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How Our Client Identified Customers’ Favorite Breakfasts and Outshined The Competitors?

About Our Client

Our client, a global leader in food processing, specializes in crafting delicious, nutritious breakfast and cereal products tailored to diverse age groups. Renowned for its globally distributed ready-to-eat cereals, the company has expanded its product line to offer a variety of flavors and nutritional profiles, catering to the diverse dietary preferences of customers.

The Need

The client wanted to compare their existing and new food products with their competitors' products. From taste, quality, packaging, and nutritional value, they wanted to know every opinion of their customers.

  • How likely would they recommend their breakfast and cereal products to others?
  • What flavors do they prefer, and what do they like or dislike, and why?

Social media was the best place to get answers to all these questions. However it was challenging as customers were on different platforms, and data was scattered.

Our Solution

We gathered around 2000 messages about our client and their biggest competitor from different social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, etc) over a month to understand how their customers feel about both brands. We also looked at publicly available data to get a complete picture of their experience and sentiments. Positive or negative feedback from the text-based words and emojis were analyzed using natural language processing. All the data was then visually represented using AI algorithms to show the most frequently used words by their customers.


  • Identified top breakfast and cereals products among the customers
  • Discovered that many customers preferred gluten-free products over regular products
  • Improved packaging which was one of the most discussed topics in customers’ conversations 
  • Increased positive brand mentions by improving the quality of existing products

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