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How Digital Adaption Is Changing Lives For Businesses

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    December 20, 2019
How Digital Adaption Is Changing Lives For Businesses

Consumer behaviour is changing and businesses need to change accordingly. In my recent article, I explained how digitalisation has changed the way business operates and how business can use technology to grow their businesses.

Let’s understand the specific implementation of elements of Digitalisation and determine how digital adaptation helps your business.

Websites, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Digital Marketing, IoT and Data Science solutions are playing a catalysing role in helping businesses grow faster.

Web or Websites

Imagine if you have a business card, that doesn’t get wet by water, doesn’t get dirty with mud, doesn’t get misplaced over time and doesn’t get washed away

A website is a digital version of your business card and not just that but also your product catalogue, your photo album, your portfolio book and more

Benefits of Website are not limited to saving paper or ink, it also takes your user engagement to the next level.

Suppose you met someone at a conference and you give them your documents like a catalog or business card, etc but 1 year later all of them got changed, and the person has no idea how to contact you or get your updated catalog

A Website can not only update them with the latest collection but can also give them an option to browse, filter, shortlist and buy products from a long list of available products and services

In a way, Website is a virtual branch of your business outlet that operates without manpower and takes orders even when you are sleeping.

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Web Applications

The basic difference between web applications and websites is commonly misunderstood. While the website is a client-facing interface of your business and generally processes simple data or actions, the web application or web apps is a much more complex platform which helps you solve more complicated and deeper business problems.

One of the examples of web applications would be Facebook in which you register to make friends send messages to upload pictures, play games and so much more Facebook is a b2c application so if we talk about an organization a very good example of web application would be HRM which stands for human resource management and CRM stands for customer relationship management software.

Applications are designed and developed to simplify your computation heavy data-driven activities for example accounting software for franchise of your shop outlet and every outlet gets about a hundred to 200 customers every day no you cannot be present in all whole locations at the time of all 800 customers so you reap appoint representative to take care of the job.

Now if you want to see how many customers did you serve in whole day and what was your net income of the day you can either visit individual shops and driver the register or you can have a web-based application developed to manage your accounting and you believe in you can access the reports of all the shops anywhere anytime.

Different types of developing web applications have different uses in implementations depending upon the organisational needs. Depending upon your organizational requirement you can purchase readymade web applications or get one customized developed for you

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Mobile Applications

There are more than 2.7 billion mobile phone users worldwide and on average a Smartphone user checks their mobile, every 12 minutes.

The majority of time spent on mobile is spent using mobile applications. In my last article, I covered the most popular categories of mobile applications and how an organisation can utilise mobile applications for business

<<Read The Complete Article Here>>

Your customers are using Mobile applications every day and every hour, and if you have a mobile application that your customers would love to use, you are in for some big bucks

  • Mobile applications can help you increase your brand visibility
  • It can increase your process efficiency
  • It can help you know your customers better
  • It can help you speed up the user actions

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Digital Marketing

As the name suggests taking marketing digitally is digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the modern form of marketing that helps you reach out to your target customers through a variety of digital medium.

About two decades ago, when you had to purchase something(A Shirt for example) you would ask your neighbour or see the billboard in your area and visit the shops and buy the shirt available at the shop.

Now with globalization and digital marketing, you can sell your products and services beyond they eyesight, and borders

With a Website, A textile manufacturer can sell their products to a consumer in a small town of morocco and with Digital marketing they can reach the customer and make them aware of your offerings

Internet of Things – IoT

What is IoT technology - IoT is a relatively new trend in the implementation of IoT Technology for business.

It also means that it is more interesting and productive then things discussed earlier.

To explain IoT let’s take an example of Smart Dustbin built for Khargone (MP) India Municipal Corporation

People throw their waste material in a dustbin in the area, after the dustbin gets full, it sends a signal to the municipal corporation and accordingly municipal corporation plans the pickup for the filled dustbins

Now IoT is not limited to just measuring a level of content in a vessel. It can integrate anything and everything as per requirement.

For example, if you are into agriculture business, IoT can help you automate the watering system of your entire farm without having to manage it manually.

Google home, smart appliances, stock monitoring systems are some of the examples from the huge range of problems IoT can solve for your business. There are lots of IoT Applications as well.

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Data science

Have you across the term Big data recently? Data Science simply put is the science of making huge data points work for you.

For example, A shopping mall on an average gets 20-30k customers daily, they have a customer profile prepared on the system and they purchase a variety of items regularly.

As a whole, the store now has a huge database of people buying different things from available options. Using Data Science techniques, Store management can now determine what products they should stock more, on which day they would need more groceries, what product can give them maximum return on investment and a lot more.

But Data Science is not limited to just curating data received in the sales register, it can be implemented for a huge variety of things like food consumption, health symptoms, diseases spread, pollution and beyond.

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How Can Softude By Systematix Help?

Softude By Systematix is a CMMI 5 certified digital transformation company helping its customers across the globe in making their businesses easier, more productive and widely known to target audience

Since The Incorporation in 2005, Softude By Systematix has been delivering software products and services through international offices across the USA, Singapore, Australia and development centres in India at Bangalore, Bhopal, Gurgaon, and Indore. We provide IT consulting & IoT application development services. We believe in building applications that help businesses around the world lead the way forward. With 250+ resources across the spectrum of advanced technologies, we are geared to be a full-stack technology partner in your start-up and growth journey.

Rely on us for enterprise mobile application development, Mobility, eCommerce, CMS, ERP, CRM, POS, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Chatbots, Business Intelligence, Data Science application development delivered in compelling UI/UX. We have delivered 2500+ projects across Automotive, logistics, eCommerce, Finance & Banking, Healthcare, Retail, Printing, Agriculture and Education Industries.

Our vision is for a digitally rich world where businesses, customers, employees, and all stakeholders leverage the power of disruptive technologies to tackle their most complex challenges. That’s what inspires us here at Systematix.

– Ajay Bhoraskar, Systematix CEO

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