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App in the Spotlight: How AR Zone App is Inspiring Businesses to Leverage the Technology

AR Zone app by Samsung is creating a buzz in the world of mobile app development. Its powerful AR features show how businesses can extend the boundaries of customer engagement and entertainment.

App in the Spotlight: How AR Zone App is Inspiring Businesses to Leverage the Technology

Let us learn about this cool app and its features. We will also discuss what businesses need to know for developing an AR app.

AR Zone App: A Look Under the Hood

You must be wondering what the AR zone app is. It is a pre-loaded mobile application installed in the Galaxy S and Note series. These devices come with DepthVision cameras for accessing the augmented reality features.

However, many tablets and watch series of Samsung also have the AR zone app. For Samsung users with normal cameras, the application is available on the Galaxy store.

So, what does it do? The AR Zone app lets users do multiple fun activities like playing games or creating their 3D models etc. They can add emojis, stickers, and animated items directly in videos or during video calls.  

Captivating Features of the AR Zone App

Samsung is letting its users become more creative with the following features of its augmented reality app.

1. AR Emoji

Digital avatars are taking the mainstream in the mobile world, changing the way we interact with technology and each other. Seeing this rise in trend and users’ demand, many mobile apps let users create their digital avatars.

Snapchat is popular among all but with limitations. Users can only create and customize the avatars. But they are not actual representations as these avatars cannot mimic their movements.

AR Zone app is breaking the barriers with its feature-AR Emoji. Its options like scene and mirror let these avatars copy users’ movements and facial expressions. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the camera app
  2. Click on the More button
  3. Choose AR Zone from the top and select AR Emoji Studio
  4. Create an avatar either from an existing photo or take a fresh picture
  5. Customize the avatar to copy the look
  6. Save and use

These avatars can even move or dance in play mode.  

2. AR Doodle

This is the coolest of all features of the AR Zone app. It converts reality into a canvas. Users can draw or write on their screen while recording their surroundings. AR Doodle makes these arts real as they can be adjusted as per the real scenario.

For example, a doodle art of sunglasses on a user’s face will adjust as they move their head. Well, this adds more fun when using Samsung Galaxy devices, the feature can be useful in many ways.

  • Users can take notes on the screen directly from live videos.
  • They can customize their look before making a purchase.  
  • They can also surprise loved ones with a personal greeting during the live video call.
  • Social media influencers can create engaging reels, stories, and posts to engage audience.  

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Beyond Entertainment: Business-Focused Use Cases of an AR App

Samsung has opened a new world for smartphone users as well as businesses by launching the AR Zone app. Businesses from diverse sectors can explore different use cases beyond entertainment by developing similar apps.

A few examples that are helpful for almost every industry:

  • Product Visualization: A retail brand can launch an AR app to help their customers try clothes and accessories using a device camera.
  • Interactive Instructions: They can develop augmented reality apps to guide product installation through interactive illustrations.
  • Marketing Campaigns: AR helps launch new products, services, or offers interactively. For example, brands can launch an AR advertisement when users scan a QR code or click the CTA button.
  • Interactive Packaging: Reading the product’s content or user instruction before opening the package is possible through augmented reality.
  • Product Demonstrations: Brands can guide their customers on how to use their products or troubleshoot issues with minimum guidance.
  • Learning: An educational institution can make learning fun and interactive with an AR app that explains topics through digital avatars or 3D models. This use case of AR is very helpful for healthcare industry.

Using augmented reality in these ways helps businesses not only get close to their customers but also achieve goals quickly.

How to Build an App Like AR Zone App?

If you are thinking of developing an augmented reality app, make sure you have all the resources. Also, consider the following things before you get started:

1. Type of AR Apps

AR apps come in various types like marker-based, location-based, and SLAM-based (simultaneous localization and mapping). Choose one to depend on what your AR mobile app would do. Here is a short brief of each type and where they suit the most.

  • Marker-based: It uses QR codes to create an AR experience and is ideal for use cases like marketing and product visualization.
  • Location-based: Good for gaming, navigation, and location-specific applications. They show digital representation of landmarks and GPS coordinates on the mobile screen.
  • SLAM-based: Ideal for applications that enable object placements in the real world like furniture placement. It works by tracking the device's orientation and position.

2. Type of Features

Samsung’s AR Zone app seamlessly integrates with the real world to give an amazing user experience. They also have a library of 3D assets with high-quality graphics.

The clear user interface makes their mobile app easy to navigate and interactive. Your AR mobile app should also have these must-have features.  


The right AR software development kit can make your app successful. ARCore, ARKit, Vuforia, and Unity are a few popular SDKs for developing AR apps. They work on different devices and offer different capabilities, so choose according to your goals.  

4. 3D Asset Creation Tools

AR apps with low-quality 3D models are less interactive. So, make sure your resource bucket 

has the latest tools and expert 3D artists who can create high-quality 3D assets.

5. Testing

Since developing augmented reality apps is different from Android mobile app development,testing requirements are different too.

Check whether all the 3D models are working properly and ensure there are no glitches. Do a live preview before publishing the AR app on the store.  

Developing an app like AR Zone app sounds difficult but these considerations help you get started.

The Future of AR Apps: A Limitless Canvas

Augmented reality technology has entered into every spectrum of the digital world. Touching the lives of customers and businesses in a whole new way and opening doors of endless possibilities.

However, it is too soon to say AR has shown its full potential. Samsung’s AR Zone app is just the beginning of how businesses will use the technology. By developing more apps like AR Zone, they can create new avenues of customer engagement and innovation.

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