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How AI Helped in Discovering Key Trends and Patterns from Medical Insights?

About Our Client

Our client is one of the leading technology solution providers. They are known for developing agile and state-of-the-art software solutions for the healthcare industry. For over a decade, their solutions have served as a cornerstone for delivering data-driven insights, enhancing sales, and optimizing operational efficiency for their clientele.

The Need

One specific problem they solve is helping Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) organize and understand the large amounts of data they collect during meetings with doctors and experts or at medical conferences. MSLs gather information about how well drugs and medical products work, their safety, and demand for them. They record summaries of these discussions in internal systems or apps. 

However, it's challenging to analyze this data because it's in text or audio format and covers a wide range of topics related to different medicines and specialties. This makes it difficult to identify common themes across multiple drugs or draw insights from the various discussions with different types of experts.

Our Solution

Softude developed a conversational AI bot to analyze and transform the entire data into structured and easy-to-understand insights. It also answers on-demand queries on data collected during meetings such as what is the common opinion of physicians on a certain drug, whether it is safe or not, side effects, and more.


  • Trend and pattern analysis helped drug manufacturers get key information such as why healthcare providers choose one drug over another for a disease.
  • Easy to analyze monthly trends like the adoption rate of certain drugs.
  • Insights on the most discussed topic in a particular month or during the conversations over the months.
  • Time saved on getting meaningful conclusions from the conversations.

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