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Empower Your Business With 24/7 Virtual Worker

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    January 17, 2020
Empower Your Business With 24/7 Virtual Worker

RPA stands for robotic process automation services a virtual worker for any business that works 24/7 as per set limitation. When we hear the term Robotic Process, We immediately start thinking about Vicki, Optimus Prime and maybe even Jarvis. If you do not understand these mentioned characters, you probably are too early or too late.

A robot modelled after a real human girl. The robot was a Voice Input Child Identicant (V.I.C.I.) but nicknamed as Vicki.

Optimus Prime is an Intelligent Robotic Transformer, that can change its shape as per requirement

Jarvis is the technical brain behind the Iron Man, who plans, predicts and control everything in the Iron Man Suit

However, we haven’t reached a stage where we could imagine a Robot walking among us as a human, and probably we never will, and that’s not at all a bad thing. Let’s explore RPA and specifically different kinds of Bot available to make life easier but before that explore Robots will take human jobs?

Robots Will Take Human Jobs

Robots and Robotic Processes will indeed take the job currently being completed by humans but that has been the case since the stone age, isn’t it?

Humans use to plow the field themselves, then they got replaced by bulls and then by tractors and so on. Did anyone take up a human job or humans decided to make time for a better job and gave the repetitive or cumbersome work to cattle and machines?

Robotic Process Automation or RPA is the method of doing the same thing, Automating the recurring boring task so that the human workforce can be free to pursue something better. RPA bot can be as simple as sending an email response to someone filling the form on your website to automatically configuring the locks of entering the building and beyond.

Let’s take some examples to understand how and where your organization can deploy bots to save cost and time of human resources.


You must have used tools like a baking app, or visited a Facebook page of a brand and tried to message them. It gives you several options to choose from and ask for input, based on your input, the bot gives you options or processes an action.

Using chatbots, you can reduce your customer support staff efforts by up to 65% and the cost involved to implement the chatbots won’t be even 30% of what you would invest in the additional workforce.

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Planning to Implement Chatbots in your organization? Get In Touch

Knowledge Bots

The simplest example of knowledge bot would be google search. You enter a keyword, a bot catches the keyword, and searches the internet for most relatable results and shows that to you.

Knowledge bots are configured to search and locate the piece of information to the user.

Now, if you have a huge inventory or an ERP system, you can easily implement knowledge bots to make life easier for your users through robotic process automation in your system.

Planning to Implement Knowledge Bots in your organization? Get In Touch


Simple bots that on instructions perform predefined steps of actions are known as Probots. A simple example again can be found within Google search itself. When you enter 973*123, it calculates the equation and shows you the answer. Or when you want to convert an amount from one designation to another, you enter 10 USD To GBP and google bots will first using the knowledge bot find the currency conversion value and then using a Probot perform the calculation.

Another example of Probot can be the usage of smart home appliances. You send an SMS or click a button that sends a signal to the power grid controller at your house, which then turns on the Air conditioner.

Robotic process automation solutions - RPA in amalgam with Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) can result in producing incredible outcomes for any organization.

Implementation of RPA bots is not for every organization, trying to automate too much too soon can result in negative results. RPA bot can only be as efficient as the person configuring it. And before planning to go into automation, you should make sure that a defined process is operating your operations.

We all know that future of rpa is bright. To implement RPA, Organisations should keep few things in mind

  1. Set and manage expectations

Before implementing RPA Bots implementation in your organization, you should set the expectation the board has with the implementation. What exactly do you aim to achieve via automation? Do you have defined processes in place? Is automation worth it?

  1. Consider The Impact On business

Every investment made into businesses is judged by its Return on Investment. For example, if you have a customer support department and customers have to wait for long before getting connected, RPA Chatbot can significantly reduce the wait time of the customers and solve their queries in no time. Banking Industry has been particularly benefiting from the same.

  1. Involve IT early and often

It can be a danger if the workforce is not ready to adopt the new system, the whole idea gets dilute. Therefore, It is of utmost importance that the workforce is compatible with the implementation and adoption of advanced technology. Ultimately, they are the one who involves in end-to-end execution and management generally focus on the outcome and ROI from the implementation of it.

  1. Don’t forget the impact on people

RPA/Automation is often associated with a deadly fear of losing jobs. Does automation affect your workforce? Indeed, it helps in doing repetitive work for them and allows them to take other important tasks in the organization based on their capacity and capabilities.

If the majority of your customers have problems that can be solved with a simple query answer system, Implementing a bot will help the organization financially by reducing the human workforce expenses to a great extent. Explore other activities like reskilling or reallocating that workforce to something else?

  1. Control maintains compliance

Technology comes with a lot of data and automation of humanly performed task, and these two involves several legal compliances that an organization has to adhere to, to not fall into the wrong side of paradise.

Benefits of robotic process automation - implementing RPA has a lot of benefits to any organization. It improves the customer experience by removing the bias from the serving side of the conversation. It responds faster to the retrieval and processing of the information, It can serve multiple requests at the same time and more.

We at Systematix Infotech have been helping organizations in the automation of repetitive tasks to optimize the cost, minimize workaround time and improve customer experience.

Get in touch with our RPA Experts to plan and implement automation in your organization.


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