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5 Underplayed Consumer Centric Marketing Hacks That Will Trend in the Future

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    November 6, 2017
5 Underplayed Consumer Centric Marketing Hacks That Will Trend in the Future

What is so exciting about a new year that we always get excited about it. For sure one thing is the new year itself. The new year brings a new time, a new day and a new hope with some new marketing hacks.

With every new year also comes new techniques that are a result of the ever-evolving technology that is making our lives more efficient and easier.

The new techniques change the way of doing things forever. Lately, Marketing has seen some major changes, growing out of the contemporary shell, it has metamorphosed into digital marketing.

Although, it has not reached its peak as there are many digital marketing techniques which are being underplayed and will be exploited in 2018 by businesses across the world. Here are 5 underplayedinnovative digital marketing techniques for the coming years which will pick up.

1. Smarter Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has been around for a couple of years now, and yet it is evolving in a smarter avatar. Wondering what is marketing automation?

You must have now left something in your cart at least once, while shopping on an Amazon or a Flipkart, making it an incomplete order. You would have experienced the emails dropping after a couple of days, saying, you have items left in your cart and you receive them again after a couple of days if the order is not billed.

Yes, it is one of the marketing automation functions. These emails are automated for marketing purposes but still, the automation is manually done on a wide level. These emails are programmed to shoot after every particular event like an unbilled order.

But this automation is becoming smarter by machine learning, yet the trend has just started to pick up and 2018 would see it peaking. Machines would learn from studying the customer behavior and based on that data would automate the marketing eliminating the manual aspect of automation. So, you would get recommendations for the similar product showing up on your social pages you searched a couple of days back.

2. Customer Journey Mapping

Concepts like customer delight and customer satisfaction have become old school now. Marketers have understood the value of empathy in marketing.

One of the digital marketing tips is - a customer journey mapping is charting the whole process by the marketer, through which a customer goes through, right from the idea of buying a product to billing and then identifying and rectifying the gaps at different touch points to augment the customer experience.

A marketer follows the journey a customer goes through and notes the customer experiences (the experiences of a customer can be functional as well as emotional) at different touch points. Touchpoints are the point of references a customer comes across like the UX of the website, products on display, types of products, ease of shopping, payment gateway etc.

These touch points serve as avenues to enhance the quality of customer journey by filling the gaps between what is currently happening and what should actually be happening.

Only bringing a customer to your website is not enough as he/she might not convert into a sale. Customer journey mapping helps an E-commerce marketer to boost or catalyze the shopping process at every touchpoint, ultimately strengthening the marketing process.

Customer experience is a very important part of a business and 2018 would see it through the eyes of a marketer making it digital marketing techniques & trend.

3. Website Personalisation

Website personalization is already underway and websites like YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime are doing it right now.

What is website personalization? By the name, it becomes quite clear that website personalization is all about personalizing your website for a particular customer. Yes! That is possible and is becoming a marketing trend in the online business.

The customers come from different backgrounds, regions and have distinct requirements and interests making each customer a different personality. Offering the same thing to every customer seems to be a dumb idea.

Website personalization works on the information we have about a potential customer, that would probably be based on the first interaction (first visit on the website) with the customer. With every subsequent visit, you know the customer better and better.

With all the data about the customer about what he/she needs, place (can be tracked by the IP address), budget etc. You could personalize the website that would show the products specific to the customer’s interests and probably a shipping offer for that place etc. A personalized website has a huge positive impact on the customer shopping experience.

4. Social Messaging Apps

Social media advertising - Social media apps are around from last 10 years. WhatsApp being the oldest such app and today not only they have replaced SMS as a text option but have evolved to become a versatile communication tool and do not remain a mere messenger. It is expanding at a huge rate and would be one of the key marketing trends in 2018.

You can take benefits of social media like today there are various social messaging apps available like Messenger, Line, Snapchat, Hi etc. Brands have started using these social messaging apps for campaigning.

Apart from promotion, social messengers are now also used for sharing information with the customer. WhatsApp recently launched the verified business service which verifies your business by providing a green tick to the WhatsApp business profile and thereby enabling you to send information to your customers (BookMyShow sends tickets on WhatsApp).

5. Video as content

YouTube probably has become the biggest online repository of videos. It has 400 hours of content uploaded every minute! Well, that is astonishing. According to a survey in March 2017, YouTube has surpassed Google with 2 million more unique users.

This shows that video has significantly grown and is going to be the future of content and hence it is another upcoming trend for digital advertising in 2018.

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Blogs (text) are still used widely but content marketing strategies of businesses are shifting toward video content as it is faster and easier to understand.

2018 would see a surge in digital marketing activities which were nascent till now and this would give us more efficient, effective and faster techniques to market our products and services.

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