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Implementing HR Chatbot Resulted into 34% Boost in Employee Experience

About Our Client

With more than five decades of experience, our client is a major player in the automotive industry. They specialize in creating automotive solutions for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). They have several manufacturing plants across the country and the globe.

The Need

Our client has a vast team for various responsibilities like talent acquisition, onboarding, performance management and retirement. Like many organizations, their HR team faced a common challenge: handling everyday queries from such a large workforce. This not only impacted productivity but also made it a bit frustrating for their employees to get quick answers and support.

Our Solution

Softude developed a conversational AI bot and trained it on vast amounts of HR data. The HR virtual assistant is equipped with natural language processing technology to understand and answer in the human language. It is proficient in more than 50 global languages including English, Hindi, and many more to interact easily with employees across different geographical regions. Its integration with the existing HR management systems enhances its functionalities.


  • 98% of employee queries are resolved in real-time
  • 34% increase in employee experience
  • Hundreds of hours saved on onboarding and educating new employees about company’s policies and guidelines
  • 72% reduction in HR workload with automation of query handling and routine tasks

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