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Get Your Dream Luxury Car Online at Cars Expo 

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Get Your Dream Luxury Car Online at Cars Expo 

Introducing a mobile application to advertise brand-new and used luxury cars across the globe for potential buyers and sellers in the luxury car market segment. 

Market Research

Despite the economic crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the sales of luxury cars in Israel surged by 88%, indicating that the luxury car market in the country has huge potential for growth. As per market research, this market is expected to reach a market value of over $240 million in the future. This growth can be attributed to various factors such as Israel's growing economy, increased consumer spending, and the expanding range of luxury car offerings.

The Background

The world of luxury cars is a vibrant and exciting one, with enthusiasts from around the globe eager to get their hands on the latest models. Our client recognized this potential and set out to take their ad posting platform, CARS Expo, to a global level.

Initially launched in 2020, CARS Expo was designed to connect buyers and sellers of luxury cars available for sale within a 70 km radius of their local community. The mobile application featured a user-friendly interface that made it easy for individuals to post ads or search for used or newly launched models.

The Cars Expo was a big hit in the local market. Considering this, the client wanted to expand the application's horizons and go global.

Cars Expo Meets Softude

First Meeting 

The client found us as a perfect partner to completely makeover the application. We had a discussion with the client to understand his vision and the goals he wanted to achieve with Cars Expo. 

Next Step 

Our next step was to conduct a thorough market analysis, studying the global luxury car market, and identifying potential areas for growth. Based on this analysis, we developed a strategy to expand the application's reach to international customers.

Strategy to Execution 

One of the key elements of this strategy was to make the application more accessible to both English and non-English-speaking customers. We worked with the client to implement multilingual support, enabling users to browse and post ads in their preferred language.

A Strong Tech Infrastructure 

Without the right tech stack, no application can survive longer in the market. We understand this better and thus, we opted for the latest technologies to make the client’s application robust, scalable, and flexible.  

Laravel For Back-End 

This PHP-based open-source framework was our first choice because of its modular architecture and ability to create complex applications within the budget. Applications built using Laravel are also scalable and maintainable requiring less effort and time. 

React Native for Front-End 

For the front-end development of the application, we opted for React Native. It is a perfect framework for the client’s mobile application as we wanted to upgrade it for iOS and Android platforms. However, developing two different OSs means writing separate code for each. But, with react native, we did not struggle as it allows using a single codebase for both platforms. Fast performance, smoother animations, and a responsive user interface are some of the amazing features of react native that helped in delivering a better user experience. 


The database was a challenging moment in the development process as the client’s application was initially limited to Israel. Now, as the client wanted to expand its reach to UK, USA, and Canada, data migration was a big challenge. It included transferring user data, vehicle information, and other relevant data to new servers. If not addressed properly, this challenge could lead to data loss, security breaches, or downtime, all of which could impact the user experience and damage the client's reputation.

Our team overcame this hurdle smoothly with no hiccups. We used MySQL, the preferred open-source relational database management system, for the application. 

Subscription Model

We used a payment gateway since the application works on a subscription model. Here, users (the ad-posters) take monthly subscriptions to use the application and create an advertisement for luxury cars.

Stunning Features 

For Sellers

  • Easy registration: Sign up with email ID, Apple ID, or Google to ensure a seamless first-time user experience. 
  • Post Ads: Get started with creating your first ad for free. The next ad is billable as per the subscription model set. Users can make payments in their preferred currency. 
  • Image upload: Add stunning images of your luxury car to your ad and make it stand out in the crowd.
  • Edit feature: Make changes to your ad even after it has been posted to ensure that you always stay on top of the game.
  • Advanced filter options: Use filters to search for luxury cars based on type, year of launch, price, and more.

For Potential Buyers  

  • Advanced search options: Users can easily choose from a wide range of filters like brand, model, sub-model, year of manufacture, distance traveled, price, fuel type, and color to create their perfect ad.
  • Bookmark feature: Keep track of your favorite luxury car ads by adding them to your list of bookmarks.
  • Push notifications: Get notified instantly when a new luxury car ad is posted, so you never miss a deal.

The Success of the Cars Expo 

With the new look and functionality, the Cars Expo mobile app helped 

Getting the right value: Sellers and buyers got the right value of the luxury car through Cars Expo. 

Reaching potential customers worldwide: Doors of new markets which were previously inaccessible are now open for the client attracting more potential customers. 

Increased revenue: The enhanced application allowed the client to offer an improved user experience, resulting in higher customer engagement and satisfaction. As a result, users were more likely to sign up for the application, leading to an increase in revenue. 

Best is Yet to Come!

The application is in the development phase and getting updated for more new features backed with advanced technologies. 

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