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The Enthusiasm And Joy of 3rd Town Hall Meeting

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    April 3, 2017
The Enthusiasm And Joy of 3rd Town Hall Meeting

Systematix hosted the 3rd Town Hall Meeting on 31st March 2017, and the event turned out to be a great success called town hall meaning. To witness this event, we also had our team all the way from Bhopal. Town hall meeting meaning - The evening started with a presentation that depicted all the recent achievements of the company. The presentation also showcased all the new implementations that were being made for the betterment of the team members and the company. This triggered the enthusiasm of everyone present at the meeting the Town Hall Meeting turned out to be more lively and joyous than expected.

Moving further, the evening witnessed the prestigious award ceremony of Systematix wherein all the motivators and achievers were awarded for their efforts and hard work. The team members who bagged the awards were:

For recognition awards have been given -

Excellence Award - Best Performer Award:

UI-Vertical: Ankit Rawat
UX-Vertical: Amrita Paithankar
Microsoft Vertical: Ajay Rathore
Mobile Vertical: Aman Gupta
Digital Marketing Vertical: Reetesh Sharma
Open Source Vertical: Anshul Gangrade
JV Vertical: Amit Sahu
Product Vertical: Jayant Soni
Ecomm Vertical: Piyush Panot

Best Discipline:
Harsh Joshi

Best Project Manager:
Sunil Agrawal

Best Vertical Head:
Dilip Namdeo

Best Support (PC):
Dheeraj Solanki

Best Living With Values:
Anee Gehi

Outstanding Performer of Quarter:
Vikas Singh

Best Quality Analyst:
Pravesh Yadav

Best Sales Person:
Vipin Arora

Best Energizer (Mentor):
Yashraj Chouhan

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Best Team: VENEER App
Team Members:
Arvind Joshi
Sunil Godhwani
Ravi Shanker
Nishant Chandwani
Deepali Agrawal
Dipali Sakle
Anshul Gangrade
Amrita Paithankar
Priyanka Tolani
Rupsingh Chouhan
Yashraj Singh Chouhan
Pravesh Yadav

With awards being distributed to all the motivators and members who excelled, the meeting moved to the slot that had all the mentors and seniors answering questions of all the team members. The questions were effectively answered and team members seemed to be content with it.

With a vision and aim of putting in more efforts and achieving heights, the 3rd Town Hall Meeting saw its closure.

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