedback after using the software product. Programmers should make sure that there are no existing errors. However, in some cases, errors are quite common to take place. As such, the testing team is responsible for making use of different test cases to debug the entire software product. This helps in ensuring the optimal functioning of the software. 


Now that everything is complete, it is finally time to unveil the software product to all the users. The stage of software deployment involves pushing the code into proper production. When you ensure smart deployment along with the delivery of a bug-free software product, it will most likely maximize the success of your project. 

#Operation & Maintenance

The software development process cannot be regarded as completed once the software has been launched in the market. After all, we are talking about the software development lifecycle. The end of one phase will eventually lead to the start of another stage. Therefore, the software development process is known to go beyond the stage of launching as well. 

Customer needs and requirements always keep changing every now & then. As users will start using the software product, they will undoubtedly come across some errors, bugs, or even request the addition of some new features. They could ask for the delivery of more advanced functionalities. As such, it is important to pay attention to the standard maintenance and upkeep of the software product for maximizing customer satisfaction and uptime. 

Once the software product has been installed on the devices or systems of the end-users, the programmers are expected to execute periodic maintenance for ensuring that programs can run efficiently. During the software development project, programmers should also keep up with other apps over time. 

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Types of Software Development Companies

IT companies are all available in different sizes and shapes. However, you can broadly classify them into two different types:

  • Product-based Company: These are businesses known for working on their own products and delivering the same to the end-users. The end users can be both individual customers and businesses. These companies are known to invest time and money into the development of unique software solutions. These solutions can be later configured as well as implemented on the client’s end. A product-based company can go forward with creating software that can be utilized by other firms or businesses for solving a wide range of business-centric problems. 

Microsoft and Google can be regarded as amazing examples of product-based firms. Both companies offer a wide range of unique solutions that can be configured or customized for matching specific business requirements. However, unique software solutions will also have specific limitations. In most cases, licensing also turns out to be an expensive process –particularly when your company is not using all the components. 

Businesses that wish to come up with tailor-made software solutions for addressing unique requirements should turn to professional providers of custom software development services. 

  • Service-based Company: These companies usually work directly for businesses while providing them with a comprehensive range of services. For instance, delivery of technical expertise or development of custom software projects, project teams, or dedicated teams. 

Some of the core benefits of working with a professional service-based software company are:

  • Software companies usually hire experienced and skilled software developers, but they also invest ample professional growth.
  • When you team up with a professional custom software development company, you receive access to top-class talent. Moreover, you are also capable of leveraging the internal expertise of the company through the delivery of multiple projects. 
  • The given set of companies has extensive experience in the development of custom software solutions while assisting you with different areas –ranging from UI/UX design to product development, QA processes, and software architecture design. 

The major benefit of working with a service-based company is that you are not required to be worried about any type of overhead costs like workstations, salaries, software, or hardware. 

What to Expect from Software Development Services Company?

#Development of software solutions

It is the core area of focus for every custom software development company out there. These companies would typically specialize in some specific types of software or areas. For instance, these companies can excel in developing software solutions for mobile development, the fintech industry, web development services, and so more. 

Software development service companies mostly specialize in particular technologies like blockchain or machine learning. They come up with solutions for different industries or organizations –from small-scale to mid-sized enterprises, startups, to large-scale enterprises. 

#Delivery of Business Intelligence Tools

Most software development agencies have expertise in the development of Data Science solutions. Data is a valuable resource for most organizations out there. However, to make the most of available data, companies should unlock insights from larger data sets. This is wherein the role of software development companies comes in. They help in the development of Data Science consulting solutions like dashboards, analytical reports, and Business Intelligence or Internet of Things consulting tools for helping the clients implement decision-making driven by data. 

#IT Consultancy

Most software development agencies offer the clients relevant advice or suggestions for managing the software architectures and systems while coming up with custom solutions or driving innovation. The main aim of the IT consultancy companies is to take businesses to the next level of explorations and achievements through the optimization of workflows, processes, and analytics with specialized software solutions.

#Development of Web Applications and Corporate Systems

Software development companies also help with the designing and development of advanced corporate systems and websites that are utilized by enterprises for automating tasks. These systems also help in providing access to necessary resources with the help of revolutionary cloud technologies. The given range of web-based corporate systems helps organizations in improving productivity, facilitating workflow management, and boosting the bottom line. 

Software Development Services Offered by Software Development Company

  • Custom application development services: Businesses rely on specialized industry experience and technological expertise for developing any type of mobile, web, desktop, and hybrid application as per the given business requirements.
  • QA & Software Testing services: The custom software development service model features comprehensive quality assurance. There is also the provision of on-demand QA along with a suite of usability and functional software tests upon specific requests. 
  • App Maintenance Services: Most application development and modernization services are designed to ensure the overall performance, stability, sustainability, and scalability of the entire software infrastructure as businesses continue growing.
  • API Integration services: Software development service companies build as well as implement custom APIs for all types of applications. This helps in the addition of functionality to the software systems while facilitating communication between the apps and others. 
  • IT Security services: In-depth threat audits help in identifying the most pressing vulnerabilities of the software system. As such, this allows software development teams to integrate necessary encryptions, access protocols, security services, and more. 
  • Data backup and recovery services: These services have become the topmost priorities as far as social distancing and lockdown situations are concerned due to the overall adverse effects of the ongoing pandemic. Professional software development companies can help in the deployment of robust data backup and recovery mechanisms for on-premise, cloud-based, and hybrid servers. These mechanisms are designed to ensure the overall integrity of data and the continuity of the business. 
  • Software deployment services: Experienced implementation specialists will work with the respective IT team for coming up with detailed software deployment objectives as well as timelines, testing, configuration, troubleshooting, project governance, and so more. 
  • Infrastructure support services: Custom software development companies offer holistic IT-based infrastructure support –including custom messaging, help desk management, collaboration, system administration, and network management services. 
  • Software migration services: Companies also execute cloud-based migration solutions along with relevant system upgrades and other software-specific modernization services. This helps in ensuring data integrity and prioritizing system uptime.
  • System integration services: Integration of the applications is not just about ensuring that your different systems are working together. It is also about doing the same in a manner that remains specific to the departments, workflows, and the entire business. 

Around 60% of global organizations prefer to outsource software development services as it saves them resources as well as money. Although the cost of software development varies from country to country, you can still save around 40% to 70% of total costs. For example, in the US, the average cost of a senior developer is around $64-$130/hour, in Ukraine the average cost is around $30-$60/hour. Similarly, if choose to work with Houston Software Development Companies, the cost will be around $50-$100/hour.

Software Development Services FAQs

  1. How to choose the right software development company?
  2. Before you make any decision, you should double-check the Artificial Intelligence development company or team that you will be working with. If you wish to assure yourself of the best turnouts and don’t want to risk your project, you should contact the previous clients of the company for receiving relevant feedback. 
  3. What are the benefits of software development outsourcing?
  4. Offshore or outsourcing software development service is an ideal option used across a number of corporate strategies. Businesses that want to focus on the core business while looking for more agility, specialization, and quality in operations can opt for the method. It helps in saving the overall budget while also gaining better access to resources within the company. 
  5. How to minimize software development costs?
  6. By using the best coding practices in some shared software platforms can be a viable option. At the same time, it is also important to focus on the deliverables with respect to the outcomes you wish to achieve.
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