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8 Core Hacks to Make Content Marketing Boost Lead Generation

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    October 25, 2017
8 Core Hacks to Make Content Marketing Boost Lead Generation

In business, everything boils down to revenue. Every activity of a business is directed toward achieving greater and greater top line. A simple analogy could be of the heart and the body. Just like a heart pumps blood into the body to keep it alive, revenue keeps a business running and in absence of which the whole body would collapse same as with online content marketing.

What precedes revenue is lead generation. Leads are the future prospects for a business which eventually gets converted and brings in revenue.

Today businesses are going online with the extensive use of Content Marketing, but the fundamental of being alive remains the same- lead generation. It is the key to survival.

A Brief About Content Marketing

There are lots of content marketing trends. Content Marketing is the implicit marketing done through creation and distribution of content like blogs, videos, audios, images etc. on the internet through websites and social media platforms.

All the content is directed to gain traffic (to the website and other platforms) which ultimately leads to lead generation. But in the process of lead generation, there are various content marketing tips that are to be considered to maximise it.

Here are 8 amazing lead generation strategies for content marketing:

1. Original Content

What was the last movie that you just loved like anything?….and what were the reasons you liked it the so much. There could be many, but, the one reason that is always there is- the originality of the story. Even a remake is judged on how well it justified the original story.

Similarly content on your website, (be it in any form- text, video etc.) should be original. The more original the content, the more engagement it would get.

Neil Patel, one of the most popular bloggers of the world and a content marketing consultant write contents which are not exclusively unique but the matter of the content brings humongous engagement to the content.

2.Well-Researched and In-Depth Content

Another reason that you loved that movies are it was well-researched which covered every aspect of the story right from the costumes to the sets.

There are multiple aspects to creating a content and every such aspect has to be researched well. Publishing a poorly-researched content is same as making a half-cooked meal.

  • Neil Patel says- “The term “in-depth” means giving careful consideration to all details and aspects of a subject. This means that you extensively research your topic and then carefully craft a 2000+ word article.”

3. Catchy Titles

To gauge how important a title is, we need to read what Neil Patel says about titles- ‘You have roughly 8 seconds to grab readers’ attention, before losing them to your competitors.’

To make a catchy title you need compelling words, useful information and something to offer. Above all the title of your content should be keyword savvy that would make your blog SEO-friendly.

4. Shareable

Sharing is one thing that makes your content viral and for that, we have the share button on every platform where the content gets published.

Although only one ‘share’ button would not do wonders for you. There has to be something else which stimulates and prompt the reader to share instantly.

Simple click-to-tweet messages could be one amazing thing that would enable the reader to share instantly, serving as a CTA (call-to-action).

5. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great hack to widen your presence on the web.

Often people mistake link building and guest blogging. Although Link building is something very different and instead building links Patel suggests- “While you can build authority links through guest blogging, don’t make link-building your focus. Bloggers can add a nofollow tag to your link, thus keeping Google from passing SEO value to your site.”

He further adds- “When it comes to guest blogging, my best advice is to do it to build your audience, not to get links or improve your rankings.”

“The most important benefit of guest posting is the opportunity to give value to a fresh audience and inspire them to pay your site a visit.”

6. Attractive CTAs

Content marketing examples - Call-to-action, popularly known as CTAs are a major part of content marketing. Through the time CTAs have evolved from mere buttons on the web page to amazing ad copies that simulate users or readers to take the desired actions.

No matter how good your content is, to drive leads you need to have prompting CTAs.

7. Infographics

It is said ‘pictures speak louder than words’ and not only it is said but proven by scientists that ‘visuals are processed 60000 times faster than text’.

This small fact gives us a huge insight into content marketing. No matter how well you have researched and presented the information, a textual form cannot beat a visual form.

Infographics are best to use the numeric information to show the growth, decline, surge, dip and other statistical details.

8. Other Media

Digital content marketing is not only about blog posts, it is an ensemble of multimedia and thus it includes all kinds of media like video, audio, GIFs, images etc.

There are lots of benefits of content marketing. Using only one kind of content would never get your business the results it deserves. Blog content has text in it and it takes time to read the text, in fact, the titles are enough to judge a blog content and even if you have a great matter inside but a not so great title you might miss a lead. This is saved by videos, images, and GIFs.

Although you should not use lengthy videos, as it has higher chances of bouncing. The ideal size of the video should be of 3 to 4 minutes which would draw a good engagement. GIFs and images are the best things to display the content as they are also a part of visual content like the infographics.

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